WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

New Look: UPENDS Official Website Upgraded

22nd Sep 2023 | 479 | Anthea

Recently, UPENDS upgraded their website and globally launched. As a leading brand in the industry, the new website immediately aroused the attention and discussion of fans, customers and peers.

It can be seen that the positioning of the UPENDS official website is more explicit, which means to strengthen the brand character and align with the current youth fashion trends. The new official website has been comprehensively upgraded in terms of visual creativity, functional sections, and user experience. It has successfully showcased confidence and sincerity in the E-cigarette industry.



The new official website built a simple full-screen layout, with a more scientific and concise color scheme that follows the "flat" design logic, which is present throughout the entire web system. Simple and open layout makes the whole site information at a touch. After this upgrade, the website has been organized in a more logical manner. These changes help users easily understand the UPENDS brand and efficiently access digital services.

All along, UPENDS series products are popular due to their high-level product appearance, exquisite quality, and distinctive personality design. On this basis, UPENDS further explore and upgrade the official website to firmly establish the fashionable brand image in people's hearts. This is not the end of exploration. UPENDS will always be customer demand-oriented, in-depth exploring more technical functions, continuously optimizing products, and provide better service for people.