What is Grumpy Old Bastard Vape Juice/E-liquid? Best cheap Grumpy Old Bastard Vape Juice flavor, Review and Wholesale online

    What is Grumpy Old Bastard Vape Juice/E-liquid? Best cheap Grumpy Old Bastard Vape Juice flavor, Review and Wholesale online

    As an actual vaper, you must be looking for quality and relaxing e-juice. Have you ever heard of Grumpy old bastard vape juice? Butterscotch caramel cream is rich and luscious. It is the most extraordinary e-liquid flavor to those who have tried Grumpy. This flavour improves with age; it's challenging to keep this one in stock, so grab it.

    What is Grumpy Old Bastard Vape Juice?

    Micro Brew Vapor's Grumpy Old Bastard is a delicious and aged butterscotch caramel cream. This is an excellent choice for those seeking a deep and richly savoury flavour. Each Micro Brew Vapor product is carefully crafted and packaged in hand-crafted bottles.

    Who makes Grumpy Old Bastard Vape Juice? (Who owns Grumpy Old Bastard e-juice?)

    Grumpy old bastard is manufactured and produced by Micro Brew Vapor Grumpy Company, a new e-liquid line.

    What does Grumpy Old Bastard juice taste like?

    It tastes like Butterscotch caramel cream, which is rich and luscious, and one taste of it will traumatize your taste buds and make you go for more.

    List of Grumpy Old Bastard Vape Juice/E-liquid

    Micro Brew vapor is the company that manufactures the grumpy old bastard. Apart from this vape juice there are other e-juices that this company produces. These e-liquids include the secret handshake, the goat herder, one-eyed turtle, and V2. Under the V2 Micro Brew Vapor there are various e-juices that are damage control, bungee jumper, heavy hitter, the talented sunflower, and the toothless hag.

    Therefore, with these vape juices you are certain of getting memorable vaping time. So, today we are going to inform you more about the grumpy old bastard and the other brands under Micro Brew Vapor.

    • The Grumpy Old Bastard

    Get yourself an arguably top e-juice in the market. The grumpy old bastard is the best-selling vape juice of the Micro Brew Vapor brand. This e-liquid is made using butterscotch and caramel cream. Grumpy old bastard is packaged in 100ml and it has three nicotine levels 0, 3, 6 mg.

    • The Goat Herder

    The name is indelible and as a vaper you might want to get a taste of this e-juice. For your information the goat herder is one of a kind as it is tasty and refreshing. This e-liquid is made using peanut butter and jelly making it to have a savory and sweet taste. Additionally, it has a nicotine of three different levels; 0, 3, and 6 milligrams. Furthermore, the goat herder is available in a 100ml bottle ensuring that it lasts long.


    • The Lonely Comet

    Another Micro Brew Vapor e-juice is the lonely comet. This vape juice is made for vapers who like a blend of crunchy nuts, fruits, and cream. This mixture makes the vape juice have a sweet taste and relishing while vaping.

    The lonely comet is packed in a 50ml bottle and has a PG/VG ratio of 30/70. Thus, ensuring that it produces high amounts of vapor. Therefore, the lonely comet is best for you who is using a sub-ohm tank.

    Furthermore, the bottle has an evident tamper seal and baby proof cap that prevents e-juice leakage. Also, it has a three nicotine levels 0, 3, and 6 mg.

    • Suicide Bunny - Mother's Milk

    Suicide Mother's Milk is Bunny's most popular juice. Mother's Milk's delectably rich and creamy dessert flavour and light strawberry will rock your world. It's our fans' favourite: once you've had it, you won't want anything else. Nicotine levels of 3mg and 6mg are available.

    • Micro Brew Vapor - One-Eyed Turtle 100mL

    Soft pretzel dough is deep-fried and topped with graham cracker crumbles and brown sugar. There are three nicotine strengths available in the Chubby Bottle 100ml. Microbrew Vaporized.

