WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Features, Performance, Flavors and other things to Know About Mojo Disposable Vape

18th Nov 2022 | 204 | upends v

If you are searching for a convenient and stealthy vaping device, you better try the Mojo disposable vape. You get to witness convenience from the first time you put this vape in your mouth. Like all other disposables, the Mojo disposable vape doesn’t come with the hassles of endless settings and configurations. You get to vape on the go! just put it into your mouth and draw those heavy puffs.

In this Mojo disposable vape review, I will be glad to brainstorm with you a few elements and features of this fantastic disposable. Tighten your seatbelts, and let’s dive directly into the nitty-gritty details.

What is in the Box?

Each Mojo disposable vape device comes neatly packaged in a small, clean, and sleek box. The front of the box clearly depicts the flavor of the device, so you are sure of what you will get.

Inside the Mojo disposable vape box, you will find a pod sealed with plastic packaging that helps keep it fresh. The packaging is also themed to the flavor the device carries. For instance, you will see some little melons on the package of the cool melon flavor.

Specifications of the Mojo disposable vape

Here is a summary of the Mojo disposable vape specifications:

  • A versatile all-in-one disposable vape device
  • It has a draw-activated system
  • It has a 1.2ml e-liquid carrying capacity
  • 5% nicotine salts (50mg)
  • Available in seven different flavors
  • Non-refillable (since it is disposable)
  • Non-rechargeable- comes with an inbuilt battery
  • Offers up to 250+ puffs per device
  • Fully disposable

What Makes the Mojo disposable vape So Special?

In a contest of the best disposable vapes, the Mojo disposable vape will emerge among the top. But what makes it so special to deserve such high ranks? The tiny device has an e-liquid carrying capacity of 1.2ml. It stands about three inches tall and is designed in a manner similar to the look of a bullet. It is a picture-perfect size of a disposable vape. We all want to throw two or three disposables in our pockets and vape throughout the day, and the Mojo disposable vape is a good fit for doing just that. And the whole fact these vapes weigh almost nothing makes it even ideal for carrying them around.

Other than its appearance, other cool elements and features of the Mojo disposable vape make them excellent choices. For instance, they bring variety in flavor, and come in attractive colors. Each color coding will vary depending on the e-juice flavor held by the vape.

The vapor quality from Mojo disposable vape is only comparable to that of high-end vape pens. The best thing about these vapes is that they maintain the same flavor taste throughout the vaping sessions. As if that is not enough, they do not produce those irritating whistling sounds, and there is no spit back.

Another feature that users will find attractive with these disposables is that the battery does not screw up. You can rely on the original battery charge to take you through multiple vaping sessions. By the time the charge depletes, there is almost no juice left to vape.

Mojo disposable vapes Nicotine Salt Levels

One of the pertinent things to consider when shopping for a disposable is the nicotine salt levels. Luckily for you, the Mojo disposable vape offers five to two percent (20 to 50mg) volumes of concentrated nicotine salts. In other words, every Mojo disposable vape device has a salt nicotine level equivalent to a pack of cigarettes.

Build and Quality Design

Mojo disposable vapes are tiny and feature a one-pod design. They are known for their flattened octagon form factor that tapers into a shape similar to that of a bullet. They are slightly above 73mm and weigh about 13grams. Their small and lightweight features make it easy to hold them between your lips without touching them with your hands.

They also feature a plug on the mouthpiece and a tab on their bottom. These two must be removed before you start vaping on your Mojo disposable vape. As I already mentioned, the color of every kit will vary depending on the type of flavor it holds. For instance, because the lemon dessert is white, the kit carrying this flavor will be whitish. The cool melon flavor is packed in a pestel green kit with a dark green logo.

Like most disposable vapes, the Mojo disposable vape has a light that goes on whenever you take a hit. The bright light illuminates from one of the two tiny holes.

Performance of the Mojo disposable vape

The Mojo disposable vape performs pretty well, especially for the first few hours of use. However, the flavors and throat hits will remain prominent throughout your vaping sessions and the entire battery life. I was particularly impressed to learn that such a small device could have a robust battery that promises several puffs and over a week-long continuous vaping. These vapes are marketed with the idea that they can give 250 puffs. I tried counting, and even though it was challenging to keep track, I am sure they give slightly over 250 puffs.

The Mojo disposable vapes begin so strongly and keep up their intensity longer than most conventional disposables.

Major Flavors of the Mojo disposable vape

I tried several flavours with this disposable, and I was not disappointed. The following are some of the most prominent flavours I am sure you will love giving a try.

1. The Mojo Classic Tobacco

This is a perfect flavor choice for people craving for tobacco but not in the mood for conventional cigar smoking. The flavor tastes more like Turkish tobacco and accurately recreates the actual taste and sensation of regular cigar smoking. You will surely love the taste of this flavor.

2. Cool Melon

The cool melon gives a perfectly refreshing fruit flavor that tastes almost the same as freshly cut honeydew. I fell in love with the accuracy of this flavor. It is an excellent choice for outdoor vaping and hot weather. If you plan to take a summer vacation soon, this is the vape choice you should consider buying.

3. Ice Pineapple

This tropical flavour combines the taste of menthol with pineapple to give out the most refreshing flavor for a vape treat. The menthol offers a cooling sensation that is perfectly complimented by the sweet tropical flavor of pineapple.

4. Mojo Lemon Dessert

The Mojo lemon dessert flavor tastes more like a cake infused with sour and sweet lemon. Anyone looking to have a satisfying sugary vaping session should consider this flavor option. It also features other flavor profiles, such as yellow cake, lemon, and vanilla. It is a perfect e-juice option for people who love tasty desserts.

5. Mojo Menthol

This flavor tastes something between menthol and spearmint. It delivers the feeling of having icy hot in your throat.

6. Cubano

The Cubano flavor is highly regarded as an uncompromising cigar flavor. It brings a wood and leathery taste mixed with the taste of dry tobacco. If you are a fan of cigars, this is the option to try out.

Pros of the Mojo Disposable Vape

  • Their small and lightweight features make them highly portable
  • They are available in a variety of flavors giving vapers the freedom of choice
  • They have an excellent throat hit
  • They have a good vapor production
  • Color coding helps vapers to keep track of their flavors

Cons of the Mojo Disposable Vape

  • Disposables are wasteful
  • Not a good e-liquid holding capacity, especially when compared to other devices in the same category

How to Use the Mojo disposable vape

Like most disposable vape devices on the market, using the Mojo disposable vape is pretty much straightforward. All you have to do is to remove the device from its packaging, place it between your lips and draw. Mojo disposable vapes are not rechargeable and will call for replacement once the charge is depleted.

Final Verdict

The Mojo disposable vape is a suitable option for vapers looking for a convenient vaping option but is not willing to spend a lot of money on tanks, coils and all other elements that come with the box mod. It is a simple vape that is not complicated to use. Even new vapers who just introduced themselves to vaping will find it a good option. It offers vapers extreme portability and e-juice with 20 to 50mg of nicotine per vape. They also have excellent flavors that are sweet enough to quench all thirst. You will certainly find these vapes a good fit for all forms of vaping experiences. I highly recommend it.