What is Smok Novo Vape? Smok Novo Vape Price, Review, Flavors, Coupon, Battery, Colors; Buy Smok Novo Vape Near Me

    What is Smok Novo Vape? Smok Novo Vape Price, Review, Flavors, Coupon, Battery, Colors; Buy Smok Novo Vape Near Me

    What is Smok Novo Vape? Smok Novo Vape Instructions

    Smok Novo is one of the most top-notch vaping pods that everyone is raving about. If you’ve been looking for a vaping pod but haven’t found one that gratifies you, be sure to take a quick read through this article. Smok Novo has over the years created reliability amongst its users by creating incredibly unique pods that everyone wants to flaunt around with.

    As technology sets its strong foothold on the vaping industry, Smok Novo has also stepped up to curate better ways and innovate high-end devices that create a seamless smoking experience. Leveraging its cutting-edge technology, Smok Novo has come up with sturdy, user-friendly pods that make the vaping experience one of a kind. 

    Smok Novo vape keeps evolving to release a series of products as enlisted below:

    Smok Novo vape 

    Smok Novo vape x2

    Smok Novo vape x3

    Smok Novo vape x4

    Let’s take a quick run look into each of the above pods.

    1. Smok Novo 

    Smok Novo vape is the original pod vape produced by the company. The pods are easy to use and maintain, with high strengths of nicotine. The pod system is mostly used by starters who are still in the journey of finding out what vapes work best for them. 

    Are you a cigarette smoker that doesn’t want to let go of the gratification that you acquire from cigarettes? Smok Novo will do the job for you. You’ll not have to puff so hard and in good time, you'll soothingly reach your gratification levels. The pod’s performance is something to go by, featuring a battery capacity of 450mAh.

    Its power output ranges from 10 to 16 watts. The pod's mouthpiece has an ergonomic design that fits perfectly in the mouth making it so easy to puff. Moreover, it has a buttonless design that perfectly suits vaping newbies, hence, no learning curve is required to operate it.

  • Smok Novo 2

  • Smok Novo 2 vape comes as a light, ultra-portable, compact, and easy-to-use pod. It is an improved version of Smok Novo for its longer-lasting battery life and a few more features under the hood. You’ll immediately note fantastic operational improvements while using Smok Novo 2. 

    Speaking of battery capacity, Smok Novo 2 is almost twice bigger than Smok Novo, boasting a whopping 800mAh. The almost double battery capacity translates to its battery life. Meaning you would take about twice as much time off the charger as you took with the original pod.

    Another cool upgrade of Smok 2 is its wider range of wattage ( 6-25W). This means that the user can now enjoy creating bigger and thicker clouds. The pods are also long-lasting. Who wants to miss out on that? You probably had issues with the pod firing unnecessarily, it’s over. 

    The draw activation sensor comes in a new design to ensure that it only fires when required. You’re also able to know the level of charge when vaping with the help of the indicator light that indicates different colors. Red - extremely low charge; Orange - 30% to 70% charge; Green - 70% to 100% charge.

    Smok Novo 2 covers any smoker that’s out looking for a straightforward, portable, easy-to-use vape.

  • Smok Novo 3

  • No vape smoker wants to miss out on Smok Novo 3. Smok Novo 3 is a re-invention of Novo 2 and features some specs that Smok Novo 2 didn’t. The vape pod shares some similar features with Novo 2 in terms of battery life and power capacity. Nonetheless, it comes with a greatly designed draw activation sensor. Attached to either side of the mouthpiece are air-intake groves that ensure there is enough air to fire.

    The perfectly-sized mouthpieces and the pod system's smooth edges make it comfortable to hold, hence, making the puffing process super easy. It’s more than a qualified vaping intimate. Its power output range is suitable for using a 0.8ohm coil to create sizable as well as considerably thick clouds. 

