WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Uwell Caliburn Pods Near Me: flavors,price,battery,review, how many hits,how to refill

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1.Find Vape shops that sell Uwell Caliburn pods near me

Using this free Vape locator tool to help you to find Uwell Caliburn pods vape shops near me(my location)

2. What is a Uwell Caliburn pod? How much does a Uwell Caliburn pod cost?

The Uwell Caliburn Pod system is an incredible pen-style vape starter kit that is easy to carry and use. It utilizes Pro-FOCS flavor testing technology to provide vapers with the ultimate vaping experience.

It features a magnetic refillable cartridge system that can be automatically or manually activated depending on preferences. It also features an ultra light weight design with a smooth aluminum alloy construction.

 The Uwell Caliburn comes in 2 variants, the original Caliburn and the second iteration, the Caliburn Koko.

The original version comes with a 1.4 ohm pod and also comes with a black base color. It comes in a pen style vape pod. It also has a dual firing mechanism with a button which allows it to be turned off and on manually.

The Caliburn Koko comes with a 1.2 ohm pod. It is designed in a more compact square shape which allows a chain to be attached to the device, making it ideal for the user to hang around the neck. It is constructed with a single piece aluminum casing.

Their selling point is its 520mAh battery that puts it apart from its competitors.

 Price: The Caliburn Koko system Kit costs $23.99 while the original Caliburn cost about $19.99.

3. Uwell Caliburn pods review

The Uwell Caliburn has a very simple design. The device is remarkable in its simplicity. The battery has a single button on its front, along with a small LED to show battery life.

 The button not only turns on the vape, but also enables the auto draw system of the battery. This particular Pod system combines a 2ml e-juice capacity cartridge with  520mAh battery.

4. Uwell Caliburn pod battery:how long does a Uwell Caliburn pod last?

The Uwell Caliburn has a 520mAh battery capacity, considering that it doesn’t push out more than 11 watts. The device only takes around 45 minutes to charge using the included charging cable.

 Since the Caliburn pods are essentially a plastic shell around a stainless steel coil. They can hold 2ml of liquid, which is a good capacity for this type of vape. 

The life of the pod depends on how strong and how often you vape. Usually, it lasts up to 14 days after the opening. 

  • How many puffs are in a Uwell Caliburn pod?

One pod is equivalent to a standard pack of cigarettes. There are around 150-200 puffs per pod. 

5.how to open a Uwell Caliburn pod

Pop the top cap off to fill your pod device using a screwdriver (or tweezer) to open up the pod from the base.

Then, at the base of the pod, on the thinner end of the oval, you will see a little protruding bit of plastic that can be pushed with a screwdriver. The base comes out after this, in which you can see the wick and coil attached to the bottom.

6.how to refill a Uwell Caliburn pod

The Pods are extremely easy to fill. The only difficult part is to pry the mouthpiece off, especially the first time. Once the top cap has been pulled off and the coin is seen at the bottom of the pod.

The coil slots in and out smoothly, making coil changes a breeze. Simply pop the pod back inside the device, fill up your device and wait 5 minutes for the coil to prime and you are good to go.

 7. Why is my Uwell Caliburn pod not hitting(not working)?

This is a surprisingly common issue that customers have and one of the easiest to solve. The most common reason your Uwell Caliburn pod is not firing when you push the button is because the battery is dead.

 Simply plug your unit into a Type-C USB charging port and wait for approximately one hour for your device to charge.

 Another reason is probably because your device is locked. It can be unlocked by simply clicking the fire bottom 5 times quickly. The LED button will flash to indicate it is unlocked.

8. Where to buy Uwell Caliburn near me?

The Uwell Caliburn products are largely available in the United States. Since they have been banned, they can only be gotten from retailers that have them, if available.

 You can get them from retailers like: https://www.elementvape.com/uwell-caliburn

 Also can be gotten online. Factory Pods shop offers all pods affordable for all vapers to buy with just a click. So you can buy Juul Pods USA with no hassle.

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