Vaper Empire: The Products, Performance, and Reviews

    Vaper Empire: The Products,  Performance, and Reviews



    1          Vaper Empire

    Started in Australia in 2012, Vaper Empire has gone on to corner the vaping market down under. They do not hide their desire to get people to make the shift from cig to start vaping. To do this, Vaper Empire infuses its products line with a sense of style and luxury.

    The Vaper Empire products consist of six different vaping devices ranging from simple starter kits, easy-to-use cig-a-like series, the V-Pack II to high-powered mods and tank combos like the Vibe. Each of the devices comes as a single unit or in a starter kit.

    2          The Vaper Empire Vibe Series Starter Kit

    The Vibe is the newest addition to VE's line of e-liquid vaping devices. The entire combo consists of a heavy-duty 2000mAh battery and a large capacity 4.5ml tank. The coil inside the tank fires at a resistance of 1.5ohms and features a stainless steel wire with Japanese organic cotton wicks


    2.1        Features and Specifications

    • Powerful battery, sleek aesthetics, and voluminous tank
    • It comes with 2 coils and 2 spare drip tips, as well as a USB power cable and adapter
    • It sits perfectly in the palm, exuding quality
    • Size: 64 x 22 mm
    • Wattage 14W
    • Thread: M7*0.5mm
    • Low resistance: 1.5ohm

    2.2        Package

    • The kit consists of the following:
    • One Vibe 2000mAh battery
    • One Vibe 4.5ml tank (with a pre-installed coil)
    • One 1.5ohm replacement coil
    • Two drip tips
    • One Micro USB charging cable
    • One user manual

    3          Vaper Empire Vintage series

    However, the Vintage is a meek but sophisticated device measuring 143 x 14mm in dimension and 37g in weight. It is very portable with a clearomiser containing a replaceable coil and a 1.6ml tank to store your premium e-liquid. Its design favors hassle-free vaping and simple disassembly, ensuring you can continue to get the most out of your Vantage without any trouble.

    3.1        Features and Specifications

    • Weight: 37g
    • Charging Voltage: 3.4V-4.2V.
    • E-Liquid Capacity: 1.6ml
    • Battery Life: 1200 x 'puffsand 650mAh
    • Time of charging : 3-4 hours.
    • The shelf life of the battery is Approx 380 'charges.'

    3.2        Package

    • Two rechargeable batteries (650mAh)
    • USB power adapter
    • Clearomiser Tanks
    • 10ml bottle of e-liquid
    • USB power cable
    • User manual

    4          Vaper  empire V-Twist Series

    This popular device's sleek and slim design is why the V-Twist is the ultimate companion wherever you may be. The cutting-edge variable airflow intake and adjustable voltage functions mean you can fully customize your vaping experience with every puff. At the same time, the unique glass-topped mouthpiece allows you to vape with ease and comfort while still looking good.

    4.1        Features and Specification 

    • Measures 14.3* 72.55 mm
    • Heat-proof Glass Drip Tip
    • Bottom Dual Coil
    • M12*0.5mm thread
    • Volume is 1.7ml
    • Weight 33.6g
    • Lockable airflow control

    4.2        Package

    • Black Rechargeable Battery of 900 mAh
    • USB Power Cable
    • 10ml Classic E-Liquid bottle
    • Vaper Empire Australian USB Power Adapter
    • Two Adjustable Airflow Clearomiser Tank
    • User Manual (English Language
    • 10ml Artisan E-Liquid bottle

    5          Review

    5.1        Vaper Empire Vibe Series

    The Vaper Empire Vibe series has been created to give a superior vaping experience by combining great functionality with a user-friendly design. The Vibe device not only looks great, but it also sits perfectly in the palm, exuding quality. Amongst all the Vaper Empire products, the Vibe provides outstanding convenience. With a massive battery that requires minimal charging and a large 4ml tank, the benefits are clear

    The Vibe has a choice of 2 mouthpieces (or drip tips), which allow for a more customized inhalation. The thoughtfully designed curved mouthpieces allow for optimal vapor production produced by the impressive 2000mAh battery. The flavor profiles are enhanced to deliver an outstanding tasty vape along with the tremendous long coil and organic Japanese cotton.