    • Micro Brew Vapor - The Secret Handshake 100mL

    It has a sweet, crisp, and refreshing watermelon and tropical fruit blend. This is the ideal accessory for your new all-day vape. Nicotine dosages of 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg are available in 100mL bottles.

    Micro Brew Vapor Volume 2

    There are various Micro Brew Vapor V2 e-liquids. They include; the toothless hag, the talented sunflower, heavy hitter, bungee jumper, and damage control. All these e-juices are packed in 50ml glass bottles and the nicotine strength in this vape juices is 0, 3, and 6 mg.

    All these e-liquids are well blended to ensure high-quality taste. Additionally, when you purchase the V2 e-juices you will get it packed in a two-pack box.

    Which Device is the Best for Grumpy Old Bastard?

    Although it is a vape juice like any other. There is a specific device that you can use the grumpy old bastard e-juice on. To be precise you should use a mod that uses a sub-ohm tank. This is because a sub-ohm tank has a low resistance which is suitable with the PG/VG ratio as grumpy old bastard’s ratio is 30/70.

    Thus, ensuring that it produces high amounts of vapor and it has a smooth hit. Therefore, don’t use this e-liquid in any other vape device if it’s not a sub-ohm tank.

    Grumpy Old Bastard YouTube Video

    Suppose you are looking for an information video that will inform you more about the grumpy old bastard. Then watch the video below.

    Micro Brew Vapor Vape Juice/E-Juice Main Product List

    There are various Micro Brew Vapor e-juices. That being the case here is a table showcasing the e-liquids, price, capacity, flavor, and where to buy.






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    Grumpy Old Bastard




    Butterscotch and Caramel cream

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    The Secret Handshake




    Watermelon and tropical fruit mix

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    The Goat Herder




    Peanut butter and jelly

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    One Eyed Turtle




    Pretzel Dough, Crumbled graham crackers and Brown Sugar

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    Best Places to Purchase Grumpy Old Bastard Online

    There are various online shops that you can purchase grumpy old bastard. So, here are the best places you should buy this vape juice by Micro Brew Vapor.

    1. Demand Vape: This is the official website where you can purchase the grumpy old bastard. Here you will get to buy the e-liquid as it is in stock.
    2. Vaping Delights: It is an online vape shop that sells various products and among them is e-juices. Here you will get grumpy old bastard at an affordable price.
    3. E-juices: The third place you can buy grumpy old bastard. They sell this e-liquid at an affordable price. Suppose you are purchasing 1-4 it will cost $19.99 each, 5-6 at $19.39, 7-9 at $18.99, and more than 10 at $18.59.



    Is vaping a year-old vape juice still safe?

    Most likely not. The most common symptom is a foul taste or odor. The expired juice completely ruins the flavour of the vaping experience. 

    What flavour does grumpy old bastard vape juice have?

    Grumpy old bastard e-juice is available in one flavor. The flavor is called butterscotch caramel cream.

    What is the most well-known vape manufacturer?

    Market. Juul is the most well-known e-cigarette brand, with three-quarters of the e-cigarette market in the United States as of the end of 2018. In December of that year, Altria, the parent company of Philip Morris USA, bought a 35 per cent stake in Juul.

    What is causing the browning of my NIC salt?

    The reason why e-liquid begins to darken inside the bottle is due to a chemical reaction known as oxidation. Nicotine is a highly reactive molecule, and exposing it to oxygen or light can cause it to react and transform vape juice into a brown color.

    What E-Juice Should I Use in My Vape?

    Before you consider an e-juice for your vaping kit you need to consider the resistance of the coil. If it is under 0.4 ohms then you should go for an e-liquid that has a high VG and low PG ratio. However, the most suitable is a 50/50 e-juice which compatible with a majority kits.

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    This is all we had for you today about Grumpy Old Bastard vape juice. The butterscotch flavor fused with caramel cream makes it a top-quality e-juice in the market. Visit any online shop today to purchase one for your vaping needs.


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