Top Vaporesso Wholesalers Major Cities and Towns in the United Kingdom

    Top Vaporesso Wholesalers Major Cities and Towns in the United Kingdom

    Have you been looking for a Vaporesso wholesaler in the United Kingdom? Then you don’t need to worry as today you will get to know their locations in major cities and towns in the UK.

    So, if your vape customers have been demanding Vaporesso vape products, then it is time to stock your vape store with the right and high-quality products. Additionally, Vaporesso is a Chinese vape company established in 2015 and specializes in vaping products.

    Some of the products include; vaping kits, tanks, replacement glass, vape pens, coils, and more.

    So, today, you will get to know how to locate them and their contacts without taking much of your time. Let’s start.

    10 Vaporesso Wholesalers in Top Cities and Towns in the UK

    In this section, you will learn more about the Vaporesso wholesalers. And for ease, below is a table with the wholesaler's name, contact, and location.

    Vaporesso Wholesalers

    Main Products



    JM Wholesale Limited

    Vape kits, coils, pod kits, replacement glass, and Mod kit


    Leicester, United Kingdom

    BKS Tradeline Limited

    Core coils, Mod, vape kits, pod kits


    Colchester, United Kingdom

    CS Distro



    Haydock, United Kingdom

    E-Cigarette Wholesale UK

    Coils, replacement glass, vape kits, accessories, Mods, Sub Ohm Tank, RDA, RBA & RTA, and batteries



    Oldbury, United Kingdom

    Vape Supplier

    Replacement coils, Pod kits, Pod Mod kits, Sub Ohm Pod Mod, replacement glass, vape tank, coils, and vape kits


    Birmingham, United Kingdom

    Vape Superstore

    Pod kits, vape kits, mods, vape pen, vape tank, replacement coils, and coils


    London, United Kingdom

    Flawless Vape UK Distribution

    Vape kits, pod kits, replacement pods, coils, glass, Mod, and ohms


    Leicester, United Kingdom

    Premier Vaping

    Mods, coils, vape kits, and disposable pod


    Stockport, United Kingdom

    Evolution Vaping

    Vape kits, mods, coils, tanks, replacement glass, and pod kits


    Birmingham, United Kingdom

    Vape Base

    Disposables, vape kits, vape coils, tanks, Pods, and accessories


    Watford, United Kingdom


    1. JM Wholesale Limited: Vape & E-Liquid Wholesale UK

    Website: https://jm-wholesale.co.uk/collections/vaporesso

    Location: 1 Brook Street Whetstone Leicester LE8 6LA, United Kingdom

    Our top pick for Vaporesso wholesaler in the United Kingdom is JM Wholesale Limited. At JM Wholesale Limited, you will get a majority of Vaporesso vape products like;

    • Vaporesso Swag 80W kit
    • Vaporesso GT Cores Mesh Coil – 0.18 ohm
    • Vaporesso XROS pod kit
    • Vaporesso Veco Solo extended replacement glass
    • Vaporesso Target 100 Mod Kit

    These are some of the products you can purchase wholesale from JM Wholesale limited. Their prices are affordable, and you can buy the products online.

    The store is open from Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM. However, they are closed on weekends and bank holidays.

    Visit JM Wholesale Limited and purchase Vaporesso products wholesale.

    1. BKS Tradeline Limited: Wholesale & Distribution

    Website: https://www.bkstradeline.com/default/hardware-brands/vaporesso/

    Location: 5 Commerce Way, Colchester CO2 8HR, United Kingdom

    Do you need to stock your vape shop with the right Vaporesso vape products? Then BKS Tradeline Limited is the best bet for your wholesale needs when it comes to Vaporesso products. This wholesale vape distributor is in Colchester, United Kingdom.

    At BKS Tradeline Limited, you can get core coils, Mod, vape kits, pod kits, and more. Currently, BKS have a promotion for the Vaporesso XROS. When you purchase five XROS, you will get one free. So, make a visit to BKS Tradeline Limited’s website and purchase Vaporesso vape products wholesale.

    1. CS Distro: Vape Wholesale and E-Cigarettes UK

    Website: https://www.csdistro.co.uk/vape-coils-uk-wholesale/vaporesso-coils-wholesale-uk

    Location: Unit 13, Winchester Road Haydock Industrial Estate Haydock WA11 9XQ UK

    Are you in search of Vaporesso coils on wholesale? Then CS Distro is the vape store to go for wholesale Vaporesso coils in Haydock, United Kingdom.

    This supplier will get you Vaporesso coils at an affordable price to get great value for your vape customers. Furthermore, CS Distro was started in 2011 and is a significant supplier of vape products in the United Kingdom.

    Apart from Vaporesso products, you can purchase others like vape pens, mods, pods, e-liquids, and more. Visit CS Distro today to get high-quality Vaporesso coils.

    1. E-Cigarettes Wholesale UK – Wholesale Vape Supplies UK

    Website: https://www.ecigarettes-wholesale.uk/vaporesso

    Location: 5, Evans Easy Space, Roway Ln, Oldbury B69 3EG, UK

    E-cigarettes wholesale UK is widely known for supplying vape stores in the United Kingdom with the finest vape products. This is to meet the market trends as the vaping trends in the United Kingdom is changing within a short span.