    The huge 4.5ml tank works beautifully with both our Classic and Artisan ranges, producing a perfectly balanced flavorsome vapor to allow for an easy transition from tobacco to e-liquid

    The Starter Kit includes one large 2000mAh battery, 2 coils, 2 mouthpieces, rubber seals and a USB power adapter, and a charger cord. All you need to do is choose from a large variety of e-liquid, fill the tank, and are ready to go

    The mod and tank only come in all-black. Some Vaper Empire and VE logos tastefully stamped onto one side, but there are no other extravagant or distracting markings. There is an LED behind the power button that lights up when a user activates the device.

    5.2        Pros

    • Easy to use
    • Durable batteries
    • Wonderful throat hit
    • Durable

    5.3        Cons

    • The car charger is not in the kit

    Watch the video below

    6          Vaper Empire Vintage series

    Vaper Empire's Vantage Series provides more robust battery and refillable cartridges and uses any e-liquid from any company, considering the cost.

    The Vantage gives single-button control, which is used to turn the vape on and off, activating the heating element. It is easy to use; press and holds the power button while inhaling to activate the heating element.

    The cartridge system  is refillable compared to the V-Pack, which is aimed to work with V-Pack II brand cartridges that are prefilled with Vaper Empire e-liquid; the Vantage Series can be used with any e-liquid due to the refillable design

    6.1        Pros

    • Batteries are powerful
    • Very durable
    • Easy usage

    6.2        Cons

    • No car charger


    7          Vape empire V-Twist Series

    With the V-Twist Series, one has complete control over vapor production due to adjustable Voltage and variable Voltage, making it a dream pen for all the vapors.

    The V-twist series is the answer for all those who choose to modify the airflow and Voltage. It offers users the choice of adjusting the airflow and the Voltage just by a twist; twisting the battery base permits adjustment of the Voltage on a range of 3.2V to 4.8V.

    Compared to the Vantage Series, a superior and powerful battery indicates that V-Twist users can charge less and vape more, thus a bit more real for heavy and moderate users.

    7.1        Pros

    • Batteries are powerful
    • Durable
    • Easy to use

    7.2        Cons

    • No car charger


    8          Frequently Asked Questions

    8.1        How Long do VIGGO Pods Last?

    VIGGO pods contain 1.8ml of Vaper Empire vape juice and provide approximately 600 puffs. The average vaper will find that a single pod lasts between 3-4 days. Of course, just how long your pod lasts depends on the frequency of use. We sell replacement pods here on our online vape store. Pods can be purchased in packs of three or in 6-week and 3-month kits that contain 4 and 8 packs, respectively.

    8.2        What's the Best Vape Starter Kit?

    Here at Vaper Empire, we provide anarray of diverse vape starter kits for your choice, including vape pen kits, cig-a-like kits, vape mod kits, and, of course, pod kits. Which Vaper Empire vape kit is suitable for you depends on what you want and need from your e-cigarette. All of our vapes are designed to be user-friendly, perfect for beginner vapers and experienced vapers.

    8.3        What are Vape Pod Systems?

    When it comes to vape, pod systems are among the most popular, and for a good reason: they're compact, convenient, and easy to use. What defines a vape pod system is its use of pods. A vape pod, also known as a pod cartridge, is a type of vape cartridge designed to work with a kind of e-cigarette known as a pod vape.

    8.4       How to get the best deal on vaper Empire?

    You can use our latest Vaper Empire promo codes or Voucher Codes and get yourself the most acceptable deal. Our team is frequently looking and searching to get valid discount codes for Vaper Empire to help save money.

    8.5        Which is the first mod device from vaper Empire?

    The VIBE Series Device is our first MOD device and has been developed to provide a seamless balance between convenience, capacity, and performance.

    9          Conclusion

    Vaper empire gives you the best quality; here is our personal favorite, the Vaper Empire Vibe Series Starter Kit; why not try the Vaper Empire Vintage series or perhaps use the Vaper empire V-Twist Series?

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