Vape City (www.vapecty.com) Shop: Wholesale Vape Supply Reviews & Store Location Near Me (Vape Products & Accessories – E-Liquids, Pens, Mods, etc.)

    Vape City (www.vapecty.com) Shop: Wholesale Vape Supply Reviews & Store Location Near Me (Vape Products & Accessories – E-Liquids, Pens, Mods, etc.)

    What is Vape City Shop?

    Vape City is a vape shop founded in 2013 and has two locations in Las Vegas, Nevada. The first stop shop was opened at 1025 S. Rainbow Blvd Las Vegas, NV 89145. At the same time, the other stop shop is at 445 East Windmill Lane STE 2F Las Vegas, NV 89123. Therefore, you will get the vape products you want to buy at vape cities like e-liquids, vape pens, mods, coils, accessories, and more.

    Furthermore, this store came about after Matt, and his smokers' friends decided to quit smoking. So, after six years of no cigarette smoking, they ventured into the vape industry.

    Also, they source their products from top vape manufacturers. Thus, in today’s guide, you will understand the main products, contact details, and more about vape city.

    Let’s start!

    Vape City Contact Details

    Do you want to know when you vape product will be shipped? Or do you want to raise an issue with the customer support service? Then it is straightforward. All you require are the contact details of vape city. So, to make it easy for you, here are the contact details of vape city.

    Therefore, these are the contact details you should use to communicate with the Vape City customer service team.

    Vape City Main Products

    Whether you are looking for e-liquids, cartridges, nic salts, special sales, new arrivals, mods, coils, RDA’s, RDTA’s, and more, then be sure you will get them at vape city. Here you will find these and more products from top vape brands globally. Some brands you will find at vape city include;

    • Aegis
    • Aqua (e-juice)
    • Asmodus
    • Aspire
    • Candy King
    • Custard Monster

    These are a sample you will find more. Therefore, the best-selling vaping products you will find at vape city are here.

    The Best-Selling Complete Starter Kits

    Are you new to vaping? Then starter kits are the best vaping products you should use. They provide you with the best experience as a novice vaper. So, at vape city, you will get the best and complete starter kits from top brands.

    Therefore, here are the best-selling complete starter kits at vape city.

    SMOK Vape Pen 22 Starter Kit

    According to our research, the SMOK vape pen 22 is the best starter kit for a beginner vaper. This is evident as it tops the list of the best-selling complete starter kits at vape city. This vape pen has a battery capacity of 1650mAh, which is internal. The starter kit by SMOK has safety protections that include;

    • Short-circuiting
    • Low resistance
    • Protection against low voltage
    • Over-current protection

    The SMOK vape pen 22 is a bottom airflow vape pen. Furthermore, the vape pen has a 2ml tank capacity that allows you to vape without any worry. Finally, it has an elegant design that makes it ergonomic while vaping.

    Geek Vape Aegis Solo 100W Kit

    This starter kit is one of the best when it comes to design. It has a transparent tank which you can see the level of the e-juice. The starter kit is available in various colors like black, blue, red, green, orange, and white camo. Geek vape aegis solo is small in size than the aegis legend.

    This kit uses an 18650 external mAh battery. The Geek Vape Aegis Solo 100W kit uses the AS Chipset, which functions better. Also, the Solo 100W kit is waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof. All these proof functions make the vape pen durable.

    The best flavor has a temperature range of 100 to 315 degrees Celsius. Additionally, it has a 510-thread making it suitable with all 510 threaded sub-ohm tanks.

    Vaporesso Swag 2 Kit

    The body of the Vaporesso swag two kits is made of a light rubber, which gives it a good grip. This rubber coating makes the kit resistant from scratch and fingerprint. Also, it has a top vapor production as it uses the AXON Chip PULSE Mode. It uses an external 18650 mAh battery which you will purchase separately.

    When you purchase this product from vape city, you will get an NRG PE Sub-Ohm tank with a 3.5ml capacity. Also, the sub-ohm tank comes with a pre-installed GT4 meshed coil. Additionally, it uses the Vaporesso GT coils for the best vapor production. Vaporesso Swag 2 kit has a 0.91-inch OLED display which helps you check the power mode, battery capacity, and voltage you are using.

