[Viper Vape (viper.com) Shop: Wholesale Vape Supply Reviews & Store Location near me [starter kits, pod systems, mods, vape kits, e-liquids, tanks, accessories, and more]

    [Viper Vape (viper.com) Shop: Wholesale Vape Supply Reviews & Store Location near me [starter kits, pod systems, mods, vape kits, e-liquids, tanks, accessories, and more]

    1. What is Viper Vape? 

    Viper Vape is an online vape equipment shop that sells anything you need to achieve the best vaping experience. Because Viper Vape is an online vape store, it provides you with the convenience of being able to visit the shop online, purchase your items, and have them delivered to the location of your choosing. The benefit of ordering from Viper Vape is that the product you buy will be delivered to you at no additional cost to yourself.

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/vipervape

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Viper-Vape-107334277313843

    Instagram https://www.instagram.com/vipervape/

    Website: https://viper-vape.co.za/

    Address: 19 Schuman Street, Vanderbijl Park

    Contact Number: 0724660856 / 0662337761

    Customer Service: vipervape19@gmail.com

    Operating Hours: Open now 9:30 AM - 6:00 PM

    2. Main Products

    Viper is a Vape shop selling just about anything you need to start vaping or continue your vaping experience; if they don't have what you are looking for, they do their best to get it just for you. Viper Vape is a leading online retailer for e-cigarettes, vape juice, and related products, including branded clothing. Their regular beginning kits start at $24.99 and come in various colors. This may seem trivial, but most e-cigarette retailers only offer black. Check out their variable voltage and mod kits if you want something a little pricier. Viper Vape also has e-liquid collections with new tastes, including freebase, nic salts and vape juice. You may also acquire batteries, atomizers, coils, drip tips, cotton, and replacement pods.

    3. E-liquids

    Viper Vape Online Shop stocks the best e-liquids that come in different nicotine strengths concentrations. Clients may be sure that they will end up with the greatest offer among the 1500 liquids offered on their website. CBD, free base, MTL, Nic salts and vape juice are among the tastes offered in their collection from different producers. Different tobacco-free nicotine and salt nicotine concentrations are also available in these e-liquids.

    The e-liquids include:

    8 Ball Mango Guava Tropical fruits e-liquid

    As its name says, 8 Ball Mango Guava Tropical fruits e-liquid is a blend of the most popular fruits; mango, and guava that are matured. They are then blended properly to perfection to generate an eruption of the most fertile taste. 8 Ball Mango Guava Tropical fruits e-liquid comes with a 3mg nicotine level. This will fulfil your appetite after creating a few puffs. The fruits are combined correctly and equally balanced, therefore giving you a remarkable flavour that will leave you longing for more.

    8 Ball Aloe vera Grape E-liquid. 8 Ball Aloe vera Grape E-liquid combines two essential fruits, juicy grapes and aloe, to give a balanced mouth-watering flavour. It comes in a 120ml bottle that gives you a nicotine hit of up to 3mg. Some other e-liquids that you can get from Viper Vape are; 8 Ball Tropical pineapple 120ml, 8 Ball liquids 50mg Aloe vera Grape ice, 8 Ball Liquids 30ml 50mg Mango Passion Fruit ice, and many more.

    4. Pod Systems

    Here are the best pod systems that you can get from Viper Vape online shop;

    Lost Vape Gemini Hybrid Pod System

    Lost Vape Gemini Hybrid Pod System works at a maximum voltage of 80W. It features an 18650 battery that you may buy separately. It is effective because it contains a 510 threaded adaptor that makes it compatible with various batteries, POD, and MOD-style devices. It is also compatible with the Ultra Boost coil Series.

    Nord 4 Leather Series Pod System. This is the newest pod system in the market and on the shelves of Viper Vape. Many vapers adore it due to its adaptable nature that delivers many advantages over other vaping equipment. It is powered by a 2000mAh in-built battery that offers power of 80 watts. This battery is robust enough to allow you to smoke for long before the next charge.

    5. Accessories

    As you use our vape devices, they may experience malfunctions, and Viper Vape understands that you may require some accessories to maintain your vape equipment properly. This is why they have stocked their shelves with the best accessories, such as;

    Aspire Nautilus A10 Coil. The Aspire Nautilus A10 Coil has a resistance of 1.8 ohms. Single-coil and vertical construction and an enhanced and expanded taste production are all aspects of this device. It is compatible with the most well-known tanks available on the market, making it exceptionally adaptable.

