Vuse Ciro Review and Instruction. All You Need to Know About the Vuse Ciro Vaporizer

    Vuse Ciro Review and Instruction. All You Need to Know About the Vuse Ciro Vaporizer

    The Vuse Ciro is a small vaping device that has been built to look like a traditional cigarette. The design is lightweight and compact which is the perfect design choice for people who like to vape on the go. The round body frame has a cool touch to it and feel firm when you hold it between your fingertips, and when you are done vaping, you need to slide it back into your pocket or backpack pocket. The main design that looks like a cigarette is the best thing people want to hear who want to transition from smoking cigarettes to smoking e-cigarettes.

    There are many reasons to get the Vuse Ciro and among them is how inexpensive it is compared to the bigger designs and mods, some even look like actual cigarettes. It is a cheap option, since the extra pods are sold in the pack---they are three and with a five color variations.

    The most impressive features on this device are the flavors, a 260mAh battery which allow it to operate for a very long time. Even with the 0.9ml pods and they last for a time similar to the battery life. With such long lasting components, you can vape for a very long time without the vape dying out.

    Features and specifications

    • 260Mah battery
    • 1.5 nicotine content e-juice
    • Variety of flavor options
    • Has multiple flavors to choose from
    • USB charging system available
    • Disposable cartridges systems

    Design and build quality

    The ciro is a sleek and lightweight design that feels more like a cigarette when you have it in your hand. The device does not have any complex set-up and this makes it easy for new vape users to operate. The Vuse Ciro is a typical two part device with the battery and a cartridge that can be replaced.

    It has a thin structure and its general shape is no different from that of a cigarette. The material has a smooth finish that is comfortable when held in the hand.

    The battery is a 260mAh cell which can hold vapers for a full day with a single charge. If you vape heavy you might need to charge it two times. The device has a two way charging feature where you can use a magnetic drop in, or a screw in method.

    This allows for convenient charging and simple replacements since the chargers top perfectly drops into position. But most of the time, the screw in option tends to work just fine. 

    How to use the Vuse Ciro

    Setting up the device is easy and before you start, you need to boost its battery a little even if it usually has some charge when you initially buy it. This ensures that your device gets some power in it before you take it for vaping. Once you are done charging, put in the cartridge by screwing it onto the 510 threading and start vaping.


    There are no screens that show how the device is vaping, you only have a single LED light located at the bottom. When you take a puff, the light fades in and out. When you have depleted your battery, it will flash a white light and when you connect your charger you will see the light becoming brighter.

    As you charge it, it turns on a three color sequence light for different indications. Red shows the device has begun charging, orange shows that the charging is almost complete and green shows that you have fully charged your device.

    Vuse Ciro Cartridges

    These pods hold liquid up to 0.9ml and it has the 1.5 percent, which can be equated to a 15mg e-juice bottle. The flavors are of exquisite quality despite having a few selections. There are fruit flavored options which include melon, mint and tropical pods. The fusion flavors have a fruit like taste and a blend of cream. The nectar has a taste similar to summer fruit.

    The tobacco flavor has an original tobacco flavor which makes it easier for an individual to move from cigarettes to e-cigs. The cost of these refill packs is sold at $14.99. The flavors are okay but they still have room for improvement. They have a good throat hit which gives a good flavor hit.

    Battery and charging

    The Vuse Ciro has a 260mAh battery which has the ability to last for between one or two days. There are LED lights included which let you know the amount of battery left in your device. The lights on the battery have different display patterns especially when charging. They indicate as follows;

    • Red light when you start charging
    • Orange light when you are almost done charging
    • Twenty light flashes and a green light when it is fully charged and ready for use

    To charge the device, you can use the USB port or connect it to the 510 threading for fast charging purposes.                                


    When you first use the ciro, you will feel a mild flavor. This is mostly contributed to by the wick system made from ceramic. It does not mean that the flavor is not great, only that it is not mostly pronounced like the other. The drag feels somehow lose when compared to other devices but it is worth the effort. Since it is meant to vape like a cigarette, it has a tight draw meant for mouth to lung vaping which is mostly proffered by people who want to quit smoking cigarettes.

    The device has a good temperature control system and does not give any dry hits which is a good thing. If you want to get the best out of this unit, you need to prime your cartridge before you start vaping. The vape stays the same from the start to finish, even when the contents are somehow depleted. This is a very impressive feature for cigalikes.

    If you run out of liquid, you have the cartridges which are sold in different flavor variations. The pack contains three carts and they are sold at a reasonable price of $14. You still have to be economical about your puffs. This unit will satisfy you greatly if you are a newbie vape user and you are looking for something that looks like a cigarette.

    Pros and cons


    • The battery life is good and can last for between one or two days
    • The pods are well built and can last for close to 12 hours on high vaping
    • Slim design easy for putting in the pocket
    • The pods can be hacked for refill purposes
    • Draw-activated for simple usage


    • Some of its flavors are not very strong

    FAQs about the Vuse Ciro vape pen

    How long does the Vuse Ciro vape last?

    The Vuse Ciro is a very powerful battery that uses a 260mAh battery. The battery is a good performer for such a small device and can last for long with the pod as well. It does not have any adjustable features so you get the moderate performance that still maintains the functionality of your device. 

    Is the Vuse Ciro worth it?

    The Vuse Ciro is a pen worth having in your collection. Considering it is a product series from Vuse, makes it a device that you should not miss in your collection. It is a very good ecig which uses almost all of the 11 flavor options from Vuse. You therefore have a variety to select from.



    The Uppen has a very good way of satisfying people from the first puff. This has been made possible by the innovative etchip coil which has an enlarged heating area to improve on the efficiency.

    The mesh coil is of high resistance which gives a satisfactory vapor production with only one puff. The coils were tested to be working with almost all of the mainstream e-liquids.

    Final Word

    If you want a vape that is not expensive and still simple to use, you will find the Vuse Ciro very effective. It has some good specification such as the impressive battery capacity, bigger e-juice capacity which makes this mod very advantageous compared to the rest. It is convenient, portable and has a good usability.


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