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People have updated their lifestyles according to the trend that comes in their lives. The fashion industry has changed, the way people live has changed, businesses and market trends have changed, and in the same way, the way of smoking has also changed. Many people have made smoking cigarettes a part of their lives, and it has become their need, and they always remain enthusiastic about it. The smoking culture has changed drastically as new technology like Vapes and pods have replaced cigarettes. Many people have been shifted to vapes and e-cigarettes as it is not as harmful as cigarettes. Even after all of this, some people struggle to shift from cigarettes to vapes and pods as they can't find the best quality equipment. This is exactly what we at Vape Jungle are providing our customers, the best quality e-liquid, vape tanks, batteries, box mods and vaping accessories and much more.

What is Vape Jungle?

The Vape Jungle is known as one of the best Vape shops that aim to deliver the best quality products to their customers. The Vape Jungle is famous for its best quality products like e-liquid, vape tanks, batteries, box mods and vaping accessories and much more. They have a total of 3 stores in Providence, Warwick, South Kingstown. They also sell their products online by giving an amazing user interface on their website. The Vape Jungle always works on giving preference to their customers, which is why they came up with the best quality products at best possible price.


Twitter:  https://twitter.com/VapeJungle


Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/vapejungle  

Address: 2070 Crain Highway, Waldorf, Maryland 20601, United States

Phone Number: (301)-645-5551

Customer service:  thevapejungle@gmail.com

Vape Jungle hours: 10 am-9 pm

Vape Jungle main Products

The Vape Jungle is known as one of the best Vaping shops in the US as they focus on the equality of the products. The Vape Jungle is all about providing the best vaping accessories and Pods that the customers want to use in their daily lives so that they can get rid of cigarettes. It was founded in 2013 in Providence, Warwick, South Kingstown and has been delivering the best quality products till now. The Vape Jungle has a variety of products that they sell to their customers. Some of their main products are listed below.

  • Liquid
  • Coils
  • Replacement Pods
  • Starter Kits
  • Pod Systems
  • Disposable vape
  • Variable Batteries
  • Regulated Mods
  • Tanks
  • Accessories
  • Clearance


The Liquid, also known as the flavour, is always required by the Pod or the vape to give the customer what they want. You can buy a variety of flavour liquids that are available at the Vape Jungle shop.


A coil is very important for the vapes and pods to work properly. If the customer does not change the coil, then the vape or the Pod can get burnt from the inside; therefore, you can have the best quality and long-lasting Coils.

Replacement Pods

The replacement Pods are used by the customers who love smoking Pods; therefore, the Vape Jungle shop provides a variety of replacement pods that you can have once you are done with the previous Pod.

Starter Kits

Starter kits are one of the most loved products by customers who vape. The starter kit is very easy to use as you just have to unbox it and fill it with your favourite e-juice that you want to enjoy. The starter kits are basically ready to use, and the Vape Jungle shop offers a huge variety of the starter kits like the Aspire, FreeMax, SMOK, Vaporesso, VooPoo, Wholesale-HIDE that are the favourites of many Vape lovers out there. You can get the best quality starter kit at the best possible price from the Vape Jungle shop.


  • Drag S kit
  • Drag X kit
  • MAXUS 100W KIT

Pod Systems

The Pod system is also known as the Product that is loved by customers who want to quit smoking or even enjoy the certain taste of the Pod. The Pod systems are enjoyed by the customers a lot as they prefer it over cigarettes. There are various types of Pod, and the Vape Jungle shop is providing all of them to their customers. You can choose from a huge variety of the Pods that the Vape Jungle shop is providing to their customers. We are providing various company options like Aspire, GeekVape, Innoki, RENOVA, SMOK, Suorin, U-Well, Vaporesso, VooPoo and Wholesale-HIDE.


  • MiniCan Kit
  • Smok nord 2 kit 7-color resin
  • NORD 2 KIT
  • Nord 4 Kit
  • Innokin Z-BIIP
  • Suorin edge silver
  • LUXE PM40 Pod Kit
  • Caliburn Koko Prime Kit
  • Caliburn G Kit
  • Argus Air
  • Aegis Hero

Variable batteries

The variable batteries are also in trend as the customers buy them to control the overall voltage of the E-cigarette pen. You can buy various types of variable batteries that the Vape Jungle shop is offering to their customers, like the Vission spinner, cartison slim button, etc.

Regulated Mode

The regulated mode is yet another vaping accessory that is the need of the customer if they want to enjoy their vaping. The regulated mod allows the user to keep the newer vapours from overheating the battery and also overloading it. This keeps the vape safe and also the user. You can buy various types of the regulated mod from the Vape Jungle shop according to your choice and requirement.


The vape tank is something that is essential for the vape as it controls the level of the E-liquid in the e-cigarettes as well as the mod. The vape tank basically has a coil that vaporizes it. You can buy a variety of the vape tanks that the Vape Jungle shop offers to their customers, and they have got those from top companies like FreeMax, GreekVape, Innokin, etc.


Apart from all other Vaping and Pod products, the Vape Jungle shop also offers a huge variety of accessories that are required by the pods and the vapes. There are many accessories that come with these vapes and pods, and the Vape Jungle shop offers most of them like the 

  • U-well valyrian 8ml replacement glass
  • Hohmtech hohm life 18650 battery
  • Sony vtc5a flat top battery
  • Joyetech ego aio eco replacement glass
  • Vaporesso skrr silicone sleeve demon
  • Chubby Gorilla 60ml unicorn bottle
  • Chubby Gorilla 30ml unicorn bottle
  • And much more than that


Everybody loves sale on their favourite vaping products; therefore, the Vape Jungle shop always give their customer a clearance sale in which they give special discounts to their customers who want to buy their high-quality vapes and pods at less price.

Vape Jungle discount coupon code

We at Vape Jungle always care for our customers and give them the best possible price for the products that they buy from us, therefore, we are offering all our vape and pod lovers the following discount coupon code:

Vape Jungle discount coupon code1:



Vape Jungle discount coupon code2:


Vape Jungle Reviews

Amanda LadyTonka Vernancio:I’ll say it is the best vape shop as it is the only one that always has the stock and are never short of products. The employees working there are also very polite and cooperative and they also know about their products which is the best thing. Vape jungle is always my first priority in terms of going to a vape shop.

Cheryl Brown: It has been more than 5 weeks that I have been visiting this place now. From the day I came to this place the staff has been super friendly and has always given full importance to me. Whenever I go there I usually talk to Rob or Jensen, as of today I also met Sarah. Thanks to all the people working there.

Ryan Sharpe:This vape store is my favorite place. I visited this place 5 months as someone who was smoking cigarettes but now I have been cigarette free just because I shifted to the best quality vape that they were offering. The staff that is working there has always been the best in terms of the customer service that they give. I would like to thank all of the people who have helped me quit cigarettes and make my life tobacco free.

Vape Jungle Shipping

The Vape Jungle shop delivers the packages to their customer within 3-5 days nationwide, depending upon the location of the customer that is ordering the products. Also, the package needs to be signed by an adult.

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