    So, if you own a retail vape shop and would love to stock it with Vaporesso vaping products, please visit E-Cigarettes Wholesale UK today. At the wholesale store, you will get Vaporesso products like;

    • Coils
    • Replacement glass
    • Vape kits
    • Accessories
    • Mods
    • Sub Ohm Tank
    • RDA, RBA & RTA
    • Battery

    For you to get all these products wholesale, it will be best to visit E-Cigarette Wholesale UK.

    1. Vape Supplier: UK’s Leading E-Liquid & Hardware Distributor

    Website: https://vapesupplier.co.uk/collections/vaporesso

    Location: Vape Supplier Ltd, 33 Bennetts Hill, Birmingham, West Midlands, England, B2 5SN

    Are you searching for Vaporesso replacement coils, Pod kits, Pod Mod kits, Sub Ohm Pod Mod, replacement glass, vape tank, coils, or vape kits? Then vape supplier is the UK’s leading when it comes to Vaporesso vape products.

    It would be best to consider partnering with vape suppliers because they offer free fast delivery, same-day dispatch, Saturday delivery, and unrivalled VIP services. Therefore, contact vape suppliers today for the best Vaporesso vape products.

    1. Vape Superstore: Leading UK Supplier of Kits, Vapes, and E-Liquid

    Website: https://www.vapesuperstore.co.uk/collections/vaporesso

    Location: Unit 19, Lockwood Industrial Park, Mill Mead Rd, London N17 9QP, United Kingdom

    Another Vaporesso wholesale distributor in the United Kingdom is Vape Superstore. It is in London, United Kingdom. At Vape Superstore, you will get various Vaporesso products such as pod kits, vape kits, mods, vape pens, vape tanks, replacement coils, and coils.

    I love Vape Superstore because they have free delivery on orders above £20. Also, they have an easy return of 30-days, and you can purchase the Vaporesso products at the lowest price.

    1. Flawless UK Vape Distribution: All the Best Hardware, Liquids & Accessories

    Website: https://www.flawlessvapedistro.co.uk/collections/vaporesso?page=2

    Location: Unit 15, 40 Highcliffe Road, Leicester, UK, LE5 1TY

    Flawless UK vape distribution is another well known wholesale vape distributor of Vaporesso products. You will get vape kits, pod kits, replacement pods, coils, glass, Mod, and ohms at their store.

    Apart from Vaporesso vape products, you can also get other items on wholesale, such as e-liquids and more. Without taking much time, get to click the website link above and learn of Vaporesso vape products you can get from Flawless UK Vape Distribution.

    1. Premier Vaping

    Website: https://premiervaping.com/search/vaporesso

    Location: Reddish, Stockport SK4 1PQ, United Kingdom

    Getting Vaporesso vaping products on wholesale is not simple. But that job is not challenging anymore. This is because we have a verified Vaporesso distributor in the United Kingdom. This is the Premier Vaping. You can purchase Mods, coils, vape kits, disposable pods, and much more.

    All you need to purchase wholesale is to visit their website or contact them via email. Therefore, don’t go for expensive Vaporesso vaping products. No! you can get affordable ones and at wholesale from Premier Vaping.

    1. Evolution Vaping: E-Liquids, E-Cigarettes, & Accessories

    Website: https://www.evolutionvaping.co.uk/catalogsearch/result/?q=Vaporesso

    Location: 594 Kingstanding Rd, Birmingham B44 9SH, United Kingdom

    Evolution vaping is another accredited Vaporesso wholesale distributor. You can find various Vaporesso products at their stores, such as vape kits, mods, coils, tanks, replacement glass, pod kits, and more.

    Working with evolution vaping is advantageous because they have a high spec and user-friendly online ordering system. Secondly, there is no minimum order quantity, and once you create a wholesale account, it will take thirty minutes to be verified.

    So, what are you waiting for? Visit their website today, get the best wholesale services, and stock your shop with Vaporesso products.

    1. Vape Base: UK’s Leading E-Liquid and Hardware Wholesaler

    Website: https://www.vapebase.co.uk/products/vaporesso.cfm

    Location: 27 Greenhill Cres, Watford WD18 8YB, United Kingdom

    Our final Vaporesso wholesale distributor in the United Kingdom is vape base. It is in Watford, UK. They deal with a variety of vaping products like e-liquids and hardware from various brands. However, today we will only focus on Vaporesso vaping products.

    So, on wholesale, you can purchase Vaporesso products like disposables, vape kits, vape coils, tanks, Pods, and accessories. So, don’t look for any other wholesale Vaporesso distributor. Vape base is the dealer to partner with for the right products for your customers.

    About UPENDS

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    After thorough research from various sources, we came up with the trusted Vaporesso wholesale distributors in the United Kingdom. So, when you need to purchase Vaporesso vaping products wholesale, it is best to consider the ten wholesalers.

    Also, don’t forget about UPENDS. As a retailer, you can expand your business by becoming an UPENDS wholesale distributor. I hope this guide has been helpful to you. It will be best if you share with friends and family in the vaping business if it has been. Thank you. Good Bye!


    To use the UPENDS website you must be aged 21 years or over. Please verify your age before entering the site.