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    Features of Uppen


    Etchip™ Coil

    Dirt-Resistant Cap

    Auto Focus

    I really like this vape pen. This is my first experience with the manufacturer and a pen that works by mouth draw. The draw is perfect, the pen is elegant and discreet, and it feels natural in my hand.

    Margo G., NEW YORK

    I purchase this pen expecting very little due to the price.This is now my go everywhere Vape. I have several different vape sizes but when I leave the house this is the one that goes with me. 

    H F., London

    My first vape system and my last (unless it breaks). Came charged and I didnt need to recharge yet, maybe I'm a light user. Anyway I like the pen look for discreetness and it just looks and works good.

    Deenis B, Paris

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