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Ziipstock (https://ziipstock.com) Vape Shop: Wholesale Vape Supply Reviews and Store Located Near Me [Disposables, Juul Pods, Salt Nic and Delta, Kratom and Many More]

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The acceptance of vaping as an alternative to smoking has seen a rise in demand for various vaping equipment. To make sure you get the best vaping equipment as a vaper, there are numerous vape equipment shops that are opening up. These vape shops may act as online stores or physical shops but serve you with the best vape tool you need. One of such vape shops is Ziipstock. 

Here is more about Ziipstock;

What is Ziipstock?

Ziipstock is one of the major online vape shops that stock a wide selection of various vaping equipment for your vape. At Ziipstock, you can always get different disposable vapes, Salt Nic e-liquids, CBD&Delta, Kratom, JUUL Pods, and much other vaping equipment that you may need.

All the vape equipment available at Ziipstock vape store are sourced from the best vape equipment developers, thus guaranteeing you high vaping quality, durability, and thus, value for your money.

You can connect with the Ziipstock Vape Shop through;

Twitter: @Ziipstock

Facebook: Ziipstock Vape

Instagram: ziipstock

Contact Number: 


Customer Service Hours: Mon-Sun 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Ziipstock Vape Shop Main Products

Ziipstock Vape Shop has a vast collection of vaping equipment that includes;

  • Disposable Vape Pens
  • Salt Nic E-Liquids
  • CBD & Delta
  • Kratom
  • JUUL Pods

Disposable Vape Pens

At Ziipstock Vape Shop, you will find a wide selection of disposable vape pens that they source from top manufacturers. These vape pens are compatible with most vape Pods in the market and are developed with the latest vaping quality to fit the changing vaping technology.

Some of them include;

Air Bar Diamond Disposable – As you pay Ziipstock Vape Shop a visit, you will always find a large collection of Air Bar Diamond disposable vape pens. Ziipstock Vape Shop always makes sure you get this disposable vape on its shelves as it is exceptional, giving you the vaping experience that you need.

It is engineered in a slim, sleek, and straightforward design engulfing all the vaping features that you need on this slim body. You will enjoy the draw-activated firing mechanism that makes it possible for you to vape even without any prior vaping technology.  

It comes with a pod capacity of 1.8ml, which translates to 500 puffs. This volume is enough to allow you to vape for a long before disposing of it for the new one. Its 380mAh battery capacity is powerful enough to make sure you enjoy the 500 puffs without compromising on quality.

Posh Plus XL Disposable Vape – At Ziipstock vape shop, you are also assured of getting Posh Plus XL Disposable Vape. It is exceptional as it is available in a wide selection of flavors that you can choose depending on your preference. The flavors include; Blue Raspberry, Ripe Mango, Peach Mango Ice, Minty Mint, Grape, Cuban Tobacco, Kiwi Strawberry, among others.

You will also love the fact that Posh Plus XL Disposable Vape allows you to enjoy up to 1500 puffs. This is true as it comes with an e-liquid capacity of 4.5ml that carries your favorite flavor and 4.5mg/ml nicotine content.

Its draw-activated technology, together with the LED light display, also adds up to making Posh Plus XL Disposable Vape exceptional.

Cali Ultra Disposable Vape - Cali Ultra Disposable Vape is always available on the shelves of Ziipstock Vape Shop because it is exceptional, and many vapers count on it. It comes with an e-liquid capacity of 8ml that translates to 3200 puffs before it is depleted. Powering it is a 1250mAh capacity battery that makes sure you get the 3200 puffs before it is also depleted.

You can get it in different flavors, including Blue Raspberry Kiwi Lemonade, Frozen Peach, Fuji Apple Grape, Strawberry, Watermelon, Might Mint, and many more.

Delta Disposables

Good Vibez Delta 10 Disposable Vape – This Delta Disposable vape has 800MG delta 10 THC and gives you 300 draws before it is depleted. You can find it in Wedding Cake flavor, Blue Dream flavor, and Sky Walker flavors.

Happi 2g Delta 10 Disposable Vape – With Happi 2g Delta 10 Disposable Vape, you are guaranteed a smooth vaping experience as it incorporates the in-built preheat function. It comes with a 2ml oil capacity with a 520mAh capacity battery that allows you to enjoy vaping for a long; hence, value for your money.

Happi 2g Delta 10 Disposable Vape is available in Sour Diesel Delight, Banana Runtz, Blue Dreams, Strawberry Smile, Ice Cream, Apple Fitter, among other flavors.

Salt E-Juices

The Ziipstock vape shop makes sure you also get different SaltNic e-juices that are sourced from popular brands and stocked with different delectable flavors.

Here are some of the SaltNic e-juices;

NKD100 Salt Amazing Mango E-Liquid – This e-liquid comes with a mango flavor. It is packed in a 30ml bottle with a 50mg nicotine concentration. Its ingredients include nicotine, VG, and PG.

Ziip Honey Dew Melon Nicotine Salt E-Liquid - Ziip Honey Dew Melon Nicotine Salt E-Liquid comes with a flavor of honeydew melon. It has a 30mg/50mg Salt nic by weight. Its ingredients include PG, VG, Benzoic Acid, nicotine, and flavor.

Zalt Berry Lemonade Salt E-Liquid - Zalt Berry Lemonade Salt E-Liquid comes in a 30ml bottle with a berry lemonade flavor.

Eonsmoke Sour Gummy Worms Nic Salt E-Liquid - Eonsmoke Sour Gummy Worms Nic Salt E-Liquid is another Nic Salt e-liquid that is available on Ziipstock shelves. It also comes in a 30ml bottle with 60mg nic salt by weight. Its ingredients include PG, VG, glycerol flavoring, benzoic, and even nicotine.



Some of the JUUL pods from Ziipstock include;

JUUL Pods Menthol 4ct - JUUL Pods Menthol 4ct is one of the best JUUL pods that you can obtain from the Ziipstock Vape Shop. It comes with a capacity of 0.7ml with 3% or 5% salt nic by weight.

Ziipstock Vape Shop Discount Coupon Codes

As a customer of Ziipstock Vape Shop, you will always enjoy shopping for different aping equipment at discounted prices using the coupon and discount codes. Some of the codes include;

Ziipstock Vape Shop Coupon Code 1: ABV10

Ziipstock Vape Shop Coupon Code 2: WNTR10

Ziipstock Vape Shop Coupon Code 3: MOM

Ziipstock Vape Shop Coupon Code 4: UQOP-RF0Z-7PC2

Ziipstock Vape Shop Review

Ziipstock Vape Shop is among the best vape shops that serve you as a one-stop vape shop for all the vape equipment that you need. If you need disposable vapes, Ziipstock Vape Shop makes sure that you get them at your disposal as you visit them. Apart from the disposables, Ziipstock Vape Shop makes sure that you get the best and high-quality JUUL pods, Salt Nic E-Liquids, Kratom, CBD & Delta, among other vaping equipment.

What you will also love is their shipping policy and pocket-friendly prices on all the vape equipment you order.

Ziipstock Vape Shop Shipping: How Long Do Vape Equipment from Ziipstock Vape Shop Take?

Ziipstock Vape Shop offers you shipping services on the vaping equipment that you order from their website to a destination of your choice. If you are in the Midwest U.S, the estimated shipping time of your orders is 2-7 working days. For the rest of the U.S country, it may take more than eight days to have your orders delivered.

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