The NJOY is a widely known brand in vaping scenes. The Company was founded in 2006 by an enthusiast known as Mark Weiss.
    Cigar vape pens are portable vaporizers that have been made to mimic the look of normal rolled cigars.
    A buttonless vape pen is a kind of vape pen is unique in its way since it contains a rechargeable lithium battery and an atomizer that heats the oil and automatically converts it to vapour.
    The Himalaya vape is one of the best natural vapes ever produced.  It has zero artificial flavours, thinners, solvents and carriers. 
    The Knox vape pen is a portable vaporizer that can be held in the hand. The vape pens from Knox are medical grade and have gained so much reputation for being some of the most effective treatment options available.
    The kandypens K vape pen is the newest dry herb vaporizer released by kandypens. The pen adds onto the list of many awesome products that kandypens have released into the vape market.
    The ROIL vape pen is a portable hand held vaping device that hails from the mighty STOK company. 
    The Oasis is a type of vaping pen that you can throw away once the battery runs out or when you are done with it. It has a capacity of 250mg and un-chargeable cartridges and coils.
    The Migo vape pen is a game-changer vaping experience for both beginners and those who are experienced. The Migo vape batteries are designed to outdo the other eGo batteries.
    The pop vape pens are new designed disposables that use nicotine salts to deliver nicotine content.
    The R Vape Pen is a portable vaporizer kit from the famous line This Thing Rips from the STok brand, widely known for its durability and massive cloud production.
    Tsunami is an American company that is hell bend to take your vaping to higher heights. Their vaping products are proudly made in America: They have been both designed and developed in the United States with utmost attention to details.


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