Wake N Vape – Online Vape Shop – www.wake-n-vape.com | E-liquids, MODS, Pure Flavor Extract, Apparel, D.I.Y. Supplies

    Wake N Vape – Online Vape Shop – www.wake-n-vape.com | E-liquids, MODS, Pure Flavor Extract, Apparel, D.I.Y. Supplies

    We can all relate to having a few puffs of smoke in the gathering of our friends while enjoying a night out. Smoking has its own merits, and once you are used to smoking, it is hard to turn back. However, nicotine damages your lungs, and there is no denying that. With the advancement in technology, smoking has also been revolutionized and vaping is the new cool these days. Not everyone can replace smoking with vaping, but those who do have reported it to be an improvement in their previous status. Vaping has taken the world by storm, and it is still the top choice for many people. The best thing about vaping is that you can alter the taste and amount of nicotine in your vape according to your requirements. It is, however, essential to get the best vaping device for a wholesome vaping experience. If you are a beginner vaper, you might be in constant trouble about where to find the best vaping devices. That is why we are here to introduce you to Wake n Vape, which is an answer to all kinds of your vaping requirements. Let's get into the details in the article below.

    1. What is Wake N Vape?

    Wake n Vape is a place where you can get all kinds of vaping material according to your needs and requirements. It was founded in South Florida, and they are proving their passion for vaping by providing the vaping community with the best of vaping materials. They take pride in their superior craftsmanship. They are manufacturers and distributors of different vaping essentials, including M.O.D.s, e liquids, and D.I.Y. supplies. Wake n vape supplies the vaping essentials all across the country. Wake n Vape is here to provide superior quality products in the vaping field.


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    Address: 13335 S.W. 124 st, Suite #102, Miami, FL 33186

    Phone / Contact Number:(786) 208-7796

    Customer Service:info@wake-n-vape.com

    The Artisan Vapor Hours:9:15 - 17:00

    1. Wake N Vape Main Products

    Wake n vape started with an aim to provide its customers with quality products. The objective in front of them was to provide all the vapers in the world with the best vaping experience ever. It all started with some vaping enthusiasts getting themselves associated with the goods of vaping experience and then providing others with the same experience. With a long term effort and unrelenting hard work, Wake n Vape made a name for itself, and now, Wake n Vape is a brand, and you can find vaping products of multiple brands at reasonable prices here. The main products which are being dealt with on Wake n Vape are given below.

    1. E-Liquids
    2. O.D.s
    • Pure Flavor Extracts
    1. Apparel
    2. I.Y. Supplies
    3. E-Liquids

    Since there is no concept of smoking without nicotine, vaping is not possible without nicotine, but vaping devices don’t use tobacco for nicotine as cigarettes do. Vaping devices or e-cigarettes use e-liquids to give you the taste of nicotine in your vape. In order to gain the wholesome experience of vaping, you need to find the most suitable e-liquid, or the experience won't be worth it. You also need to look at the strength of e- liquids. For instance, smokers with more nicotine use require higher strength to start with. E liquids and vape juices range from nicotine-free to 1.8% (18mg/ml), which means the vape juice consists of 1.8% of nicotine.

    Wake n Vape works hard for you to bring the best of flavours as their lab technicians work consistently perfecting flavours and individual juice blends, developing new flavours for all the vape lovers out there. The high-quality e juices from Wake n Vape cannot be found anywhere as those are the products of consistent hard work and creativity. Our products are 100% American Made as our e-liquid is shipped, bottled, mixed and sourced directly from our facility in Miami, FL, while providing more job opportunities. Every bottle is created in a Clean Room environment under the scopes of experienced lab technicians. When it comes to selecting flavours and pure nicotine, our in house engineers use only the finest pharmaceutical grade ingredients. Wake n Vape has different types and tastes of e liquids, and the categories are given below.

