WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

New Products Launch: SWITCH MINI & NEO POD, A Closed Pod System Vape with Its Compatible Pod

25th Oct 2023 | 695 | Anthea

Today, UPENDS unveiled its latest masterpieces, SWITCH MINI & NEO POD. SWITCH MINI and its compatible pod—NEO POD have many highlights, FRESOR NAVO technology ensures taste, and the pod-replacement structure supports recycling. For those who are looking for a stylish and environmentally friendly e-cigarette, the SWITCH MINI & NEO POD must be the best choice.

SWITCH MINI: So small, so strong

The SWITCH MINI is a compact and transparent box that emits a fantastic flash of light when the user vapes it, making it stylish and eye-catching. It not only looks good, but also works well. SWITCH MINI incorporates a push-button child lock function, which ensures child safety, improves product recognition and optimizes the user experience. The battery capacity of SWITCH MINI is 500 mAh, and it supports Type-C charging cable. It is environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

NEO POD: So simple, so lasting

NEO POD is a 2ml closed atomizer suitable for SWITCH MINI. It adopts a simple transparent shell, so you can check the remaining e-liquid at any time and eliminate the burnt smell. It has more than twenty flavors to choose from and has multiple anti-leak mechanisms to effectively lock in liquid, allowing you to enjoy the rich flavors. With FRESOR NOVA technology, it puffs increased 42%, energy efficiency increased 36%, and guarantees a stronger taste, better aroma reproduction and longer enjoyment. Moreover, it is also adaptable with UPBAR TUBE.

In a word, with SWITCH MINI paired with NEO POD, you can enjoy versatile, pure and lasting flavors at a low cost. Whether you are a seasoned e-cigarette enthusiast or a beginner, you can't go wrong with the SWITCH MINI & NEO POD. Next, UPENDS will continue to create elegant and long-lasting products for adult smokers.


Founded in 2019, UPENDS is an e-cigarette brand specializing in electronic nicotine delivery systems. The excellent reputation of UPENDS as a leading e-cigarette brand is attributed to its innovative ability, superior manufacturing technology and quality, delicate design, and cost-effective features. UPENDS is currently expanding its global development. UPENDS constantly pursues a philosophy of elegant balance and is committed to crafting products with a lingering finish.