WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Vaporesso Osmall review and instructions. A Complete Review of the Vaporesso Osmall Vape Pen

26th Aug 2021 | 392 | upends v

Vaporesso introduces to us another simplistic and refillable pod system that would be good for vape lovers. The device is called Osmall because it only comes with one drop-in design pod that uses magnets to hold the pods in. the pods have a 1.2ohm coil which is layered by flax fiber cotton.

The device is very light with a total weight of 26 grams, and the shell is made from plastic which holds the 350mAh battery. The battery only gives a maximum power output of 11 watts. It is cheaper and goes at roughly $14.

The device appears to be expensive and cheap at the same time, and there are so many performance perks that can make this device a better item to use for daily vaping.

Build and design quality 

The Osmall is built to take a rectangular design body that appears flat and rounded at the same time. This makes it easy and comfortable to slip into your pockets. The body's exterior is built using a ribbed design pattern which makes it grip in the hand when held, and the execution is magnificent. In general, the design is minimalistic and simple. 

The charging port has been built at the bottom of the device and uses a micro USB. It would have been better if it was a type-C charger, but that does not matter in this case. The measures of the device are 84mm tall, 26.5 mm long, and 13.4mm wide.

This is made from plastic material and has a variation of colors someone can choose from. As you would have thought, this system is light and compact, making it a very excellent pod.

The design elements are not unique, and it appears to be a standard vape pen. The LED indicator is much smaller and indicates the battery levels as you use your device. The pods are also ergonomic and can easily fit between your lips, with a slight tilt to them.

Vaporesso Osmall features

Even though some of these features are basic for a pod kit, this jewel has a few unique things.

  • The device uses an auto-draw feature to activate.
  • The nicotine delivery of the pod is very impressive
  • The textured finish on the device gives it a good and better grip
  • The cotton mouthpiece element is made from non-woven fabric and flax cotton.
  • A fully functioning short circuit protection
  • Active low voltage protection
  • Overcharge protection with cut off
  • Protects you from over vaping

Vaporesso Osmall pods

The magnetic design pods are held in place securely than they do in other small-sized Vaporesso pods. The pod size is the standard 2ml you would find in other liquids, but it sits well in the pod with the circular magnets for a defined connection. Its lightweight feature is also good, and even if you drop your unit, it does not pop out at all.

When refilling the device, do not take out the whole pug, and there is an arrow indicating the points where you should pull out. It might be hard to put it back if you pull it out completely because of the weakened and small anchor. The only time you can put it back after taking it all out is with smaller hands; if you have bigger hands, you will have a hard time. 

Battery and charging of the Vaporesso Osmall

Charging this device from an empty cell to a full charge will take approximately 45 minutes, but if you do not want to cut out your vaping session, you can use the pass-through feature. The shorter charging time is contributed to by the 350mAH battery that we considered much smaller and lighter.

To recharge the device, it uses a micro USB port that can be found at the bottom of the battery. A much smaller LED is placed on the front side of the pod, and it appears to be solid white anytime you are taking a hit from it.

The white light shows that the device is fully charged, and when the charge is depleted, it will flash simultaneously, and that is when you need to find a charging port and plug in your device.

Performance of the Osmall

There are many reasons why you would like the Osmall vape pen so much. First, it has superior wicks that can handle any e-liquid. You can use the thinnest PG juices and all VG juices as well. It also has a good performance with sweetened juices, making it a very versatile unit for vaping. It cannot tamper with the flavor and vapor output.

The Osmall produces a good amount of vapor. It is incredibly warm and does not get hot or lower in temperature. You can feel all the flavors of a high nicotine liquid which is the most preferred by vape users.


On a normal basis, it would make sense to use thicker juices on sub-ohm tanks. You have the variation between MTL for vapor production and DTL for full flavors. You will have a good time getting a blend of good hits and saturated flavor.

The draws are tight, and all you need to do is put your lips on the mouthpiece and pull on it. But it is easy to use the device since it only needs a lighter draw to activate it. When using high nicotine content, you will be surprised by how fast it fires up. Do not pull hard, though, because you will end up coughing your guts out.

So far, there have been no complaints about leaking, spitting, and flooding without any burnt or dry hits. The performance is remarkable and satisfactory. 

Pros and cons of the Vaporesso Osmall


  • The unit has a textured exterior that feels good in the hand
  • Features an ergonomic mouthpiece design that is easy to use
  • The drop-in pod system is simple to use, and the device stays in for long
  • Can manage high VG and PG liquids using a better wick
  • The vape is quiet and does not produce any sounds


  • Not everyone will like the design of the mouthpiece
  • It can mostly be faced with leakage issues

FAQs about Vaporesso Osmall

Is the Vaporesso Osmall worth it?

Yes, it is. This device is recommended to all vape users who like having a better mouth to lung vaping. It is very rare to come across a device that works with higher VG and PG ratios and does not wear out the wick or the mouthpiece. This, therefore, makes it a device that is worth having.

Vaporesso Osmall vs Juul

The Vaporesso Osmall is better than the Juul in very many ways. First, the Juul is a disposable pod that needs to be disposed of when fully used. On the other hand, the Vaporesso can be used over time, considering it has a refillable pod. You will also find that the Vaporesso also works with all types of liquid. This is contrary to what to expect from the juul, which comes with smaller pre-filled pods. The size and build are also amazing.

My Vaporesso Osmall is not working.

There could be many reasons why your Vaporesso is not working. The most common issue is less charge. So ensure that you recharge your battery before you start vaping. 


Uppen plus

The Uppen plus features the etchip coil that was first used on the Uppen pod. The chip is innovative and has an improved heating surface that provides for the proper heating of elements. This allows you to get a full-bodied flavor from the first puff.


The Osmall is a beautiful device, and for MTL lovers, you will get to enjoy it. The device’s most impressive function is how it seamlessly burns all kinds of liquids, from the ones with higher VG to the other with higher PG. all ratios are manageable with this device, not forgetting even the sweeter liquids. In many cases, most of these vape juices are used on rebuilt mods and improved vape devices that have room for customization.