Upcott Pod

    Upcott is the latest prefilled pod system with great value. At an economic price, Upcott provides an easy and reliable vaping experience.

    • a.Longer puffing time
    • b.Strong, stable vapor
    • c.No spitting or condensate
    • d.Reliable quality
    • e.6 Flavors & 2 Versions

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    Upcott Pod

    Filled with organic cotton, the Upcott pod effectively prevents all
    leaking, spitting and popping problems.

    With its thick organic cotton, Upcott offers an original flavor in a
    fulfilling vapor cloud.

    Super Easy to Use

    Pull the mouthpiece out

    Let the pod drop out by gravity

    Reload the new pod

    Plug the mouthpiece aligning with the grooves on battery


    • Capacity: 4ml
    • Rated Output Power: 9.5W