Understand the Haze vape, Haze vape price & review, flavors, battery, colors & skins, and best place to purchase

    Understand the Haze vape, Haze vape price & review, flavors, battery, colors & skins, and best place to purchase

    1. What is a haze vape? Haze vape instructions

    A Haze vape is an exclusive vaporizer with a unique construction that produces smooth vapes. It is somewhat square in construction but ideal for light weigh handling. Most users, however, say it is larger than the other available vaporizers and find it hard for on-the-go uses.

    Nonetheless, it is very easy to use the Haze vaporizer. Finding a vape pen in the market with two separate or dual chambers can be tricky. The haze vape, in this case, is one accessory with two access chambers.

    You can either use dry herbs or wax with the haze vape (depending on your preferences). Note that different users prefer wax and oil over herbs. Wax and oils produce tasty aroma compared to the herbs.

    The haze vape comes in sturdy material making it a durable choice. It has a sturdy plastic covering and a stainless steel ventilation on the sides.

    Accessories: What’s in the box?

    The haze vapes comes with multiple accessories.

    Herb pods: The haze vape comes with two pre-loaded herb pods. These herbs pod are small in size and can fit your favorite flavor. The pods can be replaced when damaged or after a while of continuous use.

    Screens: You will also get a conduction and convection screen after purchasing a haze vaporizer. These screens help to keep the content inside the pods intact.

    Mouthpiece: You will get a set of two different mouthpiece. A stainless steel and a glass mouthpiece. The stainless steel is ideal if you can be careless at times.

    Cleaning brush:The haze vape comes with a tiny brush to facilitate efficient herb can cleaning.

    The haze vape is a flexible vaporizer. You can load either indica or sativa to the unit. Similarly, you can use both if you like. That’s not all, you can load the dry herb in three different ways (also depending on what you prefer).

    Instructions: How to use

    • Carefully open up the can to load your favorite wax flavor. You only need to load a small amount for efficient performance
    • Correctly insert the herb pod into the loading chambers. You should always ensure that the direction indicated in the herb pod corresponds to the airflow allowance
    • Scoop the dry herb until the pod is completely full. Then correctly insert it in the loading chamber and close the back lid of the vaporizer
    • Turn the haze vaporizer the other side to access the power button. It is a mid-size round button located at the top of the vaporizer
    • Turn the plastic hand back and forth to access the dry herb vape chamber and the concentrate chamber respectively
    • Set the temperature to level 3 for concentrate chamber and level 1 for the dry herb chamber. The haze vaporizer has 4 temperature settings
    • The temperature settings are usually adjusted by the power button. Press the power button to once to change the temperature settings
    • If you are not using the haze vape, the mouthpiece automatically retracts to its original spot.

    Loading the battery:

    The haze vaporizer comes with two 2600mAh batteries. However, the kit only uses 1 battery at a time.

    It is very simple to insert the battery.

    • Open the trap door at the top of the vaporizer kit
    • Insert the battery with the positive side first
    • Close the trap door and enjoy vaping experience

    Note: You will get more vapor with the conduction screen compared to using the convection screen.

    Also, you can get more hits if you let the vaporizer heat up longer.

    Cleaning: When it comes to cleaning a haze vaporizer. You need to understand the steps involved.

    • Remove the mouthpiece from its spot and clean it with the recommended cleaning solution/tooth paste.
    • Use the brush that came with the accessories kit for efficient results
    • Remove the pods and use a brush to remove any debris and herbs present in the kit
    • Remove the batteries to clean the airflow path

    A haze vape normally costs $249. But with the coupon code, you can purchase it at a discounted price of $211.

    2. Haze vape near me

    Find haze vape shops near me

    Using this free Vape locator tool to help you to find Haze Vape shops near me(my location).

    3. Haze vape flavors


    here are several different haze vape flavors/e-juices for you to consider.

    Here is a detailed list of the available flavors. So far, there are 10 available flavors to consider.

    • Raspberry sour apple
    • Passion fruit Aloe
    • Grape fruit watermelon
    • Apple berry
    • Lemon
    • Banana eruption
    • Pistachio cream
    • Papple
    • Strawberry
    • Blueberry

    4. Haze vape battery & charger

    For a haze vape to perform efficiently, it needs to be fully charged. However, an almost fully charged haze vape can also perform better.

    But note that charging a haze vape can be lengthy compared to other vaporizers. Luckily, this vaporizer can last up to 2 or 3 hours (depending on the heat level you are using).

    The haze vape batteries are replaceable. Once the batteries run out of performance even after charging, you should replace them immediately.

    Also, you cannot vape while charging a haze vaporizer. This is because haze vape batteries are usually charged separately in a charging dock.

    5. Haze vape colors & skins

    The Haze vape is available in several different skin colours. You can pick any particular accessory that fits your preferences.

    Here is a list of the available skin colors plus a few pictures to differentiate them.

    1. Black + silver grey
    2. All white
    • Purple + black
    • Green + black

    6. Haze vape coupon & promo code

    Coupon codes are ideal to get you started. You will get great discounts and burgains with the haze vape coupon and promo codes.

    Here are two ideal choices to consider.

    Haze vape discount coupon code1: Enjoy 20% off sale items.


    Haze vape discount coupon code2: stop by a Haze location to save 15% off juice today


    7. Haze vape Review

    A haze vape is a multipurpose vaporizer that uses both dry herbs and wax (depending on your preference). Just load the chambers with your favorite flavor and enjoy unmatched vaping experience.

    Quality puffs

    Unlike other vape pens, the Haze vape delivers smooth, potent, and tasty vape puffs from the available mouthpiece options.

    Quick prep time

    Open the back cover and fill up the chambers to continue. The hitting chambers also work effectively to heat up the flavors instantly.

    Portability and size

    Haze vape are small and ideal for small and large size pockets. Ideally, this particular vape is ideal on the go.

    Detach the mouthpiece from the vape and store it inside the vape pen for efficient handling.

    Easy to use

    The Haze vape is easy to refill and use.

    Drawing a haze vape is also easy after setup. However, notice that the first draws are usually lighter that the rest of the draws.

    Heating and functionality

    The Haze vape heats up significantly fast with 4 heat settings.

    Use level 2 heat settings for the dry herb vaporizer and level 3 for the wax vaporizer.

    Functional power supply unit

    You can easily remove, recharge, and replace the batteries in this particular vaporizer. When full, you will enjoy quality vaping experience.

    8. FAQ

    1) How to refill

    You have two options of loading a haze vape. Using dry herbs or wax. A Haze vape has two filling chambers.

    Open the back of the canister and load 0.2 grams of dry herb or a few drops of wax on the cotton pad. Switch the heaters to alternate between using dry herb or wax.

    2) Fake haze vape Vs real haze vape

    Differentiating between a fake and a real haze vape can be tricky. Luckily, there are two obvious differences to note.

    • A fake haze vape feels lighter than a real haze vape
    • A fake haze vape charges faster than a real haze vape

    3) Where can I buy a haze vape?

    Haze vaporizers are not so popular in distributor shops and vaping outlets. Finding a vape shop can alsol be challenging for new users.

    Thus, the best vaping shop is a reliable online store. You will find wide varieties of flavors to consider at reliable online vaping store.

    4) Haze vape not hitting

    When a haze vape is not hitting, then it could mean the heating chambers could be either blocked or damaged.

    Additionally, check the hitting coil and see if it is blocked. If it is not the case, then probably the haze vape is out of flavor.

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