WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Vape City: Vape City Mods, Kits, E-Liquids and Other Vape Equipment Review

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1.     What is Vape City

Vape City is a well-known trademark specializing in selling vaping products. The brand is famous for its high quality customer service and diverse product line. Hence, you can avail great amount of items at extremely reasonable rates. The items falling under the umbrella of Vape city include nicotine salts, e-juices, mods, coil heads, tanks and much more.

Moreover, it does not disappoint the consumers and has always tried its best to achieve the aim since its establishment. The aim of the enterprise is the best customer service and provision of deals at cheaper rates than other of its kind. Hence, without further delay let's dig into more features regarding Vape city and available materials.

Vape City Products

1.     Vape City Mods

Following are some well-recognized mods available via the Vape City.

1.1.           GeekVape Aegis Mini

GeekVape Aegis Mini falls under the category of box mods and is one of the est vaping items available in the market. The tool is embedded with 80 watt rated battery and offers 17 different color configurations. Featuring a unique design with well-built exterior, the material is lightweight and compact. Metal and rubber construction are the major reasons for its enhanced durability.


1.2.           VooPoo Drag 2 Mod

VooPoo Drag 2 Mod is the best-selling unit in the market. The apparatus is embedded with Uforce T2 tank that is capable of storing up to 5mL of regular liquid. Additionally, the tool is has a firing speed of 0.01 seconds and is extremely rapid. Therefore, it offers uninterrupted vaping experience. Multiple temperature controls coupled with the FIT mode are responsible for battery, firing and clouds and low voltage operation.


1.3.           Sigelei Humvee Mod

Sigelei Humvee Mod is yet another remarkable example of box mod.  Possessing the ability to reach up 215 watts of power, the equipment is second to none in terms of performance and efficiency. Moreover, the aluminum and zinc alloy construction imparts durability to the system. Similarly, the safety features incorporated in the system include short circuit protection, PCB over heat protection, Low voltage protection and over-charge protection.


2.     Vape City Kits

2.1.           Drag 2 PnP Refresh Edition

Drag 2 PnP Refresh Edition is a popular product available in the market these days. The apparatus is especially loved by seasoned vapes and does not disappoint in terms of performance and efficiency. The highlighting feature of the item is the PnP Pod tank that has the storage capacity of around 2mL for European countries.
Similarly, the equipment can store up to 4.5 mL of regular liquid in the areas with less limitations. The coils incorporated in the system possess 0.2 ohms and 0.15 ohms resistance each and are perfect for daily use. Besides this, the zinc alloy construction coupled with the unique design of the tool makes it stand out among the rest of its counterparts and enhances its sturdiness.

2.2.           Voopoo DRAG Max

Voopoo DRAG Max is a heavy duty pod mod by Voopoo. The best part of the object is the amplified battery life and the improved wattage rating allowing you to consume 2 and a half pods without any interruption. Equipped with a large storage tank, the material is capable of storing 2mL of regular liquid.

Furthermore, the system can be converted into a standard mod with the help of a 510 adapter, which can be purchased separately.  Along with this, the multiple modes integrated into the equipment improve its performance especially the Smart mode that can automatically adjust the system settings to get maximum output. Similarly, this feature can also monitor the working of coil preventing it from over-heating.


2.3.           Innokin Endura T20S

Innokin Endura T20S is a perfect item for mouth to lung vaping. Manufactured using the high quality materials, the apparatus is sturdy and does not gets damaged easily. In addition to this, the tool is compatible with wide variety of e-juices and flavors and allow you enjoy vaping experience to the fullest.

The extraordinary performance of the unit is also attributed to the 1500mAh battery included in the system that can provide uninterrupted power supply for longer time intervals. Apart from this, the material has a maximum storage capacity of 2mL which is ideal for kits in this range. Another prominent attribute of the system is the suitability for beginners due to the minimum vapor production.

