Q&A ( End users)


    UPENDS is now establishing its global distribution channel, you will see it in most of vape shops and online stores soon. We suggest to place an order through the official website: www.upends.com

    Already placed order on your website, when can I get it?

    We offer drop-shipping service for North American and European customers, normally you will receive it within 3-5 working days after placing order, there might be delay due to COVID-19.

    For customers in other regions, the product will be sent from our China factory, it will take 15-20 days on the way to you.

    It comes with antibacterial mouthpiece, but how can I believe/feel that?

    The picture shows testing report issued by 3rd party labs.

    Silver ion is integrated into the food-grade PCTG  mouthpiece, the antibacterial rate against three common bacteria(Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus and Candida albicans) within 24 hours was over 99.9%.

    It can significantly reduce the risk of bacterial contamination or infection in daily use.

    Does it work with THC/thick oil?

    Absolutely not.

    The flax-based ECHIP coil is ideal for Freebase eliquid, Nicotine Salts and CBD eliquid, but not for THC.

    My Uppen does not work after several days using, what can I do?

    1. Please send the issue description and your order number to support@upends.com, we have an easy after sales service program, please refer to our Return & Refunds policy.

    2. (Optional)To help our engineers to analyze and solve the problem in further productions, please send back to our warehouse via COD:

    US: 2110 S Parco Ave. Ontario, CA 91761

    UK: The Logistics Department Unit 1, 23 Dorothy road, Leicester, LE5 5DR

    3. We will send new product to you if returned product is defective (within 7 working days)

    How long it take for fully recharged?

    Less than 1 hour

    What's the pod lifespan?

    If you use Freebase, Nic salt or CBD eliquid with VG ratio less than 70%, the pod could support 3-5 refillings. The lifespan might be shortened if you use more sweet eliquid or higher VG ratio.

    Does it support both MTL and DTL?

    The air tunnel of Uppen pod supports both, you can use it as a stick-pod system.

    Surely you can do a medium-DTL when eliquid is with lower Nicotine strength (3-6mg Freebase/20mg Nic salt...)

    Does it support fast charging?

    No, but 600mAh battery capacity can last a whole day for most vapers.

    We will release Type-C edition Uppen Pro in the near future.

    My Uppen cap was lost, how can I get a new one?


    If you order more than $50, we will provide you with FREE cap.

    What's the price if I order more than 3 kits for my family/friends

    Please select the quantity on purchasing page, the price and shipping cost will be automatically calculated.

    Your warranty?

    We offer a 6-month warranty, during this period please feel free to contact us for any question:


    Do you have different pod resistance?

    At present we have only 1.2 ohm, and will release new options in the near future.

    Basing on numerous testing in development, 1.2ohm with dual-layer flax generates the best flavor, it  matches well with most hot-selling eliquids with VG 40%-60%, especially it performs perfect with Top 10 Nic salt, such as NKD100, Beard Vape, Dinner Lady, Vapmire, Riot Squad...

    The battery gets warmer or hot when charging, is there any risk?

    We recommend to charge your Uppen with original or authorized USB cable. It will get warmer when charging in car because the output voltage is higher than AC adaptor. There is no potential risk for use.

    Is it cotton or ceramic?

    It's flax-based coil, which performs much better than cotton according to our test result.

    How many puff for each pod?

    That depends on inhale volume/puff. The fully filled pod will bring more than 200 puffs for normal use.

    Does the LED indicator only display WHITE and RED color?

    Uppen comes with a basic and easy indicator solution: Red LED light indications: batter power is 1%-30% white LED light indicates: batter power is 30%-100% .

    What can I do if I want to cancel my order?

    An order cannot cancelled by the customer online once it has been paid, however you can send your order number and request within 24 hours to support@upends.com or call us: +86 2668 7707, our service team will help you.

    Do I need to pay for the shipping cost when refunding the product?

    We offer a 7 days’ free-return service to all customers purchasing from UPENDS website. If you are not satisfied with UPENDS product after receiving it, you will have 7 days from the receiving date to return the product and only pay for the shipping fee. If the returned product is found to be defective by UPENDS, we will pay for the shipping cost in the form of refund.

    Q&A ( Distributor/Wholesaler/Retailer)

    What's the wholesale price because I cannot find it on website

    Individual users and retailers can place order on website when order quantity is no more than 100 units, please send inquiry to brand@upends.com / info@upends.com for wholesale price or more information

    Can we return the product if it's underperforming or sells slowly?

    We have 60 days free-return program for global partners, please contact brand@upends.com for more info.

    Do you have pricing control strategies?

    Yes, there will be pricing agreement stating minumum prices and RRP between distro/wholesaler and UPENDS, to ensure that Uppen is both competitive in the market and provides a healthy margin to our partners.

    Our sales team will send you the template upon your purchasing order.

    What's your marketing plan?

    Please advise your email then we will send you the global marketing plan in 2020 Q3 and Q4

    Do you have ECID for UK market?

    We already submitted TPD application on April 2nd, the registration covers 25 Europe countries. 

    ECID for UK market will be available in June 2020.

    The official notification from MHRA might be delayed due to COVID-19, we will keep you posted.

    Is Uppen open pod system or closed one?

    It's open pod system with 600mAh battery, 1.2ohm pod.

    Do you have safety report for this product?

    Yes, besides CE, ROHS and battery MSDS report, we also have antibacterial report issued by 3rd party lab.

    Comparing with other products with same distro price level, what's your advantage? There are too many brands here, why we choose a new brand/product?

    1. There is already classic sticks in market like EGO series, Endura, PockeX, and classic Subohm/box mod like SMOK Alien kit, but there is no classic pod kit yet.

    Caliburn is really a pod system winner but we need time to see if it's classic.

    2. We did a lot of work including test and survey, know what the vapors need, and believe the pen cap with reverse-insert design and antibacterial mouthpiece, especially the vaping performance, will stand out in coming months.


    1.  Anodized Aluminum with laser carved logo

    2. The pod is made of POK+Silver ion and rubber plug

    3. Cap is PC soft material with UV coating

    4. The clip and top side of cap are 18K gold-plated.

    Why SS strip coil?/The difference?

    To increase the vaping efficiency, in this way every slight draw can generate enough vapor while brings pure flavor.

    Besides, the strip structure can heat equally to avoid burning taste, to ensure a longer life span.

    Do you have stock?

    We have inventory in UK and USA-based warehouse,

    the local delivery and fast after-sales service is available now.

    When can you ship out the first batch? Leading time?

    For Europe/America region:

    Procedure is: Place order-Deposit 30% or 100% prepaid-Delivery-Offer and set up sales material-After sales service.

    Leadtime w/o special requirement: 2-3 days;

    Leadtime with Special requirement: 7-10 days (eg. customized user manual/package/sticker)

    What is the MOQ and price

    We can start with a lower MOQ,  price depends on quantity. Please send inquiry to brand@upends.com for more information.

    If we want to be a exclusive

    Send email to brand@upends.com

    Exclusive contract: Territory, Time, Order amount per month/season, terms.

    What is the payment term?

    1 month credit for VIP customer (Only Top 10)

    100% T/T before shipment for all customer.

    What support do you have?

    1.  NO RISK to carry UPENDS products

    2. Strong & Healthy Pricing Range Control

    3. Free Marketing and Advertisement 

    4. Persistent building our brand awareness

    5. Product/Brand exclusive cooperation

    More questions? We can help!