Best 20 Vape shops open now near my location Washington, DC.

    Best 20 Vape shops open now near my location Washington, DC.

    Find the Best Vape Shops Open Near Me in Washington, DC (My Location)

    Using this free Vape locator tool to help you to find Best Vape Shops open near me in Washington, DC. (my location).

    1. Capital Vape Supply

    This Vape shop specializes in cannabis and all things related to Vapes. It was established in 2015. It was established by a local DLC who helped in making e-cigarette become a business in Washington, DC. It is also known as a national level, allowing it to handle a range of products. They also offer delivery to their customers all over.

    Products:  glass pipes and hookahs, CBD, and more 

    Name: Capital Vape Supply

    Location: 1007 U St NW Washington, DC 20001

    Contacts: +1 (202) 769-5566

    Opening Hours: Mon – Fri 11am-6pm,sat 12pm-6pm,sun12pm-5pm

    1. Tobacco & Vape Kings

    This shop was established in 1999. Among the Washington Vape shops, they offer recent and high-quality tobacco options and accessories ranging from cigarettes and cigars to glass bubbler and hookahs, the rare gift items. They aim at making customers superheroes. The staffs are friendly and always ensure that customers enjoy a variety of e-juice. They also have a large cigar section for those who love cigars. The shop is worth giving it a try, and you will never be disappointed

    Products:  E-cigarettes, tobacco pipes,mods,hookahs, and pipes

    Name: Tobacco & Vape kings

    Location: 1543 7th St NW Washington, DC 20001

    Contacts: +1 (202) 450-1065

    Opening Hours: Mon – Fri 10am-10pm,sat-sun 10am-10pm,

    1. Gasaholics Smoke Shop

    Gasaholics Smoke Shop is Washington DC'S specialty store as well as premier smoke shop. They have plenty of gifts and compliant away TTHC items. When you buy from the featured products, you are in a position to choose from various THC offers in brands like the Gashouse, diamond-cut exotic, or smart bud. Along with gifting away THC products, they also offer CBD products, smoking accessories, and soft drinks. This shop and store is truly a unique smoke shop, and they pride themselves on offering customers the best products on the market.


    Products:  Vapes, bong, tobacco, CBD products, and cartridge

    Name: Gasaholics smoke shop

    Location: 1230 H St NE Washington, DC 20002

    Contacts: +1 202-399-4427

    Opening Hours: Mon – Thur 10am-10pm, Fri- sat – 10am-12am sun 11am-7pm,

    1. Exoticblooms

    According to DC Initiative 71, recreational flowers and extracts cannot be sold or purchased in the District. However, Exotic Blooms can deliver it as a gift, and they gift premium and exotic indoor cannabis of the highest quality to your front door. Exotic Blooms are a CA brand focused on ensuring that every step of the process delivers on that goal, whether CBD, edibles, vape cartridges, concentrates, or top-shelf flower.

    Products:  Vapes, Prerolls, starter kits, e-Juice, Pods, hoods,

    Name: Exoticblooms

    Location: DC 20036 Dupont Circle, Downtown

    Contacts: +1 (202) 317-9158

    Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 10 am -8 pm

    1. Puff Puff Dragon

    However, puff puff dragon-like big cloud, they are targeting at providing space for customers who are starters to vaping and teach them how to Vape and be confident of the product they purchase at this shop. They are also much interested in the future of vaping and providing dependable accessories while gaining customer faith in this industry.

    They pride themselves as an extension of the community, the customer's website, built on their customer’s trust, quality product, transparency, and favorable environment where Vapers get the solution.

    Though they are yet to introduce it officially, they have taken it to their mainstream with more seriousness than ever. They also target reducing the smoking rate from the current unimaginable condition.

    Their website has bigger dreams to achieve besides gaining advocacy, carrying out research, and chancing various smokers to become Vapers.

    Products:  vapes, prerolls, starter kits, e-juice.pods, hoods,

    Name: Puff Puff Dragon

    Location: 11263 Triangle Ln Wheaton, MD 20902

    Contacts: +1 (301) 933-6940

    Opening Hours: Mon-sat 10 am -8 pm Sun closed

    1. 13 & U Smoke Shop

    If you are looking for a smoke shop that specializes in top-quality glassware, hookahs, pipes, Vapes, and more, then look no further than 13 & U Smoke Shop, a Washington Vape shop. You will enjoy their luxurious tobacco shop with a beautifully organized display room for all of your smoke products and accessories. At 13 & U Smoke Shop, they ensure the quality of their service.

    This smoke and CBD shop specializes in various smoking and Vape products that you will surely enjoy. It includes CBD products, hookah bowls, Vape juice, and more. At 13 & U Smoke Shop, we are passionate about creating a premium smoking experience. We have only the best smoke and tobacco products.