3.     Vape City E-Liquids

3.1.           Vape City Black Label

Vape City Black Label features premium range of e-juices like blue raspberry, and sweet candy flavor at the same time. The e-juice is rich and offers a calm and soothing feeling when inhaled. The dominant flavor in the item is raspberry which is sour and feels a bit itchy near the throat. Furthermore, as you advance the flavor blends with the sweetness of candy and feels extremely pleasing.

The sweetness is mostly felt while exhaling the vaping juice. As most consumers report only sour raspberry flavor upon inhalation and a sour sweet combo upon exhalation. Hence, it can be concluded that the tangy flavor dominates the sour touch to the e-liquid during the exhalation phase.

4.     Vape City Salts

Vape salts are basically nicotine based salts and can be used as an alternative to cigarettes that contain high tobacco concentration. The advantage of nicotine salt is the provision of increased strength without impacting the throat. There are diverse variety of vaping salts available under the umbrella of Vape city; most notable among which include Riberry Lemonade, Blaze, Fizzy lemon.

5.Vape City Tanks

There is a diverse range of tanks available under the Vape City banner. Mostly tanks are used to store the e-liquid and are differentiated based on their storage capacity and airflow mechanism. Vandy Vape Bonza RDA is a famous product in this regard and is integrated with side flow RDA which consists of three different rows.

6. Coils and Pods

Like many other outstanding product, Vape city is also responsible for delivering coils and pods as well. You can choose from a wide variety of options from famous brands across the globe. The best seller in this regard includes the Innokin JEM coil that is capable of lasting around 3 to 4 weeks. The item is durable and does not gets damaged easily.

5.     OthersVape City Goodies

Apart from the above-mentioned products, other significant tools available through Vape city include batteries, nicotine shots, replacement glasses and other related accessories. Batteries are an extremely essential component for regular vapes. It is important to look for substances that can last around 2 shots before running out of power. Hence, Vape city brings you products from various top notch brands spread across the world.

6.     Discounts and Promos

Vape City also offers exclusive discounts and promo codes to their loyal customers throughout the year. In order to avail these special offers, consumers are required to create an account on their official website. Other advantages available in this regard include free gifts, token exchange, order tracking and much more.

Similarly, new users are also awarded a 10% discount on their first order by the trademark. The registration and the process of signing up for bonus is absolutely free and does not require you to be pay hefty amount of money to avail the offers. So, what are you waiting for, create your Vape city account and enjoy unlimited bonus and promo codes for free.

7.     Shipping

Vape city is deeply committed to its consumers and strives its best to deliver its products as soon as possible. Shipping of all the orders is carried out within 24 hours. However, delivery time might vary depending on your location. Mostly, it takes around 3 to 7 days to get the orders delivered at your doorsteps.

8.     Reviews

As mentioned earlier, the main aim of Vape City is to achieve customer satisfaction and to deliver best products at reasonable price range. Fortunately, the enterprise does not disappoint its consumers and is renowned for its exceptional customer service and high quality products. Thus, the brand enjoys high customer satisfaction and positive reviews by a huge variety of users.Similarly you can also contact them at 0141 248 0101 or email them at support@vape-city.co.uk in case of queries.

9.     Conclusion

Hence, it can be concluded that Vape city is a heaven for majority of consumers. The reason for this is its diverse product line which ranges from kits to salts and batteries to replacement glasses. The supportive customer service and rapid shipping are other positive attributes of the Vape city which makes it best among other of its kind and are the reason for its huge popularity among consumers.

10. FAQs

Is Vape City a legit website?

Yes, Vape City has earned the trust of customers by providing them with genuine vape gears. Vape City has partnered by various popular vape brands to bring you nothing but quality and authenticity.

How can I contact Vape City?

Contacting Vape City is simple. You can email them at support@vape-city.co.uk and hear from their customer support soon or you can call at  0141 248 0101.

Where is Vape City located?

Vape City has four different stores located in across UK. You can visit there store in Argyle St, Paisley Road West, Maryhill and Shettleston. You can follow the directions given on the website to reach there without any hassle.