WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

3F Vape Shop: Vape Equipment Supply Reviews and Stores Located Near me (Pods, Mods, Atomizers, Accessory and more)

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After quitting smoking, vaping is   the best alternative that you can use to continue enjoying the nicotine hits without burning tobacco. Vaping is considered a safer way of quenching your cravings for nicotine hits as it does not expose you to adverse health effects.

As a vaper, you will need to employ the services of vape equipment that will facilitate the act of vaping. The 3F Vape shop is one of the best vape equipment supplies that makes sure you get the best vape equipment to facilitate vaping.

Here is more about 3F Vape;

What is 3F Vape?

3F Vape shop is a professional online vape shop where you can source all your vaping equipment from. This vape shop base its operation in Shenzhen China and has integrated immensely to make sure you receive the best electronic cigarettes usually shipped to a destination of your choice. Since its formation, 3F Vape has strived to make sure they select the best quality vape tools and bring them closer to you every day.

As you plan to shop from 3F Vape, you can get in touch with them through;

Twitter: @3fvape

Facebook: 3FVape

Instagram: 3fvape

Phone Number: +86-19129983078




Customer Service Hours: Mon-Sat 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM

3F Vape Main Products

3F Vape stocks a variety of vape equipment that are characterized with high quality hence guaranteeing you quality vaping. Here are some of them;

  • Mods
  • Pods
  • Atomizers
  • HK
  • Accessories

3F Vape Pods

At 3F Vape you can find both the Pod cartridges and Pod systems. Some of them include;

Vaporesso XROS Nano -Vaporesso XROS Nano is an authentic vape kit system that is easy to use and gives you excellent and outstanding performance. It is powered by a 1000mAh capacity battery that allows you to enjoy vaping without stopping before it is depleted.

Vaporesso XROS Nano allows you to enjoy a 2ml pod capacity of your favorite e-liquid. You can choose Vaporesso XROS Nano depending on the choice of the e-liquid you want in terms of nicotine strength and flavor.

Even with the wonderful performance of Vaporesso XROS Nano, it still comes with a slim and sleek design. Its dimensional size of 1.92 x 2.48 x 0.59 inches allows you to carry it on your pocket without any inconveniences.

Rincose Jellybox SE Pod System- Rincose Jellybox SE Pod System is one of the powerful and versatile vape pod system that you can get on the shelves of 3F Vape.  It is constructed from the Zinc alloy and a satin material finish that makes is not only glossy but also durable.

Rincose Jellybox SE Pod System makes use of a 500mAh capacity battery that is powerful enough to allow you to vape for a while before it is depleted. This combines with its pod capacity of 2.8ml to make sure you enjoy a long-lasting vaping hit after hit.

Joyetech WideWick Pod System - Joyetech WideWick Pod System is powered by a 800mAh capacity battery that allows you to enjoy vaping for a while before it is depleted. Joyetech WideWick Pod System assures you continuous vaping even with its 2ml e-liquid capacity that also allows you to vape for a while before the next refill.

With a dimensional size of 0.93 x 4.45 x 0.49 inches, you can travel with Joyetech WideWick Pod System and enjoy vaping as you travel. It can also fit on your pocket uniformly without causing any inconveniences.

3F Vape Mod

The 3F Vape shop also allows you to enjoy vaping using their high-quality mods. Here are some of them;

Dovpo Riva Box Mod - Dovpo Riva Box Mod is one of the authentic vape mod that you can get from 3F Vape. Dovpo Riva Box Mod is featured with outstanding features that makes it outstanding. One of the remarkable feature is its 250C chipset that ensures fast firing speed and other advanced vaping settings.

You can enjoy the physical look of Dovpo Riva Box Mod’s real leather together with Zinc Alloy that gives you a great feel as you hold it while vaping. You can also enjoy shopping from different colors including Silver, Black, Gunmetal, and even Vintage Brown.

Rincoe Jellybox Mini Box Mod - Rincoe Jellybox Mini Box Mod is developed using the zinc alloy and high-end PC that makes it sturdy and anti-drop. This material is durable and anti-scratch making it durable and serving you for long.

The 1x18650/20700/21700 removable batteries power your Rincoe Jellybox Mini Box Mod are rechargeable through its Type-C port.

Dazzleaf Ezii Mini Wax Starter Kit - Dazzleaf Ezii Mini Wax Starter Kit is one of the best starter kits from 3F Vape. It adopts a transparent body providing a good visual impact more so when you need to monitor the e-liquid level.

Dazzleaf Ezii Mini Wax Starter Kit is powered by an in-built 380mAh capacity battery that is rechargeable through a 510 USB charger. Its 10 seconds preheating feature making your vaping hits exceptional.

3F Vape Shop Herb and Wax Vaporizer

3F Vape Shop also stocks up to 32 different Herb and Wax vaporizers that you can also shop.  They include;

Green Fire Cannateen Dry Herb Vaporizer - Green Fire Cannateen Dry Herb Vaporizer is an exceptional vaporizer having the best battery in the market. Powered by a 1600mAh battery, Green Fire Cannateen Dry Herb Vaporizer assures you long vaping time before stopping for the next recharge.

The variable temperature of Green Fire Cannateen Dry Herb Vaporizer is another amazing feature. It allows you to vary the temperature between 356℉ – 428℉. This allows you to determine the strength of the puff you get.

3F Vape Shop Discount Coupon Codes

The 3F Vape Shop allows you to shop at discounted prices using different coupon codes. Here are some of them;

3F Vape Shop Coupon Code 1: 2021NewYear

This code allows you to shop your favorite vape equipment at 5% discount.

3F Vape Shop Coupon Code 2: Mayday2021

3F Vape Shop Coupon Code 3: 2021BlackFriday

This code allows you to shop at 8% discount off the selling price of the vape products from 3F Vape Shop.

3F Vape Shop Reviews

3F Vape Shop is an amazing vape shop that you can always count on for supply of various vaping equipment. Since its establishment, 3F Vape Shop always strives to make sure you always get the best-quality vape equipment at a pocket-friendly price.

They have numerous vape equipment that vary from numerous mods, the pods from renown pod developers, different atomizers, accessories and many more.

Amazingly, 3F Vape Shop allows you to shop different vaping equipment. They offer discount coupon codes that you can use to buy different vape equipment at discounted prices.

3F Vape Shop Shipping: How Long do Vape Orders from 3F Vape Shop Take?

3F Vape Shop allows you to visit their website and place your orders then they can ship all your orders to the destination of your choice. The shipping time from 3F Vape Shop relies on the shipping method you choose from their four shipping methods.

  • 24 hours when the vape equipment you order in in the 3F Vape Shop warehouse
  • Normal Shipping – which takes 3-14 days after you pay for the ordered goods
  • Pre-Order – this is when your order a specific vape equipment to be developed for you. Before you place the order, you will be notified on the time limit depending on the vape equipment you want.
  • Coming soon – this means that the product is not in the store and you need to wait till the product is released.
  • Sourcing on Demand- this is when you order a product that is not in 3F Vape Shop stores and need to be sourced from an external store. This takes up to 14 days to be delivered.

Find 3F Vape Shop Vape Shops Open Near me (My Location)

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