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Vape Train Online Vape Shop: Vape Train Vape Supplier and Store Located Near Me (DIY Concentrates and E-Liquids)

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With the acceptance of vaping and the use of vaping equipment, there are many vape shops that are opening near our ecosystem. This is in response to serve the rising demand for vaping equipment by the rising number of vapers. 

As you need vaping equipment, you need to locate the best vape shop open near you or the one that you can access online and get the best vape tool you may be looking for. To help you in getting an insight into different vape shops, we, as UPENDS, have set aside this blog to allow you to understand more about the best vape shops you need to consider.

One of the notable vape equipment shops is the Vape Train Vape Shop that can supply you with many vape equipment, including DIY concentrates and E-Liquids. 

What is Vape Train?

This is an Australian-based online vape shop that mainly deals with the supply of E-liquids, DIY Flavor concentrates, and other vaping equipment acceptable in Australia. The Vape Train Vape shop was formed with the aim of supplying as a vaper and their customer with DIY concentrates and E-Liquids with varying flavor and nicotine content. 

You can contact Vape Train through their website or through the following channels.

Twitter: @Vapetrain

Facebook: Vape Train Australia


Contact Number:


Customer Service Hours: Mon-Sun 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM 

Vape Train Vape Shop Main Products

As you plan to visit the Vape Train on their physical location or through their website, you are assured of getting a wide collection of DIY Concentrates and E-Liquids besides interacting with their experienced staff. 

Here is what you expect from Vape Train;

DIY Concentrates

DIY Concentrates are e-liquids that you mix on your own at home. But because you may not be familiar with the ratio at which you need to mix the said e-liquids to come up with the desired concentration, the Vape Train assists you in doing it. 

Here are the common DIY Concentrates from the Vape Train;

Almond DIY Concentrate – this is a DIY Concentrate that comes with a flavor that mimics that of raw almonds. If you are planning to vape bakeries, tobacco flavors, candies, nuts, creamies, and even the chocolate-flavored e-liquids, then the Almond DIY Concentrate is the best as it blends well with them.

The Almond DIY Concentrate is mixed at different concentrations to feature the best concentration you require for your specific vaping. 

For instance, the Almond DIY Concentrate is mixed with food-grade water flavorings ingredients that include; suspended PG, Ethanol, and imported natural and natural flavorings. 

Anise DIY Concentrate – This DIY Concentrate from Vape Train is exceptional as it mimics the flavor of star anise. This means that if you are a fan of aniseed flavors, then you will enjoy vaping using the Anise DIY Concentrate.

Apollo Feijoa Flavor DIY Concentrate - Apollo Feijoa Flavor DIY Concentrate derives its flavor from an exotic Feijoa fruit that is characterized by a juicy and sensational flavor. The Apollo Feijoa Flavor DIY Concentrate pairs well with berries, stone fruits, and even desserts, candy, bakery, and even tobacco flavored e-liquids. 

Blueberry Candy Flavor DIY Concentrate - Blueberry Candy Flavor DIY Concentrate gives you a super sweet blueberry candy flavor that Vape train utilizes in variable flavors to give you the best. 

Blueberry Candy Flavor DIY Concentrate is realized from the DIY mixing of blue slushy or making of blueberry waffle and also jam mixed donut. This allows you to realize a solid flavor that fits into candy, bakery, and even desert-style recipes.

Vape Train E-Liquids

Vape Train also makes sure that when you visit them, you will not miss your favorite e-liquid. Some of the best e-liquids you can obtain from Vape Train include;

Frozen Pineapple Yoghurt E-Liquid – This is a delicious vape e-liquid that is the best for you if you love a combination of fruits and yogurt. It has the yogurt taste as the dominant taste, but you will also love its refreshing and invigorating effect. 

Frozen Pineapple Yoghurt E-Liquid comes in a 120ml bottle that has a nicotine content of 3mg.

Affogato Coffee & Ice Cream E-Liquid – If you like drinking coffee and like coffee taste generally, then Affogato Coffee & Ice Cream E-Liquid is the best e-liquid for you from Vape Train.

Affogato Coffee & Ice Cream E-Liquid combines espresso coffee flavors and vanilla ice cream to give you a dense coffee flavor that will leave you craving for more puffs. Affogato Coffee & Ice Cream E-Liquid exceptionally gives you a sweet vanilla taste when you inhale and a drizzled rich espresso when exhaling. 

Acai Berry E-Liquid - Acai Berry E-Liquid comes in a 60ml 0r 100ml bottle both in freebase, 3mg nicotine content, and 6mg nicotine content. This means that you only choose the best capacity and capacity and nicotine content depending on your vaping experience. As a beginner vaper, you need to start from freebase (omg nicotine content) as you advance to 3mg and later 6mg after familiarizing yourself with vaping.

Acai Berry E-Liquid gives you a fresh Minty flavor mixed with sweet and Acai berries and cooling menthol that gives you a satisfactory vaping experience. 

Amaretto E-Liquid - Amaretto E-Liquid is another exceptional e-liquid from Vape Train. It has been crafted with bitter almond and peach pits that give you a liquor sensation meeting your vaping expectations.

Its flavor is extracted from a combination of spices and herbs realized after they are soaked in an apricot kernel that helps in realizing the amaretto taste.

Banana Cheesecake E-Liquid - Banana Cheesecake E-Liquid blends a rich cheesecake and banana flavor to give you a flavorful vaping experience. It is available in a capacity of 10ml, 30ml, and 120ml bottles. 

Banana Cheesecake E-Liquid is the ultimate dessert vape if you need one. It is built from the bottom up on a crumbly biscuit base and then added to a ripe banana to give you an irresistible creamy dessert vaping experience.

Black Forest E-Liquid – if you have consumed the black forest before, then you could love vaping using the Black Forest E-Liquid. This e-liquid is layered with ganache icing, maraschino cherries, thickened cream, shaved dark chocolate embedded between thin layers of chocolate cake.

Vape Train Discount Coupon Codes

From time to time, the Vape Train Vape shop offers different discount coupon codes that you can use to shop at discounted prices. Some of their coupon codes include;

Vape Train Discount Coupon Code 1: FREE50

This discount coupon code allows you enjoy shopping at 30% off the normal prices.

Vape Train Vape Shop Reviews

Many people who have visited Vape Train Vape Shop before have given it positive reviews. Vape Train Vape Shop is a convenient vape shop allowing you to navigate through their website, view their vape DIY and e-liquids, and place your order. 

As Vape Train Vape Shop specializes in DIY concentrates and E-Liquids, you can be assured of getting the best from them without missing. They have a wide variety of e-liquids drawn from the best e-liquid developers. Here you will find all kinds of e-liquids with variable nicotine content and variable flavors.

Vape Train Vape Shop Shipping: How Long Do Vape Train Deliveries Take?

Vape train offers shipping services for the orders you place through their website. All the domestic orders placed on the weekdays will always take 24-48 hours to reach your destination. All the orders you place on the weekend will be shipped on Mondays.

Note that the Vape Train does not offer shipping services on public holidays in Australia.

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