    AlexVapes Hellvape Destiny RTA Matte Stainless Steel+ Ultem

    This RTA is constructed entirely of stainless steel, which results in a stunning and smooth surface. A 4ml e-liquid capacity ensures that you may vape for an extended period before needing to refill the tank with more juice. It has a 24mm diameter, cleverly angled shape, and a single coil that is simple to construct and cut coil legs. An adjustable bottom airflow mechanism allows you to regulate the amount of vapour and hit you inhale while maintaining optimal comfort.

    6. Disposables

    Disposable VGOD Cubana 50mg 1000puffs. It is no doubt a Flavor to the brim A Cuban cigar finished with a drizzle of creamy vanilla custard undertones and a delicate creamy vanilla custard undertone.

    Diposable VGOD Crisp Apple 50mg 1000puffs. The summer apple is crunchy, sweet, and golden in colour, providing all-day delight.

    Disposable VGOD Mighty Mint 50mg 1000puffs. This device devitalizes extraordinary sensations of spearmint menthol imparts hence invigorating satisfaction to any kind of vaper.

    7. Mods

    Viper vape is not only about pod systems as it also offers mods such as the ones below.

    • Acrohm FUSH semi-mech Mods. Acrohm introduces the FUSH semi-mechanical Mod. Built with full stainless steel and bulletproof poly-carbonate chassis, FIUH is the first of its kind, targetting customers who like mech-mods but don't like the associated risks.
    • Vaporesso Gen S is just the Mod. GEN makes high power devices more accessible to people than ever before.220W in a 107-gram body that feels smooth yet textured and durable; it will feel like it's part of you. GEN keeps giving extra throughout every inhale – not just the initial fire – to provide a great punch. Paired with our New AXON Chip makes it easier than ever to operate.

    8. Viper Vape Kits

    When you visit Viper Vape, you will find a large selection of vaping kits, whether in person or online. They include the following items:

    Aegis Max Kit

    The Aegis Max Kit is one of the kits that you can discover on the viper vape online shop shelves. Many vapers favour this kit for its unique features, such as an OLED display screen that lets you monitor the vaping settings. With an e-liquid capacity of 2ml and a single solid high Amp 21700 battery, you may vape for a long time without stopping. This allows you to vape without understanding how to refill it or charge properly. Aegis Max Kit is 510-threaded, making it compatible with much-vaping equipment and even vape batteries.

    Hellvape Grimm Kit – Blue. Hellvape Grimm Kit–Blue is available at Viper Vape because of the high praise from vapers who have used it. Hellvape, Grimm Green, and Ohm boy collaborated on its creation, giving the appellation "Ohm Boy." Make sure your vaping experience is better than ever before with this 0.012 seconds quick-fire speed. A display panel on the Hellvape Grimm Kit–Blue helps you keep track of the various operational parameters, including wattage, wattage resistance, battery %, draw time, puff counter, and more.

    Next mesh Pod Kit

    Before Viper Vape began selling the next mesh Pod Kit, SMOK and OFRF collaborated to create it. All in one pod mod with a maximum power of 30 Watts is available. With its 1200mAh battery and 2ml of e-liquid capacity, the NexMesh Pod Kit vapes for an extended period before needing to be recharged despite its compact size. The next mesh Pod Kit includes two nexmesh coils, guaranteeing a fuller flavour. In addition, it is constructed with a watertight cartridge base that prevents condensate from entering its internal components.

    9. Viper vape discount Coupon Codes

    Anybody can redeem the promo codes offered by Viper Vape. Check out these promo codes since they may save clients a lot of money. Codes such as the ones listed below can be found online.

    1. Discount Coupon: Save &27 Off

    2. Discount Coupon: Save $27 Off

    10. Viper Vape Reviews

    Quality, promptness, convenience, and optimal vaping efficiency are guaranteed when you shop with Viper Vape.

    11. Shipping

    Orders must be placed by 7 p.m. Except for holidays, Monday through Friday, orders are shipped through courier the same day. Orders placed after 7 p.m. will be sent the next business day. Orders ordered on Saturday will be processed on Sunday, with delivery often occurring on Monday. Except for Sundays and holidays, orders are delivered within 1-2 business days. On delivery, a signature and proof of age may be requested.

    12. Find viper vape shops near me (my location)

    Using this free Vape locator tool to help you to find viper vape shops near me(my location).

    13. UPENDS: Wholesale Vape Supplier

    As a vaper, it is always a good idea to establish a relationship with a vape store that you can rely on in the future. Viper Vape is one of the greatest stories in the area, and you can put your faith in them. Aside from having a large quantity of vape equipment, they also guarantee high-quality products, free shipping, and prompt fulfilment of all orders placed with them. The best part is that you can always acquire all vaping equipment at a lower price by utilizing the Viper Vape coupon and promo codes available online.


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