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Vape Queen (https://vpqueen.co.za/) Vape Shop. Wholesale Supply Reviews Reviews & Store Location Near Me (Disposables, Nic Salts, Pod Devices, Pod Mod Kits, and More)

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If you're looking for a great experience when shopping online, then you should check out vpqueen.co.za for more details. This website offers you incredible vape products from professional brands worldwide. You will find accessories of varying degrees and layouts when you check out the online store. This review describes the features of some of these products and other intricate details.

What is Vape Queen? 

Vape Queen is an online platform that sells vape products to individuals online. Once you purchase these products, you get the shipping details from the Vape Queen company,  and they tell you how and where you should pick your item. By comparison, this online store has done massive work in offering a great variety of products to other stores. As we shall see in this review, some of the shop's products include coils, devices, merchandise, pane vapes, and many more. 

Vape Queen Contact Details

Here are the contacts of vape queen.

  • Facebook - https://web.facebook.com/VapeQueenSA
  • Twitter - None
  • Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/vapequeensa/
  • Email - info@vpquen.co.za
  • Phone Number - 082-560-5014 or 082-560-5014
  • Customer Service Working Hours - 

Why You Should Choose vpqueen.co.za Website for your Shopping Experience

The products on offer are affordable; you should only know your budget before making a purchase. The platform ensures that no one hacks your account regarding security policies. If hackers breach your account or you experience a loss due to the platform's fault, you will get a refund of your money. However, part of the company's policy is to negate any refund claim after selling the product.

Nevertheless, customers receive warranties for specific products in the Vape Queen online shop, which improves one's faith in the product.   

Vpqueen.co.za Contact Details

There are many options for contacting the platform's operators on the site. You may use email by contacting the platform through INFO@VPQUEEN.CO.ZA or by telephone using the 082-560-5014 hotline number.

What Products Does this Platform Provide?

The Vape Queen online shopping platform offers you many product options, and you can see this when you click on the categories icon. The main items in the list are the coils, devices, merchandise, and pane vapes. According to the company records and statistics, these items are the most sold, which means the market base for these products is enormous. Here are the feature characteristics of some of these items.

Types of Coils 

There are many types of coils when you access the website. Vape Queen has intriguing coil accessories such as;

Smok TF Tank BF-Mesh Replacement Coils Singles 

This coil is powerful because it has 0.15 ohm and 0.25-ohm mesh designs. This coil comes in three packs and features a mesh design and a natural cotton wicking. The coil's design incorporates a large heating area, and its mesh accommodates a power of 30W to 80W.

Smok Stick M17 Replacement Coil 5 Singles

The Smok Stick connects with the high-performing M17 Stick line that retains much energy for effective performance. This coil also has standard dimensions for allowing convenient carriage.

Vape Queen Devices

Vape Queen offers incredible devices that come in handy when operating various products. These items come in varying sizes, and they include;

Rincoe Jelly Mini 80W Kit-Black Clear  

Rincoe Jelly is a compact device with a light PCTG construction. The single 21700/18650 battery powers this device, which enables the device to support an 80W wattage variable.

This device is portable and convenient for both heavy and lightweight users. You can also adjust the wattage and temperature variations by rotating a plastic pod at the top screen, thus making Rincoe a perfect device for use.

Smok IPX80 Pod Kit

This device has a combination of a waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof airflow control system. The 3000 mAh battery that powers this device has a fast type-c charging nod and supports a wattage range between 1-80W.

The device has a 5.5ml capacity and a sliding tank design for convenient filling. The Smok IPX80 Pod Kit fits well with a 0.6 ohm DC MTL coil or the DTL vaping design, and with these properties, you can have a great time using this device.

Vape Pens

The different varieties of Vape pens that you will see in the Vape Queen online shop include;

Vaporesso GTX GO 80 Kit 5ml

The Vaporesso GTX GO 80 Kit 5ml vape pen is brand new and has different variations of color and texture. This vape pen features a magnetic GTX Pod 26 system that holds the interior pieces together, thus preventing accidental leakages.

In appearance, you will notice the pen has a rubber and metal coating in line with a GTX Go 80 compact size and shape for a good texture and portable handling. This pen is suitable for vaping in longer sessions and is available at a price of R455.00.

Geekvape Metro Aio Starter Kit-Black

This pen costs R577.00 when you purchase it at the Vape Queen online vaping shop. This pen is stylish as it has a sleek, simplistic design. A 2100 mAh powers this vaping pen, and you can charge it using the type-c slot system.

There are three adjustable outputs for transmitting power: low white, high green, and med blue. The Geekvape Metro Aio Starter Kit-Black is great in conserving power, which implies that your sessions will be great and last long.

Vape Queen Discount Coupons

The Vape Queen platform is generous when offering customers great discounts. The company will also grant you gift cards for every purchase above a certain minimum since the reward varies with different products.

You get a 10% bonus for every vape juice you buy using the juice rack coupons, and you may receive a gift card in the process.

During purchase, one beneficial promotional code is the crazy combo deal, which grants you 20% off for any product you buy.

Vape Queen Reviews 

The Vape Queen platform is great for delivery and other customer services. The site has all the necessary details on its page that will enable you to make a convenient purchase at any given time. Products come at affordable prices, and in the process of buying, you may earn gift cards and other promotions. 

Additionally, there are physical stores where you will find the same products on the website across New York, Dallas, and California. Overall, customers enjoy shopping at Vape Queen due to these advantages, which means the site is reliable and trustworthy.

Vape Queen Shipping and Delivery 

The primary shipping method for products in the Vape Queen stores is through DHL for vaping products. Other forms of merchandise will travel through the USPS shipping method. The delivery time is three to seven days for all international shipping. The stores offer free delivery for items bought with a $65 and above value, which is great for most customers.

You make transactions through PayPal, MasterCard, or American Express, and the dollar and rand are the main currencies.

Find Vape Queen Vape shops Near Me(my location)

Using this free Vape locator tool to help you to find Vape Queen vape shops near me(my location).


The Vape Queen online shopping platform is the right place if you are searching for good-quality vaping products. As we have seen, the platform gives you multiple choices for displaying different categories, and you may land on the best equipment when you look at all corners.

You only need to check their website at vpqueen.co.za for more details concerning their products and services, which should propel you towards the best vaping experience. In summary, the platform is a treasure for plentiful commodities that come in different prices and features; it is, therefore, right to check out the site and see what it offers.

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