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What Are Baked Bars? Baked Bar Disposable Price, Flavors & Review

20th May 2022 | 2738 | upends v

What are Baked Bars?

There are different products through which you can take your vaping juice. There are pens, mods, and pods, but there are also bars.

The baked bar comes in the shape of a candy bar and is almost always disposable. It provides a more compact usage experience for taking vaping products.

If you need a disposable product that doesn't require much maintenance, check out baked bars.

Pros of Baked Bars

Going for baked bars when taking vaping content offers some advantages. These include:

1)     Easy to Use

The most obvious advantage of the baked bar is that users don't have to go through any complex maintenance process. But, first, it comes already packaged in the box, complete with the flavors.

Users don't need to set anything up or arrange parts before taking their first draw. As soon as they unbox the baked bar, they can start getting a top-notch vaping experience.

2)     No Maintenance

Another perk that comes from this is that baked bar users don't need to worry about maintaining the product and ensuring that there are no faults. However, with non-disposable items, there is the need to source parts whenever there is a fault.

On the other, baked bars are disposable, and you can always get a replacement quickly without needing to deal with parts.

3)     Compact and Portable

Vaping pens are popular because they are handy and highly portable. However, check out the baking bar if you need an even more elegant vaping device.

The baked bars are almost always slim and fit well into the palms and pockets. This benefit is that users can now be more discreet about their vaping use.

4)    Rechargeable

When you pick up a baked bar, you should know that it is disposable, and you'll discard it when the content runs out.

However, it is common for the battery to run dry before you use up the content in the baked bar. Being able to recharge the baked bar helps you fix this.

5)     Generally Affordable

Baked bars are often cheap since they're not built for long-term use. Often, you'll get multiple baked bars at the price of a single non-disposable vaping product.

Cons of Baked Bars

On the other hand, baked bars may also pose some challenges when during use:

1)     They Become Costly in the Long-term

The price at which you get each baked bar is almost always cheap. However, if you're a vape user, you get to use many baked bars, which means the price finally becomes significant in the longer term.

2)     The Need for You to Get Large Quantities

You'll typically exhaust the average baked bar in just a few days (mostly between 2 to 5 days). However, to not run out of vaping experience, you need to get lots of baked bars.

So, if you're traveling for a while, you'll have to move around with huge quantities of baked bars. Unfortunately, the baked bar has stopped being compact and portable if this is the case.

3)     Not Best for the Environment

You'll need to discard the baked bar after use, contributing waste to the environment. Unfortunately, baked bar makers do not manufacture the product using sustainable and environment-friendly components. Thus, using a disposable baked bar may mean you are helping worsen climate problems.

4)     Inability to Customize

If you use non-disposable products, you can customize most parts. For instance, you can use your selected flavors and vaping juice.

However, all components are fixed with the disposable baked bar, so you can hardly dismantle them to introduce external components. 

How Much are Baked Bars?

There is no single price for the baked bar. Instead, various factors influence the price at which the final baked bar gets sold. These include:

  • Quantity of the cartridge: Baked bars with over 1ml maximum quantity generally cost more.
  • The types of flavor you select: Some flavors are costlier than others.

However, our study reveals that the prices of baked bars range between $25 and $45.

Baked Bar THC Disposable

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which you can find in cannabis products, is a psychoactive substance and is the component that helps you get high. In addition, THC helps improve your mood and is a great pain reliever. The baked bar is great if you want to take cannabis products and do so through vaping.

Baked bar THC is a disposable vape product that you can use to vape cannabis products that contain THC. They are often available in various cannabis flavors and feature decently large cartridges to store the cannabis or marijuana oil. In addition, these baked bar THC are often lab-tested and certified safe for consumption.

However, note that THC and cannabis are only legal in some states, and the federal government has not legalized them. So, note if your state permits it before purchasing baked bar THC.

Baked Bar Vape Pen

While the Baked Bar isn't necessarily a pen, you can enjoy the best of both worlds in the Baked Bar Vape Pen. This device often comes in a compact, pen-like shape and provides users with the most optimal features in the baked bar and the vape pen.

You should expect:

  • Larger cartridges (instead of tanks)
  • A lot more hits
  • Longer-lasting battery life
  • Wide variety of flavors
  • Disposable
  • No need for maintenance

Baked Bar Carts

Due to their compact nature, baked bars often don't come with tanks. Instead, you have cartridges. The baked bar carts can hold as much as 1ml or more of vaping content (including juice, CBD, and THC oils).

Just as with the entire baked bar, the carts are disposable, and if there are faults, you can't fix them most times.

Baked Bar Flavors

The baked bar comes in various flavors, giving you access to various options from which to choose. The top flavors include:

1)     Baked Bar Blueberry Diesel

The blueberry diesel is made from a combination of 2 popular strains - the blueberry and the sour diesel.

