WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Cube Zero and Vaportech Cube Disposable Vape and Everything You Need To Know About Them

18th Nov 2022 | 243 | upends v

The cube Vape is a disposable vape that comes prefilled with a nicotine-free e-liquid and is available in various product lines. This vape is available in over twenty different flavors. Regular cube disposable vape pens are available in 50mg nicotine salts e-juice. The disposable has an e-liquid carrying capacity of 11ml. The disposable vape is draw-activated, so you do not have to struggle to switch buttons or controls to use it.

In this cube disposable vape review, we will examine various aspects and features of these disposables. We will look at their performance, build and design quality, flavors, and the different vape disposable products falling under it. So let us start with a general look at the cube disposable vape.

Competing Cube Disposable Vapes

There are several cube disposables. Some of the notable cube disposable vape pens are explained below:

1. Vaportech Cube Disposable

Whenever cube disposable vapes are mentioned, the first name that comes to mind is the Vaportech Cube Disposable. This disposable features an adjustable airflow designed like an oblong cube.

The Vaportech cube disposable vape comes in 5% nicotine salt and 0% nicotine salts (which are somewhat rare these days). It has an e-liquid holding capacity of 11ml, enough to deliver up to three thousand puffs for every vaping kit. Although different vape shops offer this kit at different prices, its average price is about $20.00.

Size, Look, and Feel of the Vaportech Cube Disposable

Most cube disposable vape pens are large, and the Vaportech cube disposable is no exception. The kit measures approximately 25mm by 25mm by 95mm. They weigh about seventy-two grams. Their size and weight are exceptional for any disposable. They feel sturdy, and you might be tempted to keep them even after the e-juice is exhausted.

The Vaportech cube disposable has a square shape with rounded edges, which feels good to hold in the palms of your hands. The grey brushed aluminum further adds excellent mature quality to the vape pen.

I particularly loved the mouthpiece of Vaportech disposable because it does not extend far, just a short duck-bill tip, and the mouthpiece is complete! This mouthpiece design makes it easy for a user to take a draw.

Getting Started With Vaportech Cube Disposable

Like most disposable vapes without controls, buttons, or rechargeable capabilities, getting started with the Vaportech cube disposable is pretty much straightforward. All you need to do is to get your device from the packaging and start vaping.

The most important thing to note with Vaportech cube disposable is the adjustment settings on the vape. The vape has three small toggle switches- the MTL, the Loose MTL, and the restricted lung hits. There are three rectangular-shaped holes on the vape corresponding to the amount of airflow you can let into your vape. You can use these settings depending on your vaping needs.

How Does the Vaportech Cube Disposable Hit?

Vaportech cube disposable hits are smooth and warm. Although pulling too much air produces little sounds, that should not be a big issue. I used the zero nicotine vapes and was impressed to learn that they have a little throat hit.

Available Flavors

The following are some of the available flavors of the cube disposable vape:

  • Melonberry:This was my best flavor. It has more bananas than strawberries, although there is enough of the berry taste to add a dimensional layer to the banana flavor. This flavor is aromatic and subtly sweet.
  • Fresas con Crema:This is a strawberry cream flavor with a silky cream taste and a faint strawberry flavor. It is an excellent flavor, and I am sure you will enjoy it.
  • Strawnana:This flavor brings moderate cooling and fruity sweetness. Although I found this flavor somewhat decent, I cannot say it was my personal favorite.

2. Cube Zero Disposable Vape

If you are looking for an excellent nicotine-free vape, the cube zero disposable vape of the cube disposable vape series is the one to go for.

Overview of the Cube Zero Disposable Vape

As its name suggests, the cube Zero disposable vape is the zero nicotine version of the cube disposable vape. Like its peer vapes of the cube disposable vapes, the cube zero disposable vape comes prefilled with 11ml of e-liquid. It has a gray exterior that differentiates it from the original cube disposable vape line with a black exterior.

The 11ml holding capacity of the cube zero disposable is enough to give you up to 3000 puffs, which is about one week of regular vaping.

Cube Zero Disposable Vape Flavors

The cube zero disposable vapes are available in several flavors that promise satisfaction to vapers. Most are fruit-based flavors, although there are some, like coffee, tobacco, mint, Frostbite, and Turkish Tobacco, that are not based on fruits. Here are some of the top flavors that I have sampled:

  • Coffee Cube Zero Flavor:This was one of the best flavors I tasted with the cube zero disposable vapes. This unique flavor combines hints of sweet and bold flavors to give an exciting flavor that will remain on your taste buds for weeks.
  • FrostBite Cube Zero Flavor:This is a delicious and icy spearmint flavor whose taste can be equated to that of your favorite mint gum. This is an excellent flavor choice for vapers who are excited about minty vapes or spearmint gum.
  • Mango Colada Cube Zero Flavor:This juicy flavor blends pineapple, coconut, and mango flavors to give a top-selling and premium flavor that will remind you of your vaping experiences long after your cube disposable vape is depleted.
  • Strawnana Cube Zero Flavor:This is another excellent nicotine-free option from the cube Zero disposable vape. This flavor blends ripe bananas with sweet strawberries. It is a must-try vape flavor if you would love some fantastic vaping sessions.

How long does the Cube Zero Disposable Vape Last

One of the factors you should consider when shopping for your disposable vape is its battery life. You do not want to throw away your vape while it still holds some e-liquid. The goal should be to vape the e-liquid to the last drop.

According to the manufacturer, the Cube zero disposable vape has enough power to take you through extended vaping sessions, giving out about three thousand puffs per kit. This ability is necessitated by the fact that this vape pen has an excellent battery capacity of about 1100mAh.

Please note that the vape cannot be recharged, meaning that unless your e-liquid depletes while the charge is still available, it is impossible to vape once the battery charge is exhausted.

Reasons To Vape on Cube Disposable Vapes

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider vaping on cube disposable vapes:

  1. Long Endurance 3000+ Puffs

Cube disposable vapes feature an 11ml e-liquid holding capacity. This capacity is enough to take you through over a week of regular vaping, giving you about three thousand puffs. The good thing with cube disposable vapes is that they maintain their performance from the first puff to the last.

  1. Cool and Sleek Appearance

Both regular and cube zero disposable vapes have a cool and sleek appearance. What is even more exciting is the shining and cool LED at the bottom is almost irresistible for most vapers. Their size and weight are exceptional for any disposable. They feel sturdy, and you might be tempted to keep them even after the e-juice is exhausted.

  1. Strong nicotine satisfaction

There is nothing better than getting a vape kit that satisfies your taste buds. One reason why most people vape is because they want to satisfy their cravings for nicotine. The regular cube disposable is made with enough nicotine that will surely give vapers a sense of satisfaction. But not all vapers want to have a taste of nicotine, and the cube disposable is there to ensure there is something from this category of vapers. Vapers who do not want to vape nicotine vapes have the cube zero disposable at their disposal.

  1. Excellent vaping experience

The cube disposable vapes are available in different flavors. With these vapes, there is a flavor for everyone. Some of the notable flavor options include Fresas Con Crema, Red apple, Mango Colada, and others. With such a wide flavor variety, you will likely get a perfect flavor that gives you the most exciting vaping experience.

  1. High-Quality Design

The cube disposable vape pens have been designed and produced with quality in mind. The simple design makes it easy even for novice vapers to use them. All you will need is to get the vape pen out of the packing and start vaping.


And there you have it. A complete review of the cube disposable vape. From my interaction with these vapes, I would say they are worth your money. You should give them a try, and you sure will love them.