What is Nasty Vape Juice/E-liquid? Best Cheap Nasty Vape Juice Flavor, Review & Wholesale Online

    What is Nasty Vape Juice/E-liquid? Best Cheap Nasty Vape Juice Flavor, Review & Wholesale Online

    If you've at least used one of Nasty Vape Juice's offerings, then you know how remarkable these e-liquids are. If you are a vaping fan but are new to Nasty, it's only correct if you give it a try.

    What is Nasty Vape Juice?

    Nasty Juice is a Malaysian-based vape company that boasts a range of exotic e-liquids. Their larger and uniquely packed bottles keep your liquid at optimal conditions. The 2015 company has won several awards, including the Best Fruit Flavor in 2016.

    Who Makes Nasty Vape Juice? (Who owns Nasty Vape Juice?)

    Pak Din and Mr. Loky founded nasty Vape Juice. These two were great friends and envisioned creating a globally-stretching vulgar business. Shortly after making the brand, it grew fast and stretched to Poland, Birmingham, UAE, and the USA.

    Up to date, Nasty Vape has made a significant impact in the vaping industry.

    What does Nasty Vape Juice taste like?

    Nasty Vape juices have been good at giving vape fans immense tastes in the past few years. Unlike most other vape flavors, Nasty Vape gives you a honeydew experience and the feeling of eating the actual fruit simultaneously.

    List of Nasty Vape Juice/E-Liquid

    Nasty Juice Stargazing Flavor

    The Stargazing flavor is a Blueberry blend that gives you an all-encompassing vape experience in every draw. It is suitable for all fruit lovers and gives you a mixture of sharp and sweet notes for a long-lasting thrilling experience. The Nasty Stargazing flavor can be used with any sub-ohm device, and you can decide to step-up the experience by adding a nicotine shot.

    Nasty Juice Gold Blend

    The Gold blend is among the most popular Nasty Juice Tobacco series. It offers an intricately almond-infused tobacco taste for a discreet and gentle vape experience. It is excellent for tobacco users but provides a fruity flavor every hit. Again, it is also an affordable pick.

    Nasty Juice Wicked Haze


    The Wicked Haze is a mixture of three flavors; blackcurrant, lemonade, and low mint. The blackcurrant is responsible for the sweet fruity taste while the lemonade kicks in to blend for a refreshing experience. The mint will leave your mouth cool and fresh all day.

    Add a nicotine shot if you need more out of your Wicked Haze e-juice.

    Nasty Vape Fat Boy – Mango

    The Fat Boy Mango is a truly refreshing blend of an exotic mango from the east and ripe mango. The vape gives a pungent mango aroma, but that which is satisfying. That gives you a sweet-sour taste mixed with a breezy effect from the mint. The VG/PG is 70%/30%.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are the Nasty Vape Flavors suitable for vegetarians?

    Yes! All Nasty Vape flavors work well with vegetarians.

    Why does my Nasty E-liquid Change Color?

    E-liquids tend to change color when exposed to light and air. That is normal, but it is advisable to keep your e-liquid airtight. If your liquid can't stop changing, you can change the tank.


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