This hybrid strain features a strong blueberry smell that helps you get relaxed, while the diesel strain gets you excited and pumped.

The effect of this is that you are both excited and calm almost simultaneously. The combination of these feelings makes this flavor popular with many people. Additionally, Blueberry diesel can help reduce stress and anxiety and deal with pain.

On the other hand, the downsides of consuming too much quantity include dry eyes and mouth and the chances of getting dizzy.

2)     Strawberry Lemon Haze Baked Bar

The strawberry lemon haze contains lots of Sativa, a marijuana strain that has uplifting potential. It has a spicy but biting aroma and great body effects, giving you lots of energy. However, it can sometimes be oddly relaxing.

The good part of taking the strawberry lemon haze is that you get energetic and alert. However, paranoia and splinting headaches are a disadvantage of taking this strain.

Nonetheless, it helps with stress, anxiety, and depression.

3)     Baked Bar Blackberry Kush

If you want to optimize your baked bar vaping for relaxation, you should try the Blackberry Kush flavor. Popularly called "BBK," the Blackberry Kush is an Indica-dominant strain and results from the mixture of Afghani (yes, from Afghanistan) and Blackberry strains. Both combine to give you maximum calm.

The flavor has a high jet fuel taste with sprinkles of sweet berries aroma. The blackberry kush strain makes you sleepy and relaxed on the positive side. So if you want to rest, you know the strain to check out. On the negative side, it may cause migraines and dry eyes.

Many users recommend the BlackBerry Kush for insomnia, pain, and stress.

4)     Baked Bar Wedding Cake

Another Indica strain, the wedding cake flavor, results from the Triangle Kush strain unifying with the Animal Mints strain to produce a calming product.

The strain gives some spicy, tangy flavor, leaving a peppery feeling in a user's throat. It also contains lots of THC, and as such, you should use it carefully.

The results of going for the wedding cake flavor include relaxation, and it can leave you somewhat hungry. But unfortunately, the flavor may also cause dizziness and make users paranoid.

It is great for insomnia, lack of appetite, and most forms of pain.

Baked Bar Charging

The baked bar is designed for you to discard after using it once. However, it is common for the battery to run out before you exhaust the vaping content. To continue enjoying the content, you need to charge the battery.

Some baked bar brands provide for charging, and some others don't. Therefore, it is advisable to go for those that feature charging.

How to Charge the Baked Bar

You will find a USB port (USB A or C).

  • Take the chord that often comes with the baked bar package.
  • Connect the larger side to an adapter and the smaller end to the baked bar.
  • Then plug the adapter into a power socket.

How Long Does it Take to Charge a Baked Bar?

The time it takes to charge a baked bar depends on the charging technology, power supply, and battery capacity. For instance, USB C charges faster than USB A. Then, a 500 mAh battery will take longer to charge than one with a 250 mAh capacity.

Baked Bar Vape How to Use

Your baked bar will typically feature a battery, chamber, charging unit, cartridge, and mouthpiece. There may be other components, but these are standard.

The baked bar battery supplies heat to the chamber, turning the vaping juice into smoke. As this goes on, the vaping juice gradually gets used up and eventually runs out. It would be best to get a new baked bar when this happens since you can't refill the juice.

Baked Bar Vape Review

The Baked Bar offers a decent vaping experience, enabling you to enjoy your most-loved flavors in a compact device.

Features to expect include:

  • 1 gram of vaping content
  • Multiple delicious flavors
  • Lab-tested and certified safe
  • 67% THC
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Disposable
  • Highly affordable

How Long Do Baked Bar Disposable Vapes Last?

Several varieties of vapes exist on the market, and as such, how long they last will differ significantly.

The most important factor that affects the lifespan of a baked bar is the Vaping Content.

How much E-juice, CBD oil, or other vaping content exists in the baked bar will determine how long you can use it. So, expect a 2ml baked bar to last more than one featuring 1ml.

What to Consider When Buying a Baked Bar Disposable Vape

There are factors to consider when selecting a baked bar disposable vape. These include:

1)     How Many Hits You Can Get

The baked bar will get you between 200 to under 1,000 puffs because of its smallness. If you're a person who consumes vapes frequently, you may go for the baked bars that offer more hits. On the other hand, if you're a beginner, the more compact ones are better.

2)     Preferable Flavors

A baked bar brand's list of flavors should be another point to examine. If you like certain flavors, check if the brand provides them. Do this until you get the brand that does.

3)     Additional Features

There are many more features that can sway your choice of a baked bar. These include charging technology, battery power, design, the presence of high-tech features, and more.


The baked bar presents you with a more contact vaping device, enabling you to use your vapes discreetly. However, you shouldn't go for just any baked bar. We have outlined every important information to help you make an informed choice.