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Vaping and using other smoking devices has been a trend for a lot of time now as the need for normal cigarettes has decreased, and people now tend to choose Electronic cigarettes and vaporizers over cigarettes. The pods and vapes have become part of the life of smokers. As time passes by, the tobacco companies come up with new types of Pods and vapes. Not just that, the variety of new flavours has also attracted a lot of new customers to them. Another man fact that has changed the mind of smokers not to smoke normal cigarettes is that the vapes and the pods are a lot safer than the normal cigarettes as it does not have any tobacco and tar, which actually damages the lungs and other vital body parts. As the variety of the vapes and the pods have increased, many shops are only providing a certain variety of vapes and the pods to their customers, but here at Vape Boss, we are providing almost all the variety of the vapes and the pods that ae available on the market so that our customers can choose any device they want to fulfil their smoking needs.

What is Vape Boss?

The Vape boss is known as one of the leading Tobacco stores in Malaysia as it dominates the other tobacco companies in the country. We at Vape boss focus on our customer and their demands which is why we always excel at fulfilling the needs of the customers. It does not matter what vape they want and what accessories they need. We have them all to solve all the smoking problems, and the solution is at Vape Boss. The Vape Boss has been working with almost all the international companies of Smoking devices, which means that we have almost all the products of every company that is there in the market.

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Main categories of Vape Boss

New arrival

The new arrival is the category of the Vape Boss in which every new type of smoking device or the accessories that comes in the market becomes available in the vape boss new arrival category. We make sure that we make the product available first among all the tobaccos shops so that our customers can build trust in us and always choose Vape Boss when it comes to buying the latest products. The following are some of the latest arrivals that are available on the Vape Boss shop;

  • Jac Vapour Series-B DNA 75
  • Smok Morph Pod-40
  • Elfbar Lux 800 Disposable Pod
  • Aspire Favostix Pod
  • Nevoks Feelin Pod
  • Aspire Zero G Pod
  • Smok IPX 80
  • Smok Acro Pod
  • Geekvape Wenax K1
  • ZQ Trio RTA
  • Aspire Favostix Cartridge
  • Dotmod Dot AIO OCC
  • Nevoks Feelin SPL 10 Mesh OCC
  • Geekvape B Series Coil
  • Aspire Cloudflask OCC
  • Aspire Zero G OCC


There are basically three main categories that come in the devices section of the vape boss online shop. The three main categories are Disposable Pod, Vape Box Mode, and Pod system.

Disposable Pods

Disposables in the category of smoking devices refer to the device that is made for temporary usage. Most smokers buy it to try new smoking devices to check if it suits their taste or not. The disposable vapes and pods are made for limited puffs like 2000 puffs or even more. They cost less than the original device. The disposable vapes and pods are very high in demand, and many markets don’t have the stock for it all the time. We here at Vape Boss are always up to delivering our customers. Therefore, we always have the best quality disposable smoking devices at the most affordable prices for our customers.

  • Elfbar Disposable Pod
  • Elfbar 1500 Puff Disposable
  • Akso Disposable Pod
  • This Is Salts Disposable 800 Puffs
  • Bmor Selva Disposable Pod
  • Fruity Bar Disposable
  • Artery Abar Disposable Pod
  • Elfbar Lux 800 Disposable Pod
  • Nasty Fix Disposable Pod
  • Akso 1500 Puff Disposable
  • Ukeri Disposable Pod
  • Royal Cream 800 Puff Disposable
  • Zozo Disposable Pod
  • Project Ice Disposable

Box Mods and Kits

The Box mods and kits are something that every smoking device user should carry as it has the spare parts of the vape or the Pod. It basically has every piece of equipment that is required by the smoking devices. There are many shops that are providing our customers with Box modes and kits but are also offering the best prices. We ensure that our box mods and kits are the best quality ones and will fulfil the requirements of the customer. The following are some of the Box Mods and the kits that Vape Boss is providing to their customers.

