What is K Vape Pen? K Vape Pen Price, Flavors, Battery, Colors, Coupon, Review, K Vape Pen Shops Open Near Me

    What is K Vape Pen? K Vape Pen Price, Flavors, Battery, Colors, Coupon, Review, K Vape Pen Shops Open Near Me

    Vape pens are battery-powered devices that are commonly used for vaping. As a vaper, as you plan to buy and use a vape pen, you need to first understand that there are numerous vape pens in the market. Because of this, you may find it hard for you to choose the right one for you. For such reason, we have set aside this post to guide you on one of the best vape pens for you; K Vape Pen.

    What is K Vape Pen? K Vape Pen Instructions

    K Vape Pen also referred to as Kandy vape pen, is one of the newest portable vaporizers that you can use to vape dry herb. The K Vape pen comes in two colors; White and Black, in a cylindrical shape weighing 0.5 grams. This pen comes with improved features like three variable temperature settings, a powerful 1100mAh capacity battery that is rechargeable through pass-thru charging, and a comfortable mouthpiece for comfortable vaping. 

    As you plan to make use of the K Vape pen, you are assured of enjoying a clever design, flavorful vaping, comfortable vaping, long-lasting vaping because of a powerful battery, among other best features that will give you the best experience in every puff.

    K Vape Pen Price

    K Vape Pen is available in many vape equipment shops all over the globe. Its price varies between $59.99 and $99.97. If you decide to order it online, you also need to check on the shipping fees and the customs duties charged.

    K Vape Pen Key Features

    K Vape Pen guarantees you the best features that give you the best vaping experience that you must be craving. 

    Here are some of the key features;

    • Aluminum Shell
    • Ceramic Chamber
    • 4 Temperature settings (350℉ - 428℉)
    • 5-minute auto shut off
    • Mouthpiece cooling technology
    • Glass Mouthpiece
    • 1200mAh capacity battery
    • Pass-Through Charging
    • Precise Temperature control

    K Vape Pen Features at a Glance

    K Vape Pen Battey - K Vape Pen makes use of a 1200mAh capacity battery that is rechargeable. This battery is versatile, allowing you to vape for a long time before stopping for a recharge. You can recharge the K Vape Pen battery by Pass-Through Charging lets this battery recharge fast, and you continue enjoying vaping.

    Variable Vaping Temperature - K Vape Pen allows you to enjoy vaping at variable temperatures allowing you to decide the strength of the hit you want. Using its single button, you can vary the vaping temperature in variations of 350℉, 375℉, 400℉ and 428℉. You will easily tell the vaping temperature at which you are vaping by reading the LED indicators on its front side. The Yellow color indicates the lowest vaping temperature of 350℉; Green indicates 375℉, Red indicates 400℉ and Blue indicates 428℉. 

    Automatic Power Cut-Off – this is a safety that K Vape Pen comes with. As you vape, you can pose in between successful puffs. As you take a break, you may forget to take the next puff, and your K Vape Pen will automatically go off to avoid burns or even save on the battery power.

    Ceramic Chamber - K Vape Pen vaporizes the herb to give you the nicotine hit you need. This chamber holds about 0.5 grams of the dry herb. This ceramic chamber takes advantage of the cylindrical shape of the K Vape Pen to allow for even and the consistent heating of the herb to give you the best hit in every puff.

    Mouthpiece Cooling - K Vape Pen is equipped with a mouthpiece cooling technology that makes sure that the heat from the heating chamber does not get transferred to the mouthpiece. This makes sure that you don’t feel any burn on your lips as you vape.

    How K Vape Pen Works

    Many vapers who use K Vape Pen report that it is an easy-to-use vape pen right from setting it ready and vaping. This means that even when you are a beginner vaper, you can enjoy using your K Vape Pen with ease.

    Here is how K Vape Pen works and how to use it;

    • Take Off the Mouthpiece. You can achieve this by pulling the mouthpiece up before twisting gently. To replace it back, you need to align it on the K Vape Pen body before giving it a gentle push.
    • Load the heating chamber with the ground dry herb. Make sure the herb is ground well to achieve fine consistency for easy combustion. Make sure you don’t overload the chamber with the dry herb; 0.3 g is recommended.
    • Replace the mouthpiece back.
    • Power your K Vape Pen. This vape pen comes with a single button that makes it easy to operate. A quick succession, press its button five times, and your K Vape Pen will be ON.
    • Change the Vaping Temperature. K Vape Pen allows you to vape at four variable vaping temperatures. You can do this by pressing the K Vape Pen button and holding it down, and watching its LED Lights change to your desired temperature. It is good that you start from the lowest temperature setting as you advance to the next temperature setting.
    • Allow your K Vape Pen time to get to the required temperature. At its lowest vaping temperature, K Vape Pen requires about 30 seconds to be ready for vaping.

    Why Should I Buy K Vape Pen?

    K Vape Pen is an exceptional vape pen that gives you all the reasons to buy and use it to vape. Here are some of the reasons that could make you include it on your shopping list;

    1. It comes with a slim and sleek design
    2. It is powered by a powerful and long-lasting battery
    3. K Vape Pen allows you to vape at variable temperature settings giving you the best vaping experience.
    4. It allows you to enjoy different flavorful flavors.
    5. Its mouthpiece is designed to offer you comfortability as you vape
    6. Easy to use

    K Vape Pen Vape Shops Near Me

    Find K Vape Pen Vape Shops near Me (My Location)

    K Vape Pen Battery and Charger

    The battery that powers K Vape Pen is exceptional, coming with a capacity of 1200mAh. This battery is powerful enough to guarantee you a long vaping time before the next recharge. This battery is rechargeable through through-pass charging that is not only safe but also a fast way you can recharge your K Vape Pen.

    How long does the K Vape Pen last? As you vape, you don’t want to miss enjoying your vape because of low batteries, and this is what K Vape Pen allows you to enjoy. The 1200mAh capacity battery that powers K Vape Pen can give you fade-free vaping all day long before it runs low.

    K Vape Pen Colors and Skins

    Different vapers prefer different physical colors on their vaping vape pens. K Vape Pen allows you chose from its two colors: Black and white.

    K Vape Pen Review

    We can review K Vape Pen as one of the best vape pens for vaporizing the dry herb. It is powered by a versatile battery with a capacity of 1200mAh that gives you the longer vaping time that you deserve. You will also enjoy vaping with its ergonomic mouthpiece that sits comfortably on your lips as you vape. With a mouthpiece cooling mouthpiece technology maintains the cool temperature of your mouthpiece as you vape even when you vape for a long time.

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