Tugboat Disposable Vape Pods. A Review of 3 Tugboat Disposable Vape Pod in 2021

    Tugboat Disposable Vape Pods. A Review of 3 Tugboat Disposable Vape Pod in 2021

    Disposable vape pods are not a waste of money. One might think, what is the point of getting a disposable vaporizer when you can acquire Vapes that you can refill twice or thrice! Tugboat has painstakingly developed a long-lasting vaporizer that lasts for long, and the quality of the vaping experience is as premium as vaping can get.

    Tugboat has several disposable pods at their disposal. And all of them will deliver a high standard experience. As much as they may have only one life cycle, the pods are very consistent.

    Tugboat disposable pod / 3 packs

    This pod comes in a great set of three.  The rectangular buttonless vape pod is designed to deliver a vaping dose equivalent to an impressive 20 average cigarette packs.

    Alongside its long-lasting capabilities, the pod comes with a fully charged battery so that you can begin vaping after unboxing it.  Furthermore, the battery doesn't lose charge quickly in its lifetime. It weighs a resounding 150 grams and comes in a laid-back black color.

    You will also enjoy the fact that the pod offers an assortment of different flavors to choose the most suitable for you. Tugboat also ensures that the vape pod comes already prefilled with salt-nic e-liquid. The nicotine volume in this pod is about 5.0 %, and not forgetting it is full of 50mg of saltanic when you purchase it.

    This pen will accompany you for a memorable three months vaping journey. Although the pod has a delicate look and feel about it, looks can be deceiving. It is a hardy pod that can survive rigorous and adventurous vaping escapades.

    This 300 puffs packed vape pod has a capacity of 1.2 ml of e-liquid capacity, and it is pretty easy to use. It enhances a draw activation method to kick it into action. You will find that it was crafted to deliver amazingly robust hits consistent throughout its life when you finally use it.

    The for mouth to lung vaper has a resounding cigarette feel that you will appreciate.

    How to Use the Tugboat disposable pod| 3 packs

    This pod doesn't utilize a button to swing it on into vaping mode. Instead, the pod is activated when you place it between your lips and give a good draw out of it. Then you will enjoy every draw out of this mouth to lung vaporizer.

    Pros and Cons of Tugboat Disposable Pod/ 3 Pack


    • It comes in 3 pieces per pack
    • It does not lose the battery charge easily
    • It has about 300 puffs per pod
    • Accommodated saltanic
    • Easy to use
    • Comfortable handling
    • Consistent


    • It is not refillable
    • It has a relatively small range of flavors
    • Only one color offered

    Tugboat XXL disposable vape pod

    One main thing that quite distinguishes this pod from other disposable pods is the simple fact that it averagely has about 2500 puffs in its lifetime.  This sleek black pod has been designed to last long and continually delivers enormous hits with each draw.

    This rectangular column-designed pod is comfortable in your hands and is not prone to leaks as it might be suspected. It is meant for MTL vapers, and I guarantee you a hefty dose of nicotine in each pod.

    This wonder pod is a true King of range, and it has an astonishing battery capacity of 1000 mAh which When you fully charge, it will feel like an eternity before the pen runs out of charge. It also operates with a 1.8-ohm coil for efficient heating of the e-liquid. The pod only weighs about 57 grams and comes in only black color.

    The pod is also an epitome of portability, and its actual dimension is about 105 mm in length by 19 mm in width and 18 mm deep.  You will also have a variety of flavors for you to enjoy. Unlike the Tugboat disposable pod 3 pieces per pack, the Tugboat XXL disposable pod only comes in one piece per pack but is generously packed with more puffs per pod.

    You will discover that the pod is also a buttonless one that depends on a straightforward principle of the draw to activate vaping. The nicotine volume of this pod is a whopping 5.0% and comes prefilled with 6.5 ml of e-liquid and 50mg of Nic dose for a longer and mellow vaping range.

    Another noticeable feature Is its versatility and portability of its vapor dispenser, which lives you with nice hefty hits per draw.

