Best Wholesale 4 Blue Lotus E-Juice/E-Liquid Flavors to Buy & Review

    Best Wholesale 4 Blue Lotus E-Juice/E-Liquid Flavors to Buy & Review

    Ever wondered what the taste of natural herbs would be like when put in a vape juice? This vape juice has a variety of flavors that come from herb extracts and contains other minor additives for pure bliss when using it.

    You may find the product in any online vape store at an affordable price, and shipping is possible right up to your doorstep. Check out this review for more details about the Blue Lotus vape juice.

    What is Blue Lotus Vape Juice?

    Blue Lotus vape juice combines a psychoactive flower called Blue Lotus, blue lily, and blue water lily. These herbs have been used as traditional medicine for decades, and most users claim they're natural aphrodisiacs, anxiety relievers, and sleep aids.

    The extracts from the plant's flowers act as the central element in the vape juice and are responsible for the psychoactive properties.

    Who makes the Blue Lotus Vape Juice?

    The leading producer and supplier of Blue Lotus vape juice is the Natural Ether Premium Entheogens company. This company carries out all the shipping services at a fair cost after purchasing the product on their website.

    What is the taste of Blue Lotus vape juice?

    Blue Lotus vape juice tastes like vegetable glycerin and sugary extracts. The reason is that vegetable glycerin is amongst the top products in this liquid, apart from natural herbs.

    The smoke from Blue Lotus vape juice is dense, but it is also smooth since it lacks nicotine. Due to its sedative nature, you will feel relaxed and calm once you inhale the vape.

    Top 4 Blue Lotus E-Juice/E-Liquid Flavors

    "Blue Lotus 20x"

    This extract is excellent for elevating your mood, sleep, and sexual arousal. You may include it as a euphoric substance to aid in trance states. The dosage for this extract is 1-3 mg daily and requires eating or setting on tea.

    Kanna 30x

    This vaping extract comes from dried Kanna, a high-grade plant from South Africa. The total quantity of this extract in a vape liquid is 30gms.

    Sassafras Albidum E-liquid

    Sassafras plants are ancient and were used for healing in the tribes of Native America. When used in a vaping liquid, the extract is mixed with vegetable glycerin and propylene in a 15ml bottle.

    White Lotus
    White Lotus comes in a 12 ml bottle and combines the White Lotus extract and vegetable glycerin. This mixture produces a crisp vapor with a beautiful smell.


    Is the Blue Lotus vape juice available online?

    Yes. You may find Blue Lotus vape juice in a few major online vaping stores. You must complete the shipping requirements and then wait for a response.

    Does the FDA approve this vape juice?

    This product is not under FDA approval but is labelled as a natural aphrodisiac or sedative.

    Is the Blue Lotus vape juice a psychedelic?

    The blue lotus extracts from the flower and other natural herbs in the mixture, such as blue lily, are psychedelic and may induce lucid dreaming.

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