    The Best-Selling Cartridges / Pod Devices

    There are numerous vape cartridges and pod devices you can purchase at vape city. These products help you to vape with convenience. You will get various brands such as SMOK, lost vape, Uwell, and Geek Vape at the store.

    So, the following are the best-selling cartridges/pod devices at vape city.

    Lost Vape Orion Q (1.0 ohm) and Orion DNA (0.25 ohm) Replacement Cartridge (Pack of 2)

    Are you searching for a replacement cartridge for your Lost Vape Orion Mod? Then you can either purchase the lost vape Orion Q 1.0 ohm or the Orion DNA 0.25-ohm cartridge. These cartridges don’t suit all lost vape mods. But are compatible with a specific type of mod. As for the lost vape Orion Q 1.0-ohm, it is dependable with the Orion Q mod.

    But as for the Orion DNA 0.25-ohm, it is compatible with lost vape Orion mods that have a DNA chipset. When it comes to usage, if you prefer nic salts, the Orion Q 1.0-ohm is the best as it has the best resistance. Additionally, it features a 2ml capacity tank that provides you with 400 puffs.

    Also, this cartridge is best for MTL or DTL vaping methods. Finally, this product is best for standard nic liquids and nic salts.

    Uwell Caliburn Replacement Pod Cartridges (Pack of 4)

    The Uwell Caliburn replacement pod cartridges are suitable with the Caliburn pod device and the Caliburn KOKO pod device. You can either choose the 1.4-ohm or 1.2-ohm resistance pod cartridges. When you purchase this product from vape city, you will get four pod cartridges.

    Furthermore, this product is affordable as it cost not more than $25 at vape city. Therefore, if you are looking for a replacement pod cartridge for your Uwell pod device. Then this is the correct pod cartridge you should buy.

    The Best-Selling Mods

    Vape mods are popular vaping devices that most vapers prefer. You will get the best mods at vape city from different brands like Geek Vape, Asmodus, Uwell, Magma, and many others. Therefore, you will learn about the best-selling mods at vape city in this section.

    They include;

    Asmodus Lustro 200W Mod

    The Asmodus Lustro 2000W mod has a zinc alloy and rubber finish. This makes the mod ergonomic. Also, the Asmodus Lustro 200W mod features an OLED display with a touchscreen. This makes it easy to control the vape mod.

    Furthermore, the mod uses two 18650 mAh batteries but are sold separately. The mod uses an advanced GX 200 HUT chipsets, making it easy to control functions like temperature control. Also, it has an RGB LED light that indicates the mod's battery level.

    Asmodus Lustro uses stainless-steel threading that ensures you can connect the mod with any 510 threaded atomizers.

    Uwell Crown IV Mod 200W

    The Uwell Crown IV mod is made using Zinc alloy, PC + ABS, and aluminum, making the device durable. It has a power range of 5 to 200W and a temperature range of 100 to 315 degrees Celsius. This makes it have a good vapor production.

    Uwell Crown IV vape mod uses a 510 connector, which has an anti-leaking design. This ensures that your e-liquid doesn’t leak. Furthermore, it comes in various colors such as silver, green, blue, red, purple, and gold. This vape mod is resistant to corrosion as it has a special coating.

    Vape City Discount Coupon Code

    Suppose you want to get discounts while shopping from vape city, then you can get it through coupon codes. So, here are Vape City discount coupon codes you can use today.

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    Vape City Shop Reviews

    Vape City is an experienced one-stop vape shop in Las Vegas, Nevada. You will get top vape products from global vaping brands at this shop. Whether you want starter kits, mods, e-juices, or more, you will find them at vape city.

    Most of their customers prefer this store because of their friendly customer service team and great vaping products. Additionally, they work 24/7 and work to deliver the best service to you. Also, this shop has a comfy vapor lounge where you can sit and relax as you vape.

    Vape City Shipping: How Long Does Vape Deliveries Take?

    Unlike other vaping shops in vape city, they have a dropshipping program that ensures that you get your products on time. Mostly, it takes a day or two to ship the product to your location.

    Find Vape City Shops Near Me (My Location)

    Using this free Vape locator tool to help you to find Vape City vape shops near me (my location).

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