    Pros and Cons of Tugboat XXL Disposable Vape Pod


    • It has a vast e-liquid holding capacity
    • Very portable
    • User friendly
    • Has a reasonable weight
    • Comfortable handling
    • Has a good dose of nicotine
    • Battery last for long
    • It has a wide range of flavors to accompany it


    • It does not support refill

    Available flavors for  Tugboat XXL disposable vape pod

    • Cool mint. The exotic crispness and fruity notes
    • Cola ice. An awakening cola with the chilly explosion
    • Grape ice. Fruity notes of grapes
    • Strawberry watermelon. A well-balanced blend of vibrant strawberry and subtle watermelon notes
    • Mango guava. Mixed marriage of vibrant guava and luscious mango
    • Blue Razz. Explosive rage of blue razz
    • Lemon grapefruit. Freshly lemons coupled up with fruity notes of grapefruit.

    Tugboat vape disposable pods/800 puffs

    Unlike its other counterpart, this great pod has been pushed to the limits by boosting its vaping capabilities. The puffs per pod have been spiked to an impressive 800 puffs per pod to give it a more reasonable long vaping life.

    It will excite you with a much longer life and consistent good features until the last puff. The Tugboat vape disposable pod/800 puffs come in with a handy battery power of 420 mAh that retains a good amount of charge even after frequent use.

    Although the pod only comes in one piece a pack, it is pretty loaded with a relatively good amount of juice.

    This pod comes in only one color for you, and if black is your favorite color, this pen will surely entice you. The pod has an e-liquid capacity of 2.2 ml so that it journeys with you for quite a long time. It has a nicotine volume of 5.0 % and a nice sleek feel about it.

    Its actual dimensions are 102mm by 26.2mm by 9.9mm; with this petite feel, I am sure you will find it so easy to tug it along in almost every sphere of your daily hassles

    This pod is also a buttonless vape; like most Tugboat Vapes, it utilizes the draw to activate technology. You will also enjoy its not modest ten flavors and the fact that it comes already prefilled with salt-nic e-liquid.

    Pros and Cons of Tugboat Vape Disposable Pods/ 800 Puffs


    • Very portable
    • Easy to use
    • Buttonless vape activation
    • A comfortable handling experience
    • Packed with high nicotine
    • It supports a lot of flavors
    • It has a good battery


    • It comes in only one color
    • It does not support refilling

    Flavors for the Tugboat vape disposable pod/800 puffs

    • Mango guava
    • Grape ice
    • Lush ice
    • Pineapple ice
    • Cool mint
    • Lychee ice
    • Strawberry watermelon
    • Blue razz
    • Strawberry banana


    How many times can I refill my Tugboat vape XXL pod?

    Tugboat XXL disposable pod does not support refilling; as its name suggests, it is disposable after being used. It accommodates approximately 2500 puffs per pod. However, you can choose a variety of flavors to suit your vaping needs.

    I ordered my Tugboat vape pod online, but I am wondering where my order is!

    When you make an order online, you will be offered a tracking number that will be emailed to you after the purchase goes through. Use the tracking number to do regular check-ups for your order.

    Can I change my Tugboat disposable pod's battery more often?

    The pod does have a perfect built-in battery. If used averagely, it will last as long as the e-liquid does.

    I did receive my order, but unfortunately, it is the wrong one. What should I do?

    Mix-ups might happen quite rarely, but if they do happen, please contact the supplier that you purchased the pod from through their official contacts.

    Do the Tugboat disposable pod 3 packs come with gifts and offers?

    Gifts and offers depending on the suppliers for promotional purposes. However, these pods come three in a pack when purchased as a standard unit.

    How do I clean and store my Tugboat disposable pod? Dust and greases might be a common source of problems for your vaporizer, occasionally wipe your pod with a dry cloth and store it upright.

    Is my Tugboat XXL disposable pod splash proof?

    Unfortunately, this is not the case; avoid splashing liquids on your pod and storing it in a dump-free place.

    Wrap Up

    Tugboat disposable Vapes have been made for your taste buds and senses.

    Each puff is guaranteed to ease the struggle of life.

    You will experience a bold puffing orderly to the last draw. Don't forget that the brand has prioritized your health.

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