    1. Herbal E Liquids
    2. Hand Crafted E Liquids
    3. Herbal E Liquids

    Herbal e liquids are made from plant extracts and all-natural essential oils. These e liquids are the products of infusing herbs with carrier oils and then applying gentle heat to the mixture. Herbs and carrier oils are infused together to keep the properties of both ingredients and make final products that are better in every way. All the ingredients used in Wake n Vape’s herbal e-liquids can be found at your nearest nutrient and vitamin store, aromatherapy store, health store or pharmacy, and these are completely safe. These natural blends of herbal e-liquids promote well-being and healthy living. These products by Wake n Vape have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Some of the available herbal e liquids are following.

    • Alertness Oil
    • Anxiety Attacker
    • Flex Oil
    • Relaxation Oil
    • Migraine & Headache Relief
    • M.S. Relief
    • Ridiculous Energy
    • Sleep Aid Oil
    1. Hand Crafted E Liquids

    The team at Wake n Vape has worked for months to research and test a number of flavours, and the final product came out as a "La Madrina" collection of handcrafted e liquids. According to Michael Corleone Blanco of Wake n Vape, "After months of vigorous research and testing different flavour combinations, we are proud to say the quality outcome has far surpassed any vape juice on the market! Good work sells itself". The collection includes the following.

    • Blood Bath
    • I. Yayo
    • Pink Flamingo
    • Pastelito – Guav Con Queso
    • Trippy Treats
    1. Starter Kits

    Wake n vape is here for you to provide 3D printed box Mods in a huge variety of different styles. These are also good for people who are just starting to vape so that it is easier for them to get used to vaping. Vape Mods have different items like a cartridge, and a battery and the cartridge clicks into the e-cig battery. These have higher concentrations of nicotine and do not offer many flavours. An atomizer head, a battery and a tank are included in the Vape Mod, and you can customize the setting according to your requirements. Our Box Mods are contoured for a comfortable grip with a convenient side switch for both left and right-handed people. It provides easy access to your battery without the need for tools due to stealthy side door-trap slides and locks in place. The box Mod by Wake n Vape uses P.L.A. plastic which is biodegradable and derived from renewable resources like corn starch and sugarcane. It also uses a 16mm flushed black metal push button switch and 22m stainless steel Fat Daddy v4 510 Battery connector, and a single 18650 battery (not included).

    • Pure Flavor Extracts

    Pure flavour extracts, which are totally natural extracts found on wake n vape, are as follow.

    1. Coffee
    2. Cool Mint
    3. Strawberry
    4. Vanilla
    5. Banana
    6. Chocolate
    7. Raspberry
    8. Caramel
    9. Cherry
    10. Loaf Cake
    11. Apparel

    Not only vaping supplies, but you can also order some of the coolest t-shirts from here.

    1. I.Y. Supplies

    Who knew vaping could be fun also. Now you can also do it yourself. You might be wondering how to do it yourself. Wake n vape provides you with all the required ingredients for your vaping experience, and you can make it yourself. The D.I.Y. supplies available on wake n vape are given below.

    1. Nicotine Base
    2. Vegetable Glycerin
    3. Propylene Glycol
    4. Stealth E-liquid
    5. Wake n Vape Discount Coupon Code

    Wake n Vape provides our customers at discounted prices without compromising on quality. Check out our discount coupon codes below.  

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    1. Wake n Vape Reviews

    Liza403: I order their 3d printed Box Mods back in the day, and I was hooked since then, some of the best quality products and easy delivery.

    NevilleT: In my years of vaping experience, I have never found a vaping site having such an amazing customer service. Do try people.

    Bonnnie56: I think their apparel needs more appreciation, just love their apparel

    1. Wake n Vape Shipping

    Wake n Vape provides nationwide shipping for its supplies in 3 to 5 days using FedEx, and the package needs an adult's signature. 

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    UPENDS is the place where you can find every vape supply of wake n vape as you require for your vaping needs. Just click on the supply and order and have it delivered to your doorstep with minimum trouble.

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