XVAPE USA Shop: Wholesale Vape Supply Reviews & Store Location near me [Vaporizers, Concentrates, Botanicals, Accessories]

    XVAPE USA Shop: Wholesale Vape Supply Reviews & Store Location near me [Vaporizers, Concentrates, Botanicals, Accessories]

    1. What is XVAPE USA?  

    Having something of high quality without paying too much is a delightful experience. And this experience is no longer new with the thousands of customers that XVAPE USA already served. "High-quality without the high cost" is the mantra of this establishment, and their previous and current customers can attest to XVAPE's commitment to this. 

    XVAPE USA is a leading global manufacturer of vape technology. And as a prime mover in the industry, its products are genuinely exquisite, having the perfect balance of performance, purity, and price. The quality of their products is the result of their years of experience in the industry. Having been established in 2013 in Southern California by two vape industry engineers, XVAPE USA has gone far from its humble beginnings. This company's dedication to the vape community is what drives them to create safer, more effective, more efficient, more convenient, and more stylish vape merchandise.




    Address: 13975 Central Ave unit b, Chino, CA 91710, United States


    Customer Service:

    Monday to Friday 10 am to 4 pm (PST)

    2. Main Products

    As a leading manufacturer of various vape technology products, vape enthusiasts have a lot to expect from XVAPE USA. The good news is XVAPE USA will not disappoint them. XVAPE USA's products are of high quality, some of which are botanicals, concentrates, and various accessories.

    Botanical Devices

    The different botanical devices available in XVAPE USA are some of the bests in the market today. These products are made from exquisite materials, and their functionality is of high quality too.

    XVAPE FOG PRO. Touted as a "vaporizer for the true aficionado," XVAPE FOG PRO is definitely not all talk. The device has superb features that support its tagline. And its price of $139.00 (one of the highest if not the highest in this vape store) is reasonable, considering these superb features. It is a 100% convection vaporizer that is both handy and portable as it perfectly fits into the palms of the hands. On top of being durable and quality, XVAPE FOG PRO is likewise stylish. Its case is black anodized aluminum, while its mouthpiece is made from jewel-grade Zirconia.

    XVAPE AVANT.This device valued at $79.00 is one of the best in this vape establishment. And its quality is not only lauded in this shop as it is equally popular outside in the vaporizing community. Thanks to its form, function, and high fashion, it is often regarded as the best-rated hand-held dry herb and concentrates vaporizer today. And that is not all; this device boasts the ability to give some of the best flavors available in a portable unit through its 100% isolated airflow and high-speed heat up time.

    V2 Pro.V2 is probably the most affordable high-end device that one can find in XVAPE USA at $89.00. And this is not your typical device since it is a stylish 3-in-1 device. The technology in it and the materials it is made of are not mediocre. It has an aluminum casing that makes the device durable and portable. It also has a full ceramic chamber to give even vaporization. Its temperature settings are very vaper-centered, too, allowing temperature adjustment through its five-temperature setting. Capacity-wise, this device can fit 1/3-1/2 grams of dry herb. Its 18650 Replaceable Samsung battery is also commendable as it ensures long-lasting use.

    Concentrate Devices/Vape Pens

    If one would notice, concentrates have been present already for a long time, and it is recently becoming more popular. But even before its popularity skyrockets, XVAPE USA has already been offering devices for these concentrates. Some of these are the ones below.

    XVAPE VISTA MINI 2. A cutting-edge update in the world of bubbler vaporizers is the statement that perfectly defines XVAPE VISTA MINI 2. This compact, strong, and stunning device is perfect for concentrates or oils. It offers magnificent functions and features at a price tag of $159.00. It has 4 LED indicated settings that are perfectly optimized for users and the different varieties of concentrates. For viability, it offers a beautiful and one-of-a-kind carb cap. Moreover, it has a comfortable mouthpiece, detachable glass bubbler, secure flow silicone seal, a revolutionary AIO crystal quartz atomizer

    XVAPE V-ONE 2.0. With XVAPE V-ONE 2.0, vaping is said to "has been moved into the 21st century and beyond". And it is not an overstatement, as XVAPE V-ONE 2.0 has some superb and commendable characteristics too. It can also produce a massive volume of vapor from even the smallest material, largely thanks to its dual titanium coils. In seconds, these same titanium coils could also create a dragon tail cloud of smokes. And there's more; XVAPE V-ONE 2.0 also boasts the following specifications: a ceramic heating dish, stainless steel splash-proof mouthpiece, glass bubbler mouthpiece, long-lasting 1500mAh battery, and more.

    XVAPE CRICKET +.XVAPE CRICKET + is an affordable device ($25.00) for concentrates. It has a pre-heat function that allows users to get the most out of their cartridges. Moreover, its temperature range is also more comprehensive than the others at 580°F – 930°F. And on top of these, it offers an industrial-strength magnetic glass mouthpiece, single titanium quartz coil, 350mAh battery, 510 cartridge threading, etc.

    3. Accessories

    The different accessories that XVAPE USA sells are not your typical accessories. Since they are often used as substitutes or replacements for the other parts of the devices they sell, customers could expect equal quality. Some of these accessories are the ones below.

                  VISTA MINI 2 Replacement Battery.

                  XVAPE V-ONE 2.0 Glass Bubbler Set

                  Fog Pro Mouthpiece Top

                  Vista Mini 2 Carb Cap

                  Vista Mini 2 Atomizer

                  Starry / FOG BONG Adapter

    4. XVAPE USA Discount Coupon Codes

    Discount Coupon Codes are a great way to save some bucks. And good news for you, XVAPE USA has these coupons too. On top of being affordable, XVAPE USA also provides quality and generous coupon codes that customers could use to avail discounts, free shipping, and special offers. Many of these coupon codes are also available online, so you better check them out.

    1. Discount Coupon Code: XVAPE10(Save 10% Discount with Your Purchase)            

    2. Discount Coupon Code: HERO(10% Off Sitewide)

    5. XVAPE USA Reviews

    XVAPE USA's products are a showcase of their brand as one of the leading manufacturers of vape technology. On top of the high-end qualities that their devices and products have, they still manage to give reasonable and affordable prices that work in favor of customers. XVAPE USA is indeed a commendable establishment.

    Botanical Devices.The various botanical devices that XVAPE USA are top-of-the-line. Some have tags worth more than a hundred dollars, but the tag is reasonable considering their features (technology, design, functionality).

    Concentrates/ Vape Pens.There is an extensive range of devices for concentrates on the shelves of XVAPE USA, and all of them have features that set them apart from the rest. Compared with the botanical devices, the prices in the devices in this section is more spread since here the most affordable one is at $25.00 (XVAPE CRICKET +)

    Vape Juices.The different accessories available in XVAPE USA are replacement parts of their devices; as such, customers could expect that these are also of the same high quality. 

    6. Shipping

    XVAPE's quality products are available for delivery. Customers who want to avail of their products will have an easy time ordering them. XVAPE provides various shipping options to their customers, including standard and expedited services in the US. Standard shipping is available for all purchases at an estimated 4-8 days, depending on the destination.

    Customers also do not have to guess where their package might be, as customers just need to log in to their accounts to check the status of their orders. If they do not feel logging in, they can also opt to track their packages directly at the shipping provider via the tracking number XVAPE USA sent at the time of the shipment.

    The shipping policy and information in XVAPE USA's Shipping & Returns section only deal with domestic orders; however, international orders can still be made, but buyers need to contact them for more information.

    7. Find Electric XVAPE USA Vape shops near me (my location)

    Using this free Vape locator tool to help you to find Electric XVape USA vape shops near me(my location).

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