Vaporesso Degree Pod Kit Review and Instructions

    Vaporesso Degree Pod Kit Review and Instructions

    Vaping has become famous in the last decade as many smokers have been sensitized to vaping as the best alternative they can use to enjoy nicotine. Because of the rising number of vapers, there is a rising demand for various vape tools. This way, many vaping tools are being produced by different vape equipment developers.

    The market is flooded by numerous vape equipment that may make it hard for you to identify the best for you. For this reason, we always find the best vape tool that you can trust and give it a detailed review to guide you when choosing the best one for you.

    In this article, our focus shall be on Vaporesso Degree Pod Kit.

    UPENDS Review and Instructions on Vaporesso Degree Pod Kit

    Here is a review of the Vaporesso Degree Pod Kit that will help you know more about this wonderful vape tool. 

    What is Vaporesso Degree Pod Kit?

    Vaporesso Degree Pod Kit is one of the outstanding pieces of vape equipment developed by Vaporesso: a renowned vape equipment developer. It’s one of the recently released vape tools that is built with a classy rectangular shape. 

    Vaporesso Degree Pod Kit comes with an in-built battery that is designed to give you a long-lasting vaping experience. So if you are a vaper looking for an ergonomic, mobile, and real vaping helper, then Vaporesso Degree Pod Kit can make the best.

    Vaporesso Degree Pod Kit Features.

    Battery and Charging

    The battery of the Vaporesso Degree Pod Kit is built to allow you to enjoy a longer-lasting vaping experience. The battery comes with a capacity of 750mAh that can allow you to vape for about two days as an average vaper.

    As the battery drains after a full charge, you can easily know its level as it has a battery indicator. This way, you can easily tell the battery life to allow you to know when it’s the right time for recharging. 

    Recharging the Vaporesso Degree Pod Kit is quite fast. It just requires 70 minutes to have it fully recharged. 

    Adjustable Airflow

    The airflow determines the flavor and the amount of vapor that you will get out of your vape. The Vaporesso Degree Pod Kit is engineered with an air adjustment ring on its drip tip that allows it to change from a restricted DTL to a tight MTL draw. 

    As you use Vaporesso Degree Pod Kit, you only need to adjust the airflow to meet the quality and flavor you want. The Vaporesso Degree Pod Kit comes with a good range that will cater to every vaper, whether a beginner or an expert.

    Vaporesso Degree Pod Kit Control Button

    One of the notable features that Vaporesso Degree Pod Kit features are its control button. The button is well-designed with a nice and soft click feel. You only need to press it 5-times to power your Vaporesso Degree Pod Kit ON or OFF.

    Two-Pod Options

    Vaporesso Degree Pod Kit comes with two different Pods that make it highly versatile. It comes with a 1.3-ohm pod that is preinstalled, and you can use it for Direct Lung Vaping and another 0.6-ohm pod for direct to lung vaping.

    Adjustable Vaping Power

    The vaping power, together with airflow rate, determines the throat hit you will experience. It comes with an adjustable vaping power that allows you to vary it depending on the throat hit. Vaporesso Degree Pod Kit will allow you to vary the vaping power with a range of 5W to 30W.

    E-liquid Capacity

    Vaporesso Degree Pod Kit comes with a refillable 2ml pod that is easily refillable. This Pod capacity is enough to allow you to vape for a while if you are not a heavy vaper. The back-side of the Vaporesso Degree Pod Kit is readily accessible, making it easy for you to locate the pod and refill it with your favorite e-liquid.

    General Performance

    Many vapers who have used the Vaporesso Degree Pod Kit before have testified a great vaping experience from this wonderful vape equipment. It has two coils that you can use depending on the vaping quality you need at a point. When using the direct-to-lung coil, you can vape at any power above 20W, and when using the CCELL pod, you can even vape at 10W and still enjoy the best vaping experience.

    Its coils give an impressive flavor that will leave you craving for more. Its other features like adjustable airflow, variable wattage, and many other features also combine to ensure you get the best vaping experience you can always crave. 


    OLED Screen: 0.69 inches

    Power Range: 5-30 W

    Pod Capacity: 2ml

    Battery Capacity: 950mAh

    Dimensional Size: 90.5mm x 41.5mm x 16.45mm

    Charge Current: DC 5V/2A

    Coils: 0.6ohm coil for meshed pod and 1.3ohm coil for CCELL pod

    Pros and Cons

    • Vaporesso Degree Pod Kit is light and compact, thus highly portable
    • It comes with a stylish design
    • Its pod has transparent, allowing you to monitor the e-liquid level
    • It comes with a rectangular design that is stylish
    • It has a temperature control protection
    • It allows you to remove and refill the pods easily
    • Recharges fast


    • The refilling port is a bit tricky
    • The pod cover comes off too easily

    Manual, Review and Instructions

    Using the Vaporesso Degree Pod Kit is easy to use and user-friendly. Because of this, many vapers are both beginners and expert vapers. 

    After fully recharging your battery, its time now that you need to start vaping by following these simple instructions;

    1. Refill your pod by pushing the nozzle of the e-liquid bottle into the fill port
    2. Allow the kit to sit for about 10 minutes to allow the coil to soak. This way, you will not experience any burnt taste.
    3. Click the firing button five times in close succession to activate it.
    4. Give the system a period of five minutes to allow the chipset to scan the coil.
    5. Adjust the wattage and temperature to your desired settings. It is advisable that you start from the low setting as you advance.
    6. Place its mouthpiece on your mouth and start enjoying your vape.
    7. After vaping, you can press the firing button thrice to lock your Vaporesso Degree Pod Kit.

    The process of setting up your Vaporesso Degree Pod Kit is simple that you need to try on your vaping journey.

    Vaporesso Degree Pod Kit Competitors

    Vaporesso Degree Pod Kit relates with other vape tools in the market as follows;

    Vaporesso Degree Pod Kit Vs. LostVape Quest Orion

    • They both make use of a 950mAh Capacity Battery.
    • They both come with a 2ml e-liquid capacity pod.
    • Whereas the Vaporesso Degree Pod Kit comes with a maximum vaping power of 17W, the LostVape Quest Orion comes with a maximum power output of 17W.
    • Vaporesso Degree Pod Kit Vs. Caliburn
    • Whereas the Vaporesso Degree Pod Kit makes use of a 950mAh capacity battery, the Caliburn uses a 520mAh battery.
    • They both have a pod with 2ml e-liquid capacity
    • The Vaporesso Degree Pod Kit is powered by a firing button, while the Caliburn is draw-activated

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    Vaping heavily relies on the vaping equipment you employ. Because of the numerous vape equipment in the market, you need to be careful to make sure you choose the best. The Vaporesso Degree Pod Kit is one of such trustable and outstanding vape tools that you can employ. If Vaporesso Degree Pod Kit does not meet your vaping standards and preference, you can always try the UPENDS vape equipment like Uppor as the best alternative. Enjoy your vaping!

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