Nectar Vape Pen. A Review of the Nectar Vaporizer in 2021

    Nectar Vape Pen. A Review of the Nectar Vaporizer in 2021

    What is a Nectar vape pen?

    The nectar vape pens are hand held vaporizers that have been purposefully created and distributed under the Nectar bee vape brand. The nectar bee vape shop is a brand has been for a long time producing cartridges and the vape pens are their latest addition to their collection.

    The company has been on the frontline in bringing good vape products in the scene. The pens have an exquisite vape oil extracted from organic plants from trusted farms.

    The prefilled carts are filled with oils that have been well extracted. They use less critical liquid carbon which will give them a perfect golden finished liquid for the cartridge.

    The cannabis oils have a multitude of flavor profiles of different stains. The tastes are fresh and they are good for starting your day with the quality hits. The freshness is due to the amount you get from different sativa strains.

    Features of the Nectar vape pen

    • High-quality compact and magnificent pen design that is very simple to use
    • 1ml refillable oil cartridge with organic oil for an elevated vaping experience
    • Variable voltage battery setting for maximum temperature control
    • 350mAh battery capacity to give you power for a longer vaping time
    • 510 threading on the battery to give you freedom for using other 510 cartridges
    • The cartridge has a glass window that lets you see how much oil is left in your cartridge

    Design of the Nectar vape pen

    From the exterior design of the nectar vape pen, it resembles a Cell silo vape pen with ab3.7 inches length and 1.2 inch width. The pen has a black color finish with the word NECTAR engraved on it. The pen has a single button for control that turns the device on and off and it also makes it easy to control temperatures.

    This pen might look heavy but it actually is not. It is made from lighter materials such as an aluminum casing and a plastic mouthpiece. The pen is sturdy and compact in design and can easily be carried around in the pocket and allow you to use non-stop anywhere you are.

    When you activate the vape pen, the LED light indicators will light up to signal that the device is ready for action. When you turn off the device, you will see the light going dim before finally going off. This LED light indication is important when you need to avoid damages that would occur if you let your battery run for long without being active.

    The ceramic coils are of high power and heat up so well. The external casing has a small opening that allows you to track the amount of liquid that is left in your cartridge. 

    The nectar vape pen is not only good in design, but from its performance, you are getting good satisfaction from vape oils. You get to feel a 100% full body organic cannabis oils to keep you vaping from time to time. The cartridges have been certifies to give you good vapor that gets the high you deserve.

    The 510 drop in cartridges comes with the mouthpiece mounted onto it. The charging port is a standard USB Charging. You will need to connect the USB charger onto the charging port and use it to charge.

    Nectar vape cartridges

    Initially, the Nectar Company started with manufacturing organic oil cartridges, which was a good selling point for their flagship products. Later on, the vape pen was introduced to complement the effectiveness of the device and the brand's quality.

    The Nectar vape cartridges are filled with cannabis oils with THC percentages of 70 and above. These high TCH levels give you one of the most considerable vapor clouds that are quite intriguing for people who are attracted to large clouds

    The cartridge itself is made from a high-grade Pyrex glass material in collaboration with stainless steel. An atomizer made from ceramic and the pas through an air-channel system is equipped with a bottom flow that ensures you get a proper flow and taste. The cartridge, combined with the satisfying lifespan of the 350mAh Nectar battery, will give you a much portable and discreet option for vaping hash oil anywhere you are.

     How to use the Nectar vape pen

    1. Take your pen and cartridge from the kit and check for everything to ensure that no component is missing or the THC content on the cartridge is what you are seeking.
    2. Unscrew the covering lid on the pen to expose the 510 threading connection port
    3. Insert the Nectar cartridge that you got in the package and twist it in a clockwise motion until it locks up into position
    4. Check for any leakages on the pen and then click on the power button for five times non-stops to turn on the device. make sure you do it five times so that your pen can read the signal
    5. After you have turned on the device, take a draw through the mouthpiece and feel the flavor forming in your mouth. If you feel like the vapor production is not enough, you can press the power button three times to go through the voltage settings.

    Nectar vape pen performance

    The nectar vape pen has done so well for a vape pen with its quality delivery. The special preheating feature will only take three seconds to reach optimum heating. The preheating feature has always been good in preparation for vapor production. The cartridges have coils that heat up so well. It is better that you use the specified cartridges with good THC content.

    With a variable voltage battery, there is an option to choose the best temperatures that work for you. When you select lower temperatures, there is a mild vapor production that will improve the vapor production as you proceed.

    If you want to enjoy good vapor, start from vaping on low temperatures then adjust to test various temperatures pre-sets. Good temperature control systems ensure that your pen is protected.

    The 380mAh battery is good for vaping on other kinds of oils but will not fully deliver on higher viscosity oils. You can choose the thinner viscosity oils. But comparing the vapor capacity to power output, you will realise that the battery runs out so frequently and it needs ever changing.

    Pros and cons of the Nectar oil vape pen

    • The vape pen is efficient and of good quality
    • The 510 threading connections can be used on many cartridges.
    • Super quality 100% organic CBD and THC oils
    • The small window on the outer casing lets you see the amount of oils left in your cartridges  
    • The ceramic coil technology is suitable for effective heating of the substances
    • The sturdy and compact design is well designed to be portable and discreet
    • The black finishing is good for private sessions if you do not want people looking at you.


    • The cartridges sometimes can expand and stick hard onto the mod
    • The battery has to be changed frequently to keep running on higher voltages.
    • The battery capacity is smaller compared to the amount of power it is required to put out.

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