What is a dab pen?  15 Best Wax Pens & Dab Pen Vaporizers under $100

    What is a dab pen?  15 Best Wax Pens & Dab Pen Vaporizers under $100

    What is a dab pen?

    A dab pen is a pen-style vaporizer that is used for Cannabis concentrates known as wax and dabs. This pen-style vaporizer typically consists of a battery attached to a wax atomizer. The harder-hitting dab pen utilizes a heating system geared towards flavor. Also, some of them utilize an eGo charger while others are rechargeable via a micro USB. Dab pens are more efficient than dry herb atomizers and can be stored away in between puffs.

    They are easy to use, and many eGo-style wax pens have 510-threaded batteries that are compatible with weed oil pens and CBD oil cartridges which are another great option. 

    Dab pens utilize many of the same components as vape and wax pens. These pens are commonly used to produce more potent cannabis effects. 

    Dab pens are perfect for those well-versed in vaping and looking for a more intense vape. This type of pen requires one to be committed to upkeep and a user who has a complete understanding of how to load, clean, and replace parts like coils.

    Advantages of dab pen

    • All- in one device
    • They are compact and portable
    • Dap pen produces great flavors
    • They allow for hotter vapes to be taken compared to vape pens
    • dap pen provides users with the most control and chance for creative choice.
    • They can be rechargeable easily

    What is a wax pen?

    Wax pens are similar to vape pens in their form especially, only that wax pens do not vaporize liquid or oil. On the contrary, wax pens melt waxier concentrates of cannabis. A Wax pen, just like other traditional pens, consists of only a few main components: a battery, a chamber for heating and a mouthpiece for the vapor to be inhaled through.

    Since most wax pens require more heating power, to melt the more solidified wax. Therefore, they are enclosed in steel to protect users from their warm internal temperature.


    • Wax pens utilize wax concentrates that can also be used on a traditional rig.
    • Requires less upkeep than a traditional rig.

    These pens are best for those who are looking up to improve their vaping experience with a little more personalization. Users of Wax pen will have to commit to extra care for their device in loading and cleaning it, but they gain more dominance over their vaping.

    How much is a wax pen?

    Dab pens and wax pens can range from $30 to $150, however, a good number of them are easily affordable and under $100. More importantly, the more you spend on a dab pen, the more features, better heating, and therefore the better providing a better vapor experience.

    How to use a wax pen?

    It is important to note that all wax pens are different, so it is always best to read the instructions for each product beyond knowing these basic steps. However, here is an overview of the basic steps as to how to use a wax pen.

    1. Power on your wax pen. For most models, you can hit the button 3-5 times. After pressing the power button, ensure that the heating coil is working, this way, you don't waste any concentrates with faulty apparatus.
    2. Remove the mouthpiece to expose the heating chamber.
    3. Scoop up the concentrates you plan on vaporizing using a metal tool. Afterward, carefully place the concentrates directly onto the coil
    4. Then place the mouthpiece back on and put it up to your lips. You then hit the power button and hold while you inhale simultaneously. When you are satisfied with the vaping experience, you then let go of the power button.
    5. Repeat these processes as necessary, and refill the concentrate when empty.

    List 12 best wax pens?.

    1. Utilian 5 (V3);- This vape pen is the workhorse of the wax pen world. It features an impressive 1500mAh battery, flavorful clouds, airflow control, and USB charging. This pen is perfect for beginners and advanced users.
    2. Focus V Carta;- This is one of the best portable e-rigs on the market and it features 4 temperature settings, a large atomizer, and has a USB charging.
    3. The Core;- This wax pen is great for beginners and seasoned vets alike.
    4. Linx Blaze;- This wax pen is a stylish wax pen that sports a revolutionary new full quartz inlaid heating atomizer providing tons of flavors
    5. Pulsar Rok;-  Pulsar Rok features both quartz and ceramic bucket and can also handle herbs.
    6. Puffco Peaks;- This wax pen brings some class and sophistication to the wax world.
    7. Ares Honey straw;- This amazing wax pen is marketed as a honey straw, which means instead of having to load this wax vape, you dip the exposed heating element directly into your container of wax.
    8. G-pen connects;- G-pen connect allows you to use your glassware for a personalized season.
    9. Hypno Zero;- Hypnos Zero presents a super slim design making it seem more like an Apple product than a wax pen.
    10. Utillian 2;- This pen is a budget-friendly pen that offers customers 4 temperature settings and connects magnetically.
    11. Kandy Pen elite;- This is the toughest Kandy pen yet and it features a ceramic enamel exterior.
    12. Linx Ember;- This wax pen is a super slim pen that features a quartz chamber and a single coil

    Best wax pen under $100 (List 3)

    1. Yocan Evolve Plus Vaporizer;- This wax pen is powerful and affordable and it is one of the popular dab pens. Comparatively, you are getting great performance with the upgrade of its dual coil, longer session due to its larger battery capacity, and a hideaway reservoir at the button for storage. It also features a fast-charging USB.
    2. Evod Twist VV;- The voltage adjustment of this wax pen uses a simple to read twist voltage regulator. You also do not need to mash buttons to change the voltage, and easily fine tune the power on the fly. It features a 1500mAh battery capacity that lasts longer than other batteries. This wax pen is great for beginning and it is powerful enough for advanced users.
    3. Yocan Magneto Vaporizer;- The Magneto, besides being the power vape of the line-up, this wax pen also features a super convenient hideaway wax reservoir for on-the-go refilling and more. It is easier to use the pen, due to the magnetic attachments. The chamber of the yocan magneto vaporizer and coil caps use a magnet to securely attach to the pen. It produces smooth quality vapor. It features a built-in 1100mAh battery.

    What is the best dab pen?  5 tips to choose a good dab pen

    Tips you need to look out for to choosing a good dab pen include;

    1. Quality airflow;- This is a very important point to consider when it comes to choosing a pen. The ability to change the airflow easily, as well as the design that promotes high-performance, is very crucial.

    1. Long-Lasting Battery Power;- It is important to buy a pen that has the best battery life available. You do not want to be in the middle of a heated political argument with a Dead vape. It is crucial to look for a pen that has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery (240mAh).

    1. 510 thread compatibility;- A vape pen with a 510 thread compatibility is considered the market standard as it will be capable of working with most quality cannabis oil cartridges.

    1. Smart Design;- Looks are important, but intuitive features are what differentiates these pens. It is crucial to therefore keep technology in mind as regards its design.

    1. Warranty;- A reasonable brand that stands behind its products is much more likely to offer a warranty. You might therefore feel more confident in your purchase if you come across a company offering a warranty.

    A dab pen that beats all of these features and qualities will be a very good one to purchase.

    Differences between Wax pen and dab pen.

    It is important to note that there is no difference between a wax pen and a dab pen, and whichever terminology is used, is mostly based on preference. Both terms refer to the same type of vaporizer product and largely depend on what term you are most familiar with. A dab or wax pen uses a wax concentrate to create vapor.

    The differences can be discussed when we look at wax or dab pens and vape pens. While these two pens share their similarities, they also hold several significant differences. It is important and necessary to therefore distinguish between each device to ensure the right one is purchased.

    A major difference between vaping instruments is what type of product they use. Wax pens and dab pens use waxy concentrates and dabs, while a typical vape pen uses oil. A major reason that makes the vape pen convenient and easy to use, is as an oil cartridge can easily be loaded into the device and even kept there during periods of no use. 


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