WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

U Vape Shop: Your One-stop Vape Shop for Vape Devices, E-liquids, STLTH

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1. What is U Vape Shop? A Summary of Basic Information of the U Vape Shop

U vape shop has been in operation for over five years now. It was founded way back in 2016 by Liz and Chris and has remained one of the most notable names in the vaping industry. Indeed, U vape shop has been a unique name in the industry since its inception. The shop is driven by its unending desire to help people quit the bad habits of traditional smoking by offering them a more reliable and healthy option through quality vape products and accessories, informative articles, and excellent customer service.

Every product offered by the U vape shop undergoes a thorough vetting procedure to ensure that the products are in line with the standards and that they not only meet but also surpass customer expectations. If a product fails to impress, it will not be sold. And the store ensures to back this claim by offering a 30-day warranty.

So, whether you intend to quit the bad traditional smoking habits or you are a seasoned vaper looking for some excellent vape gear, the U vape shop will offer you what you are looking for. You can use the following information to reach out to the shop;




Phone/Contact number: DARTMOUTH-902-576-3666 (select option 1)

                                          HALIFAX-902-576-3666 (select option 2)

                                          BEDFORD-902-576-3666 (select option 3)

Address: DARTMOUTH-245 Waverley Road, Dartmouth, NS

                 HALIFAX-1078 Queen Street, Halifax, NS

                 BEDFORD-793 Bedford Highway, Bedford, NS

U vape Shop Store Hours:

Monday to Friday: 11 AM to 7 PM

Saturday: 12pm to 7pm

Sunday: 12pm to 5pm

2. What are the Main Products Offered by U Vape Shop?

U vape shop carries some of the most excellent vape products in the market. All products are characterized by excellent features, pocket-friendly prices, and extraordinary warranties. The following is a list of the top products you will find at U vape Shop;

  • Pod devices
  • Mod devices
  • Replacement Pods
  • Tanks
  • Freebase E-liquids
  • Salt Nic E-liquids
  • Disposables

We will briefly look at some of these products;


STLTH is one of the popular products you will meet on Uvapeshop.com. STLTH is an enclosed pod unit. It means that these pods are nonrefillable designed with a feel similar to that of a cigarette. It is one of the newest models in the vaping industry. The fact that U vape shop already has it in stock tells you how serious this shop is. The store collaborates with some of the most prominent brands such as Mofo, Savage, Lemon Drop, Fruitbae, Hope, Sub Ohm Invasion, and Naked 100. Some of the best selling STLTH include the following;

  • STLTH e-liquid pod pack - fruitbae raspberry sour apple
  • STLTH e-liquid pod pack - savage blood orange ice
  • STLTH e-liquid pod pack - savage strawberry kiwi watermelon

4. POD Systems

U vape shop has also been known to offer excellent Pod systems. Pod systems have been on the forefront as one of the key players in the vaping industry, and any serious vape shop ought to offer it as one of the key products. That is what exactly the U vape shop does. Pods are ideal options for smokers looking for convenient and fuss-free vapes. U vape shop offers stylish, sleek and compact pods that customers have always found convenient to use. Their high power with low-temperature pods makes them excellent options with nic salts.

You need quality pods, which is why you should choose one of the many pods on Uvapeshop.com. You will find multiple pod systems to select, such as the following;

  • Smok Nord 2 pod vape device kit
  • Smok ipx80 pod vape device kit
  • Uwell Caliburn Koko prime pod vape device
  • Smok Nord 50w pod vape device kit

All these pod systems come with adaptable capabilities. They have a strong and long-lasting battery capable of ensuring all-day vaping. What is even more enticing is the fact that all these pods come at pocket-friendly prices.

5. Disposable Vapes

For starters, it would be essential to understand what a disposable vape is. As the name suggests, a disposable vape is a non-rechargeable vape gadget that is pre-charged and which comes already filled with e-juice. The significant difference between a disposable vape and a rechargeable mod is that whereas a rechargeable mod can be charged when the power runs out, a disposable vape cannot be recharged or refilled once the charge and e-liquid run out. All that is left once the charge and e-liquid are used up is discarding the disposable vape. Disposable vapes can maintain upto 300 puffs per device, and this is why you should plan to try them out.

The U vape is one of the best places to find disposable vapes. Most of their disposable vapes come with a 270mAh battery and a 1.2 ml e-liquid capacity. The following are some of the disposable vapes you will find at the U vape shop.

  • Dose disposable vape device - orange ice
  • Ghost xl disposable vape device - green apple iced
  • Ghost xl disposable vape device - passionfruit ice

Most of the disposables come at extremely low prices. Some as low as 9 dollars.

6. E-liquids

A good E-liquid is characterized by an excellent scent, flavor, perfect ratio blends, and excellent ingredients. All E-liquids at the U vape shop meet all these thresholds. This is the reason why you should start planning on trying them out today. A good vape store should be in a position to offer multiple E-juice flavors, and U vape shop does just that. The store has partnered with several brands such as  Apple Drop, Blackwood, Berry Drop, Chill, Fruitbae, and Kapow to ensure they bring you several E-liquids. It also offers Salt Nic E-liquids such as new salt, nic e-liquids, tobacco, menthol, and fruit.

7. U Vape Shop Discount Coupons

U vape shop runs an exclusive reward and loyalty program referred to as U vape cloud club. Here, you can earn points through shopping, following them on their social media platforms or participating in their special events.

1. U Vape Discount Coupon Code 1:

These cloud points will help you to save on the purchase price.

2. U Vape Discount Coupon Code 2:

8. U Vape Shop Shop Customer Reviews

Here is what previous customers say about U vape shop;

I lack the right words to describe what a great place the U vape shop is. I had an easy time making my order via their website. Their customer support team kept in touch to ensure that no issues were experienced throughout the shipping journey. I was happy that they exceeded their delivery expectations more than twice. I have spent a lot of money purchasing from them because I get the value of what I pay. I will continue purchasing from them.” Anonymous

“There are a lot of great things I can say about U vape shop. Even in the midst of a pandemic, the store made deliveries to my doorstep. I later learned that it was the owner who made the deliveries, which really impressed me. I explained to him that I had opted to vape in an effort to do away with the unhealthy traditional smoking habits. Since then, the guy has kept in touch to ensure that I fulfil my goal. If you are in need of some quality vape supplies, great customer service and a friendly owner, this is the place for you.” Ryan Thompson

“I loved the customer service I received on their store in Waverly Rd. The delivery was on time, and the owner was so friendly with me. I highly recommend this store to those vapers who are after great customer service and quality vaping products. I am sure you will keep on going for more like I have always done.” Jeff

9. U Vape Shop Shipping Information

U vape is dedicated to ensuring that only customers that meet the vaping age buy and receive the product. As such, all those deemed to be minors are not allowed to shop for these products. The store will thus have to verify their ages by requiring the customers to submit their current government-issued identity document and a photo. Customers who fail to meet the verification process will be refunded all their amounts.

All shipping happen via Canada post and have a tracking feature. Standard and free shipping are delivered within 1-5 working days for all destinations in Eastern Canada and 5-10 working days for all destinations outside eastern Canada. At this time, local delivery is only available for Halifax and Moncton. All orders received before 2 PM are shipped within the next 24 hours. U vape shop offers free shipping for all purchases above $75.

10. Find U Vape Shops Near Me

Using this free Vape locator tool to help you to find U vape shops near me(my location).

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If you are having the dream of starting your vape shop, UPENDS will make your dream a reality. At UPENDS, we are proud to offer a wide selection of quality vape products that will drive your business to the next level. It is an ideal option because it provides you with everything you need to start and run your vape shop.