  • Smok Novo 4

  • You’re looking for a leak-proof pod that brings out a superb vaping experience and Smok Novo 4 is what we’re talking about. Smok Novo 4 incorporates all the fabulous features of its predecessors as it adds some more excellent features. For instance, Smok Novo pods are leak-resistant and feature a well-engineered air control mechanism. It has a type C port that enhances fast charging. With Novo 4, you’ll enjoy less time charging and more time off the charge. 

    The pod has only one button making it extremely simple to operate.

    Smok Novo price

    There’s no fixed price for Smok Novo vape pods. The prices vary with your location as well as the type of pod you want.

    However, the average price of a Smok Novo pod can be as low as $5 and could go up to $29.

    Smok Novo near me

    Smok Novo Vape Flavors

    Available in the market are five Smok Novo vape flavors: mango, grape, watermelon, purple berry, and tobacco. All these flavors are great. However, your taste buds will have the final say.

    • Mango is a mixture of strong nicotine salt and a soothing irresistible taste that makes you want to puff all the time. 

    • Grape adds a juicy, fruity sensation that leaves you with a grape candy kind of taste.

    • Watermelon flavor is known for its mouthwatering ability that makes your buds keep asking for more. It has a subtle smooth taste that makes it all great.

    • Purple berry also blends in raspberry, making it the only multi-flavored Smok Novo product. It’s sour at the taste but what most look after to kick start their day.

    • Smok Novo’s tobacco flavor replicates the real tobacco taste that you won’t find from any other tobacco brand.

    Smok Novo battery & charger

    Smok Novo’s latest pod features an 800mAh, that keeps your charger away for a long time. After a full charge, the battery can last 3 days if you’re making about 200 puffs every day. 

    The pod has a type C port, which shortens the charging time.

    Smok Novo vape colors and skins

    Smok Novo vape pods come in a wide range of appealing colors as well as classic, exquisite skins. The skins include decalgirl, dana, wish, and unravel, which are just but a few. Speaking of color, the pods come in amazing gold carbon fiber, red carbon, purple-red, blue and black carbon fiber, among others.

    Smok Novo coupon & promo code

    This world wouldn’t do better without coupons. Therefore, we give you the option of using coupons. In this way, you’ll not have to pay the full price of Smok Novo vape pods. 

    Enjoy great coupon deals with:

    Vape Sourcing

    Voucher Gains

    Smok Shop

    Smok Novo vape review

    Smok Novo pod systems have grown wildly popular, so much that they’re found in almost every vaping store. Smok has three product lineups; the Badge, the beloved pen-like Infinix pod, and the latest one, the Novo pod.

    Apart from the two refillable pods, the Smok Novo kit comes with a Novo battery, a micro-USB cable, and a user manual. For the two pods, Smok Novo is way ahead of the competition, especially because there are still vape brands that provide one pod. 

    Smok Novo’s pod system is among the best vaping systems available in the market. Most marketing platforms describe it as ultra-portable, rightly so for its small, compact design. It has a length of 24.5mm, a width of 8.3mm, and a height of 88.3mm height. This size is similar to a cigarette lighter. Hence it can fit in the smallest of pockets. 

    The mouthpiece design is one of the best in the market. It has a narrow tip which makes puffing very comfortable and easy. You’ll also not wear a funny look when drawing. 

    Charging the pod system just got faster and easier. The system now uses a type C charger, that’s why. 


    How to refill

    Thanks to Smok Novo for providing two refillable pods. If seeking to refill the pod, the process just got easier. Start by turning the pod on its side, pull out the rubber cover, fill the tanker with your preferred vape or e-liquid before fixing it back.

    Fake Smok Novo vape vs real

    A fake Smok Novo pod has the logo stamped on it, whereas the real one has the logo engraved on it. Moreover, to establish the authenticity of what you’re about to buy, download the Smok vaping tour app and scan the security code that’s on the side of the Smok Novo kit.

    Where can I buy a Smok Novo?

    There are many vape stores, both virtual and physical ones out there. You may use the above map to get to your nearest store.

    Smok Novo not hitting

    One of the most common reasons why Smok Novo is not hitting is your battery doesn’t have a charge. You may also consider using a different pod just in case a leakage occurred.

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