Worldwide Vapers Who've Been Testing Uppen's Performance

    DJLsb Vapes

    This one vapes amazingly! When I vape this one for the first time, I couldn't believe this was a new company only judging by the way it vapes.

    Zophie Vapes

    It’s so simple to use! It performs just fine. The flavor is not changing. It’s not getting warm or hot.

    Adrian Lo Dejavu

    This one for MTL is very very good, and tasty. Even though you keep vaping non-stop for 20 times or 30 times, the flavor itself remain the same.

    Todd Reviews

    An excellent pod system! The drip tip is really comfortable. I think they’ve done a great job in this pod, and especially on the coil.

    Vaping with Vic

    I'm very impressed with how well it works. The battery life on it is phenomenal. And the flavor from it is absolutely super!

    Vape don't Smoke

    The vapor quality is very very good. I’m getting really good flavor from this device.

    E dymek

    Dobry projekt. Możesz odwrotnie założyć nasadkę na wstrzykiwacz vape, aby zapobiec jego zgubieniu.

    Adrian Lo Dejavu

    Questo è un prodotto che merita che mi piaccia. L'automatismo e la funzione magnetica funzionano molto bene.


    Der Saugeffekt ist erstaunlich und der Geschmack ist sehr gut. Der Widerstand ist nicht sehr hoch oder sehr niedrig und die MTL-Erfahrung ist großartig.

    Coming Soon...

    Ryan Hall

    El Mono Vapeador



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