    Their friendly staffs are committed to providing you with the assistance you need, ensuring that you will find the perfect option for you! To explore the wide variety of options at our head shop, please contact them at 13 & U Smoke Shop or stop by today!

    Products:  CBD products, hookah bowls, Vape juice

    Name: 13 & U Smoke Shop

    Location: 1351 U St NW Washington, DC 20009

    Contacts: +1 (202) 949-2375

    Opening Hours: Mon – thur 1pm- 11pm, fri-sat 12pm-11pm, sun 12pm-10pm.

    1. Smoke Shop

    Best Vape shop in Alexandria, 7 miles to Washington, DC! Good prices, good selection, friendly and knowledgeable staff! And an awesome rewards program!

    This is a super awesome and clean shop. They have very helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly staff. This is a welcome addition to the Richmond Hwy corridor. Please support this business by stopping by.


    Products:  CBD products, hookah bowls, Vape juice

    Name: Smoke Shop

    Location: 1603 U St NW Ste 2 Washington, DC 20009

    Contacts: +1 (202) 265-0140

    Opening Hours: Mon – Thur 11am- 11pm, Fri-sat 11am-12am next day, sun 11am-11pm.

    1. Nomad Shop

    Shop new arrivals from VISVIM, Our Legacy, ByBorre, Nike, Rick Owens, DRKSHDW, and more. Menu Search ... they offer both In-store shopping and Curbside pickup. The store is among the upcoming Washington Vape shop


    Products:  Cigars, Vapes and Hookah shop

    Name: Smoke Shop

    Location: 1202 H St NE Washington, DC 20002

    Contacts: +1 (202) 396-3037

    Opening Hours: Mon – Thur 11am- 9pm, Fri-sat 11am-10pm, Sun 11am-9pm.

    1. FunkyPiece Smoke Shop & Glass Gallery

    The modern-day smoke shop is FunkyPiece. What makes them apart from the competition is their product quality, price, and services. They currently have two retail stores, and their website is a never-ending directory of the majority of the items available in-store. They take their work seriously, as evidenced by their product range, price, and customer satisfaction. Roor, Medicali, Grav, Illadelph, HVY, and other Washington Vape Shop supply chain glass brands are available in the shop. Sorry, but you won't find much low-cost foreign glass in their retail outlets. They are in favor of American glassblowers. Along with the glass, you'll find the newest vaporizers, tobacco products, hookah, and accessories. They welcome you to purchase in-store within the DC metro region.

    Products:  hand pipes, bongs, dab rigs, roll up, bubblers, and grinders

    Name: FunkyPiece Smoke Shop & Glass Gallery

    Location: 2801 M St Washington, DC 20007

    Contacts: +1 (202) 414-7047

    Opening Hours: Mon – Fri 10am- 9pm, Sun 12pm-7pm.

    1. Box Convenience

    The Box Convenience is a Convenience store in Washington DC that emphasizes Vapes, hookah, CBD, Delta-8, tobacco, glass, and accessories.


    Products:  Vapes, hookah, CBD, delta-8, glass.

    Name: Box convenience

    Location: 2015 14th St NW Washington, DC 20009

    Contacts: +1 202-481-0067

    Opening Hours: Mon – Fri 10am- 9pm, sun 12pm-7pm.

    1. B & K News Stand

    Among their Brands, they have Starbuzz, Al Fakher, Mizzo, Nakhla, Fantasia, and electronic or portable hookah pens. Charcoal Brands: Three Kings, Coconara, Fantasia, and flavor charcoal. Historically, it was established in 1986.


    Products:  Vapes, hookah, CBD, delta-8,glass.

    Name: B & K News Stand

    Location: 2414 18th St NW Washington, DC 20009

    Contacts: +1 (202) 234-0494

    Opening Hours: Mon – thur 10am- 11:30 pm,fri- sat -11am-12an nxt day, sun 11am-9pm

    1. Joint Delivery

    Joint delivery is a clientele service-oriented company that takes pride in providing an exceptional user experience. They aim to create long-term relationships with the local people they serve by offering cutting-edge, top-of-the-line cigarette brands. Their items are sensibly made and sustainably farmed, keeping with the company's motto: relaxation, creativity, and relief. They presume in achieving the stars and living a life full of excitement at Joint Delivery Co. Their objective is to provide perceptions that inspire mental growth, community connection, and physical health in everyone they come into contact with.

    Products:  cannabis, vapes, cartridge, gummies,

    Name: Joint Delivery

    Location: 1803 Biltmorest Nw Apt 60 Washington, DC 20009

    Contacts: +1 (202) 234-0494

    Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 12 pm-10 pm

    1. Georgetown Tobacco


    David Berkebile founded Georgetown Tobacco in 1964 in Washington, DC's legendary business district. Today, it is still a gathering place for those who appreciate the pleasant art of cigarettes and other beauty of life. They seek to stock interesting and unique products for personal and household use concerning the highest quality cigars, pipes, and tobacco items.

