WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

VaporLax Disposable Review: Features, Performance, Design, Flavors, and others

18th Nov 2022 | 226 | upends v

Disposables have come a long way and are now rocking the vaping industry. Before, disposables were simply passable and short-lived to have a little try on vaping. Most of the disposables that were developed in the previous years had low power outputs and were generally unsatisfying.

But years down the line, disposables have taken a perfect design and have high-strength nicotine salts. They are more satisfying, and most vapers rely on them to satisfy their vaping needs. Today we will review one of the popular disposables on the vaping market- the Vaporlax disposable.

The Price of Vaporlax Disposable

You should note that Vaporlax disposable exists in two major categories- the standard Vaporlax comes at a price of about $15.00, while the Sirius Vaporlax Disposable retails at about $17.00. It is also important to note that these prices will vary depending on a number of factors, such as the vape shop and discount availability.

Is the Vaporlax Disposable Vape Worthy Buying?

Are these vapes worth your money? Do you receive value for the amount you spent on these vapes? I would say Yes. Vaporlax Disposable vapes on both lines are well worth giving a try. They have an impressive battery capacity, perform flawlessly, and are a solid option for the price. Vaporlax Disposable vapes also have a remarkable flavor selection. You will enjoy using them. In a nutshell, the Vaporlax Disposable vape is worth buying.

The appearance of the Vaporlax Disposable

Both the Vaporlax and Sirius disposable vapes feature a similar design. These vapes are tube-shaped devices that come in different colors. The colors vary depending on the e-liquid flavor they carry. They have an excellent mouthpiece that features translucent black tips that tend to taper in towards the opening to the end. The Sirius disposable vapes tend to be slightly thicker than their Vaporlax Disposable counterparts.

Overall, both the Sirius and Vaporlax Disposable have similar appearances featuring a tub-like design that works efficiently without complicating things.

The Adjustable Airflow System

Unlike most disposable vapes on the vaping market, the Vaporlax Disposable comes with an adjustable airflow system. This feature makes them one of the most exceptional and perfect vapes on the market. The adjustable airflow system is located on the base of the device, rotates, and has arrows that display how they should be opened up. Twisting the base clockwise opens up two small, arc-shaped slots, letting in more air. The design of these disposables also allows vapers to open up the holes partially. In other words, the vaper has complete control of the airflow, which is almost the same amount of control you get with a sub-ohm tank and more conventional vaping devices.

Performance of the Vaporlax Disposable

One of the factors you should check when assessing the performance of a disposable vape is its vapor production. Vapor production with Vaporlax Disposable is perfect. You only need a few puffs to get plenty of clouds covering your head. This vapor-production ability is similar to that of most high-end pod systems.

The Vaporlax Disposable also produces a classic flavor from the vape juice. The vape’s system looks perfectly tailored to their e-liquids. I also tried out their nicotine salt juices through their disposable pod systems and was impressed by their effectiveness. The performance of the Vaporlax Disposable vape is really hard to fault. Everything is just perfect with Vaporlax Disposable vape.

Vaporlax Disposable Responsiveness

The Vaporlax Disposable vape works automatically. All you need to do to vape is to take a puff. This is a convenient mode of operation for vapers, especially the new ones who are not well-acquainted with the complexities of vaping operations. You basically use the Vaporlax Disposable vape the same way you would with a conventional cigarette.

But most devices like these require a sensor that tells vapers when they take a successful puff. Although the Vaporlax Disposable vape has these sensors, there have been a few complaints about them not activating reliably, as most vapers would hope. But their unresponsiveness does not affect your puffs. So that should not be a big deal.

The only pertinent responsiveness issue I had with the Vaporlax Disposable, and the Sirius line, in particular, was with the case of auto-firing. Although it only happened once, the issue of a disposable vape not firing after a puff can be frustrating.

Airflow Options with the Vaporlax Disposable

The Vaporlax Disposable airflows options cover all ground you can realistically want. The most closed-off choice is perfectly ideal for mouth-to-lung vaping. This option gives vapers a firmly tight draw that requires a two-step inhale. I found the perfect configuration for mouth-to-lung vaping to be picture-perfect with partially open holes. When it comes to tightening up a draw, the Vaporlax Disposable vape works so efficiently.

How Long Does the Vaporlax Disposable Last

One of the top factors you should consider when shopping around for a disposable vape is its battery life. Disposables cannot be refilled with your favorite e-liquid, so you will have to throw it away once the battery charge or e-liquid is depleted. It would be best if you had a disposable vape with a strong battery capacity that will live as long as your e-liquid is still available. The Vaporlax Disposable vape is one of the best disposable vapes when it comes to the aspect of durability.

The vape features a powerful 1000mAh battery and a 6.5ml e-liquid holding capacity. These two factors blend well to give users about 1500 puffs per vaping kit. The battery will last you a few weeks before it dies down.

Things get better with the Sirius Vaporlax Disposable option, which features a more powerful 1500mAh than its regular counterpart. Each kit contains 10ml of e-liquid. Although there is a marketing claim that this option gives you 2200 puffs, I tend to think that this is overstated. The debate is whether the 10ml e-liquid is enough to provide a high number of puffs. My estimation is about 1800 puffs for the Sirius Vaporlax Disposable vape.

Overall, the Vaporlax Disposable vapes have excellent battery capacity and e-liquid carrying capacities that promise vapers about one or more weeks of regular vaping before calling for a replacement.

Vaporlax Disposable Vape Flavors

Most vapers like to work with disposable vapes that provide a variety. The Vaporlax Disposable vape is the master of variety. With over twenty-five flavors available with the regular Vaporlax disposable and eighteen flavors for the Sirius disposables, there is no doubt that there is a flavor for everyone. Here are a few flavors I tried out and which I am sure you will love.

1. Banana Ice

This is a blend of menthol and banana. The flavor perfectly captures the taste of a banana. Although menthol is a little more subtle, it also does come through after a few puffs. Overall, this flavor tastes sweet.

2. Lush Ice

This is a mixture of menthol and watermelon. With this flavor, the menthol hits a little bit harder than the banana ice flavor. The flavor of watermelon is also beautifully captured. Generally, the flavor is robust, giving an ice feeling to every draw you make.

3. Tropical Punch

This flavor blends watermelon, lemon, and guava to give the most satisfying draws. The lemon and guava tastes are no doubt the stars of the show. The watermelon flavor is only felt in the background. This flavor works really well and is one of my favorites.

4. Lemon Bar

This is a meringue and lemon custard flavor. The dessert elements of this flavor will hit right from the first draw you make. Although the meringue does not sound like a robust flavor, it helps to add the dessert elements that give a satisfying vaping experience.

5. Crush Grape

The crush grape flavor has lemon and guava elements alongside the grape taste. You will feel the hit of guava flavors throughout your vaping. Grape is also a dominant taste, and although lemon is a bit subtle, it does pull through effectively.

6. Strawberry Cream

This was my favorite juice. The strawberry also comes through very strongly and clearly. This is one of those flavors that get you going for more. I would highly recommend that you try it out.

7. Peach Ice

This is a straightforward combination of menthol and peach. The peach replicates nicely, and although the element of ice doesn’t pronounce itself so loudly, this flavor works well with your taste buds.

Final Words

The Vaporlax Disposable vape is a perfect option for introducing new vapers. They are a solid option, especially for those looking for something simple to use out of the house. It is a worthwhile vaping device. They are available In a variety of flavors. I highly recommend these vapes.