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World of Vape: World of Vape Shop, MODs, Starter Kits, E-Liquids and Other Vape Equipment Review

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After many smokers learning of an alternative way of getting the nicotine hits without many health risks, they have chosen to quit smoking and impressing vaping. With a large following and demand for vaping equipment, various vape shops are opening up with different vape equipment that makes it difficult for you as a vaper to identify the best shop for you.

As vape shops are opening up, some require that you physically visit them to get the vaping equipment; others prefer online shopping while others accept both. The World of Vape is one such vape equipment shop that allows you to order vapes online or physically visit them. 

This article shall focus on World of Vape as a vape equipment shop and a source of notable vape equipment that can give you the best vaping experience.

What is the World of Vape?

World of Vape is an online and physical vape shop that became operational the year 1997. Having a market experience of 23 years, World of Vape has gathered great experience both as wholesalers and retailers in the vaping market.

You can access World of Vape online or physically visit them as follows;

Monday – Friday 10:00 AM to 01:30 PM

                              02:15PM to 07:00PM

Saturdays 09:00AM to 05:00PM

You can always contact them through:

Phone: +41 (0) 315034343


World of Vape Products

The World of Vape brings together a vast collection of vape equipment that is readily available, of high quality and dependable vapes. Some of the notable vape equipment you can find on the shelves of World of Vape includes the starter sets, Mods, e-liquids and many other vape equipment.

Here is a review of the best equipment from World of Vape that you can count on;

World of Vape PODs

As a vaper, you need to understand a vape POD as an e-cigarette that makes use of a POD instead of an atomizer or a vape tank. The advantage of the vape PODs is that they contain all you need to vape under one unit, making vaping easy and convenient.

A good POD system consists of a battery that is attached to a vape pod that holds an e-liquid.

When you pay World of Vape a visit, here are some of the vape PODS that you expect;

Aegis Vape POD

Aegis Vape POD is one of the best vape PODs that is available on the shelves of the World of Vape. It falls among the sleekest and smallest vape POD on the Aegis series.

It is IP-67 Rated that makes it dust and waterproof with high resistance in shock, fracture and notch. This makes it an ideal vape POD that is hygienic and last longer, allowing you to vape for a long time. 

Aegis Vape POD is equipped with a G-Coil system that is built with the latest technology that not only assures you a top-notch vaping experience but assures you compatibility with various vaping equipment. This coil is also built to deliver the best flavor, leak-proof and offers an improvement on common nic salts.

Key Features

  • 73g Weight
  • 800 mAh Battery Capacity
  • 5ml e-liquid capacity
  • 1 x 40.3 x 17.7 mm dimensional size
  • 4 – 3.5-ohm resistance range.

Innokin Gala Open POD System

Innokin Gala Open POD System is a unique POD system in structure and vaping experience. It has a lively LED that allows you to change the indication color of your choice. Since it is designed in a slim and sleek design that makes it fit in your pocket, allowing you to vape anywhere anytime. The slim and sleek nature of the Innokin Gala Open POD System also allows you to vape in any event without being noticed or catching any attention.

If you want fun while you are vaping, Innokin Gala Open POD System guarantees the best fun. It allows you to activate the light show mode, and the gala lights will cycle through all the LED colors creating an enjoyable scene.

The gala LED that comes with Innokin Gala Open POD System is ideal clearly indicates the vaping parameters like the vaping current charge status. With Innokin Gala Open POD System’s 500mAh battery, you can vape for long before the next charge..

Vaporesso Renova Zero POD Set

Many vapers prefer vaping using Vaporesso Renova Zero POD Set as it is versatile, slim enough to fit your pocket, ease of use and quality vape delivery. If you used to smoke before quitting for vaping, then Vaporesso Renova Zero POD is the right set POD for you to continue enjoying the hits that will satisfy your cravings.

This POD combines an atomizer head, mouthpiece and a tank under one unit, which makes it an ideal POD kit for vaping anywhere, anytime. Vaporesso Renova Zero POD is easy to use and refill once the e-liquid runs low. Vaporesso Renova Zero POD is equipped with pressure refuelling, refilling the POD easy, safe, and leakage-free.

Although Vaporesso Renova Zero POD is extremely slim, it has an integrated battery with a 650mAh battery Capacity that is rechargeable through a USB port. The battery is strong enough to power your Vaporesso Renova Zero POD for over 45 minutes before requiring the next charge.

Key Features

  • 2 x 31 x 13.5mm dimensional size
  • 9 – 12.5-watt power range
  • 650mAh battery capacity
  • 2ml e-liquid capacity
  • 0-ohm resistance

World of Vape MODs

When you visit the world of a vape shop, either online or physically, you can always locate the best vape MODs on its shelves.

You need to understand a MOD as box-like vaping equipment that uses the sub-ohm technology to give you the best vaping experience. 

One of the notable MOD that you can readily find on the shelves of World of Vape is;

Vaporesso Swag II Silver MOD

One remarkable feature of Vaporesso Swag II Silver MOD is its build quality and its nickel, titanium or stainless steel coils. The coils allow you to vape at high voltages and assure you smooth vaping without getting any burnt taste.

It is powered by an 80W battery that is able to power it for a long time, giving you a long vaping time.

Key Features

  • 5-80W output power
  • 75 x 50 x 25mm dimensional size
  • 510 connection threading
  • OLED Display
  • 03 ohms

World of Vape E-Liquids

World of Vape also stocks a lot of e-liquids that are notable and best for your vaping. They include;

Dark Story Fort de France

Dark Story Fort de France comes with a strawberry flavor in a 10ml bottle. It is unique in a way that it assures you a dense vapor and a dense flavor that gives a unique flavor that will leave you longing for more.

It comes in a glass bottle with a pipette. The glass bottle is clear enough to allow you to know its level of the e-liquid. The pipette is also great as it allows you to easily transfer the e-liquid to your vape pen, MOD or POD with ease.

Dark Story Fort de France is made from natural and artificial flavors that combine to make sure your vape is amazing. It comes with a 76 PG and 24 PG ratio..

Koncept XIX Liquid Heisenberg

Koncept XIX Liquid Heisenberg is a top recipe vape liquid that is sometimes referred to as the father of all e-liquids.

It comes with a VG: PG ratio of 80/20 that assures you strong flavor alongside a dense vapor. It comes in a 60ml bottle filled to the 50ml mark and allows you 10ml space to allow you to fill the best flavor and nicotine strength, depending on your vaping experience.

When you visit the World of Vape shop, you can also get the best starter kits, accessories and much other hardware that you can always count on. They sell at affordable prices without compromising on quality.


World of Vape is one of the best vape shops that you can always count on. It has a vast collection of vape equipment that makes it a one-stop vape shop where you can always get all the vape equipment one click away. They have a detailed vape equipment review that guides and gives you every detail you need to understand specific vape equipment. Try World of Vape today!