  • Jac Vapour
  • Jac Vapour Series-B DNA 75
  • Geekvape Aegis Solo
  • Vaporesso Target Mini 2
  • Voopoo Drag Max
  • Voopoo Drag 3


The RTA, RDA and RDTA are known as the rebuildable coils that are used in the vapes and the pods to improve overall the quality of the smoke and the quality of the vape and the [od itself. These are a very important function in the smoking device, and not all the tobacco shops are offering these products to their customers, but we were at Vape Boss are so concerned about our customers that even these small products are available in the online shop. The following are some of the RTA, RDA and RDA that are available on the online store of Vape Boss.

  • ZQ Trio RTA
  • GeekVape Zeus X Mesh
  • Vandyvape Mesh 24 RTA
  • Super Tank Mini RTA


E-liquid is basically used in electronic cigarettes as it is the actual juice or the flavour of the E-cigarette. There are many flavours in the e-liquid category like chocolate, mint, orange, citrus, etc.; all of these flavours and many more than that are available here at Vape Boss. The following are some of rhea E-liquid that is available at the online store of Vape Boss;

  • Mary Jane Private Stock HTPC 30ML
  • COF Bubblegum Queen HTPC 30ML
  • Mary Jane Fruity HTPC 30ML
  • Bangsawan Majapahit HTPC 30ML
  • Royal Cream HTPC 30ML
  • Sober Snacks HTPC 30ML
  • COF Super Cool HTPC 30ML
  • The Lunatics HTPC V1 30ML
  • Bangsawan Camo HTPC 30ML
  • Tropicana HTPC
  • This Is HTPC Bobba 30ML
  • Baker Stoner HTPC 30ML
  • Tokyo Series HTPC 30ML
  • Milk Series HTPC 30ML
  • Ice Mountain HTPC 30ML

Vape Boss discount coupon code

We at Vape Boss always care for our customers and give them the best possible price for the products that they buy from us; therefore, we are offering all our vape and pod lovers the following discount coupon code:

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Vape Boss Reviews

Nicole K;When I first visited this shop I literally had a very positive vibe as the place was very clean and the lighting combination with the indoor design was very good. One of their employees whose name was Todd greeted me in a polite way and he was very energetic all the time. Todd first listened to me that what I need and then guided me by giving me information about the different products there, also telling about the prices and the quality of the product. I will definitely visit this place again.

Ivy W.; this place is one of my favorite place to go when I need to buy my smoking products. Everyone here is so kind and cooperative and not just that the amount of products they have with the finest quality always makes me buy more and more products from here. I really want to take all of the stuff home, love this place.

Deb K.; This place is very concerned about their customers as the staff is very skilled and knowledgeable therefore they know about their products and also know how to sell it. They will first listen to your requirements and then give you the best possible device that will suit you the best. Before leaving they also let you check the product completely by testing it so that you are satisfied

Johnny I.; This is actually one of the best vape shops that have been here so far. The staff has been always very friendly and kind. The quantity of the products especially the variety of vape juice is so huge that you will get tired of choosing the one you need. The prices are very affordable with the finest quality of the products. They even give their customers a place to chill that has sofa and tv. This is my place where I come every week to buy new juices for my vape.

Vape Boss Shipping

The Vape Boss has the policy of shipping the product to their customers within 1-4 days, and we will use various courier services to deliver their customers. The delivery charges are going to be applied on orders below 100 Rmb according to the weight. For example, the 1.5kg weight of the order will have 13 Rmb delivery charges, and the 2kg order will have 16Rmb charges applied to it. The Vape Boss also has a safe return policy as well.

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Upends is basically known as the place where the customer can look for any supply of the vape that they need according to their Vaping needs. There are many suppliers of vape on upends, and the customer can look for any of them. The process is simple in which the customer just has to click on the supply and delivery option and get it delivered to the doorstep without any trouble.