    As you can see from their site, Venetian Carnival masks are incredibly popular and have become a significant feature in their shop.

    Keep in mind that with a $25 acquisition, you can get a half-hour of free parking at the PNC Bank lot next door.

    Products:  vapes, cannabis, tobacco, and products.

    Name: Georgetown Tobacco

    Location: 3144 M St NW Washington, DC 20007

    Contacts: +1 (202) 338-5100

    Opening Hours: Monday - Saturday 11:00 - 6:00pm

    1. M Street Vape

    M Street Vape may be acquainted with you, but it's the place to embrace the newly designed M Street Glass & Vape as DC's top glass but rather Vape shop! They are DC's finest glass and Vape retail store, offering vaping equipment, water pipes, e-liquids, CBD, and even more!

    They see M Street Glass & Vape as an opportunity to distribute brands that industry customers have come to enjoy and innovative brands that are making their way into the market.

    The fuel that gives them hope is advancement and client satisfaction. Come on in and give them a try. You should aim to meet, if not surpasses, your glass and vaping requirement

    Products:  vaporizers, vapes, CBD, and accessories

    Name: Georgetown Tobacco

    Location: 1821 M St NW 2nd FloorWashington, DC 20036

    Contacts: +1 (202) 322-4086

    Opening Hours: Monday - Friday 10:30 - 8:00 Saturday 1:00 - 8:00 Sunday Closed

    1. VaporFi

    Vaporfi is the go-to online convenience store for many people, and they're on an expedition to change how people Vape. They cater to Vaping of all skill levels, from novices searching for their first kit to modern cloud runners seeking heavy mods and the most complicated tastes. Every user's need for an e-liquid or a mod is met at this Retail store. They are always introducing you to the most cutting-edge technology in the vaping universe. The products available at VaporFi would never tease you. Nonetheless, they are dedicated to maintaining standards, providing outstanding buyer service, and improving your consumer experiences.

    Products:  e-liquids, CBD, starter kits, accessories.

    Name: vaporFi

    Location: 3210 O St NW Washington, DC 20007

    Contacts: +1 919-436-4441

    Opening Hours: Monday - saturday 11am – 9pm, Sunday 11am-8pm

    1. The Brookland smoke shop

    The Brookland Smoke Store is a key component of the Best buy Sector Industry and is situated in Washington, DC, United States. Brookland Smoke Shop employs four people across all of its places and earns $29,735 in revenue. Kindly note, Employees, and sales numbers are based on simulations.


    Products:  e-liquids, CBD, Vapes, and cartridges  

    Name: The Brookland smoke shop

    Location: 3924 12th St NE Washington, DC 20017

    Contacts: +1 (202) 207-4459

    Opening Hours: Monday - Saturday 12 pm – 9 pm, Sunday 10 am-7 pm

    1. U St tobacco And Vape

    This is one of the Washington Vape shops specializing in purchasing and delivering Vape products, Hookahs, and tobacco. In their store, you can also get different types of accessories.

    Products:  Vape, CBD, tobacco products. 

    Name: U St tobacco and Vape

    Location: 2001 13th NW St Unit B WASHINGTON, DC 20009

    Contacts: +1 (202) 506-2362

    Opening Hours: Monday - Thur 9am-11pm, Fri 9am-2am, sat 10am-2am; sun 10am-12am.

    1. smoke island dc

    This Vape shop is located in Washington, DC, and they value their customers. They have various products and Vape brands to choose from. Besides, they also sell CBD, Vape Juice and Supplies, Batteries, Hookah, Cigars, Glass, Incense and Spray, Papers, and Gifts.

    Products:  Vapes, nicotine, CBD, Kratom, or tobacco

    Name: Smoke Island Dc

    Location: 4905 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20016

    Contacts: +1 202-244-2221

    Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday 10am-10pm, Sun 10am-9pm

    1. TheShop DC.

    TheShop Lifestyle is here to provide you with all your CBD & smoking accessories. Sorry, they do not and cannot carry any products with THC. They do provide the best cannabis culture merchandise. Could you go and visit them?

    Products:  vapes, CBD products

    Name: TheShop dc

    Location: 1007 U St NW 2nd Floor, Washington, DC 20001

    Contacts: +1 202-234-0549

    Opening Hours: Monday – wed 11am -6pm, Thur 12am-6pm, Fri 11am-7pm.

    1. Paradise smoke and Vape

    This is one of the best Washington Vape shops though still new. It is so unique in a way that they allow dogs, wheelchair accessible, bike parking. It was established in 2019. They are the best tobacco shop in the DC area.

    Products:  Vapes, CBD products, tobacco products.

    Name: paradise smoke and Vape.

    Location: 1821 West Virginia Ave NE Washington, DC 20002

    Contacts: +1 (202) 269-9300

    Opening Hours: Mon-Sun: open 24 hours.

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