Sour diesel vape review, existing flavors, coupon & promo codes, price, battery, and best place to purchase

    Sour diesel vape review, existing flavors, coupon & promo codes, price, battery, and best place to purchase

    1. What is a sour diesel vape? Sour diesel vape instructions

    Sour diesel vape is a natural brand by HONEY inc. Sour diesel is specifically manufactured to give you energy boosting sensation without any negative side effect.

    The sour diesel vape pen, on the other hand, is a unique handy accessory that allows you to enjoy vaping anywhere you go.

    Sour diesel brief origin

    Unfortunately, there are few information concerning sour diesel origin. Though, according to reliable sources, this strain originated from underground marijuana in the early 80’s.

    Sour diesel strain

    Sour diesel comprises of 10% indica and 90% sativa. Ideal for use with the sour diesel vaporizer.

    Both indica and sativa have positive effects on the human body. Indica, for instance, is associated with a feeling of relaxation, sleepiness, happiness, and euphoric. Sativa will often stimulate your body and make you feel high.

    So, after smoking two puffs of the sour diesel vape, you will get a tangible cerebral spark.

    Inhale the recommended doses using the sour diesel vaporizer each day.

    Terpenes composition

    The terpenes in the sour diesel strain delivers a hard-hitting psychological effects to your body. Also, it contains Caryophyllene.

    Sour diesel vape manufacturer use Caryophyllene to give the sour diesel strain a distinct smell and taste which is similar to natural pepper and basil.

    Likewise, if you want a strong pungent and skunky strain that boosts your energy, then the sour diesel strain is what you need. Choose a cartridge that matches your vaping session and insert it in the vape pen.

    Luckily, all sour diesel cartridges are available for purchase on reliable online stores and vape shops near you.

    Effects of sour diesel vape

    Sour diesel vape is one strain that gives you an energizing feeling. Not only that, it makes you relax at the same time. Hence, if you are feeling exhausted and do not have revitalizing energy, then take a few puffs of the sour diesel strain.

    Additionally, sour diesel vape strain gives you an overwhelming feeling that is unique and cannot be compared to the other vaping solutions.

    Inhaling the sour diesel (as recommended on the cartridge) increases your happiness levels and reduce stress at the same time.

    There are no side effects nor any negative effects to your body after inhaling the sour diesel strand.

    Sour diesel vape cartridge

    This is an ultra-potent and pure cannabis strain for heavy marijuana hitters. The sour diesel cartridge contains 95% THC. Also, the cartridge is available for purchase in 1g to 28g.

    The cartridge goes for approximately $10. Depending on the amount.

    Here is a breakdown.

    • 1G of the cartridge retails at $10
    • 5G of the cartridge retails at $30
    • 7G of the cartridge retails at $60
    • 14G of the cartridge retails at $100
    • 28G of the cartridge retails at $175

    It is cheaper to purchase larger cartridge samples than the smaller doses.

    You can also use promo & coupon codes to purchase the sour diesel cartridges at reduced price.

    Sour diesel disposable vape pen

    The sour diesel disposable vape pen is a super slim cylindrical vaporizer that is light but extremely functional.

    The vaporizer is compatible with the sour diesel cartridge.

    Instructions to use

    Using a sour diesel is straightforward.

    Accessories: The pen comes with a USB charger and its charging head.

    1. Screw the cartridge on the pen and start vaporizing the sour diesel strain. Once the cartridge is over, you cannot refill it nor recharge the pen itself.
    2. As you vape, check the battery levels via the color indicators. Blue, red, and purple.

    Blue is full, Purple is average, and red is critical.

    1. Charge the vape pen. It takes about 2 to 3 hours to charge a sour diesel vape pen
    2. Enjoy vaping experience

    As a vaper, you have 100 puffs. Also, the cartridge needs to be replaced when it is depleted.

    2. Sour diesel vape near me

    Find sour diesel vape shops near me

    Using this free Vape locator tool to help you to find Sour Diesel Vape shops near me(my location).

    3. Sour diesel vape flavors

    The sour diesel vape has standout flavors to pick. Note that all the available sour diesel vape flavors are certified and healthy. Additionally, the sour diesel flavors are exclusive and deliver a thrilling feeling in the body.

    You can pick any of the 11 available flavors below. The first four flavors are the most commonly sort after flavors in the market.

    1. Cool mint flavor
    2. Citrus flavor
    3. Bubblegum flavor
    4. Rose flavor
    5. Coffee tobacco flavor
    6. Bee and milk nut flavor
    7. Passion fruit flavor
    8. Lychee jujube flavor
    9. Hami melon flavor
    10. Mixed fruit flavor
    11. Aloe Ganoderma flavor

    4. Sour diesel vape battery & charger

    Sour diesel vape pen comes with a multifunctional USB charger and a charging port.

    You can notice the battery level via the three color notifications. Blue, red, and purple.

    • Blue:Indicated that the battery is sufficiently charged
    • Purple: Indicates that the battery level is drained and is below the average mark.
    • Red: Indicates that the battery level is depleted and needs to be charged immediately.

    It takes approximately 2 to 3 hours to charge a sour diesel vape pen.

    Note that you can use it for 100 inhalations once it is fully charged. Also, the cartridge needs to be replaced when it is depleted.

    5. Sour diesel vape colors & skins

    Sour diesel vape is available in limited colors and strains. Heare are three skin colors available for purchase.

    • Yellow
    • Green
    • Orange

    6. Sour diesel vape coupon & promo code

    Sour diesel vape discount coupon code1: Get 30% off Ejuice.Deals Coupon.


    Sour diesel vape discount coupon code2: Get 15% off eJuice Direct Coupon, Promo Codes.


    7. Sour diesel vape Review

    Sour diesel appearance

    This particular strain has a classic pot-like appearance. The leaves of the strain are somewhat greenish with slightly pink pistils.

    The sour diesel strain also has frosty nuggets which are tiny but shinny at the same time.


    It takes about 2 hours to fully charge a sour diesel vape pen.

    When fully charged, you can enjoy up to 100 puffs. Which is quite reliable for vapers.

    Sour diesel puff effects

    Vaping a sour diesel strain has its positive effects.

    Anxiety, stress, headache, and mild depression:

    The sour diesel strain gives you energy when dealing with stress and depression. Many users have confessed feeling uplifted after vaping the sour diesel strain.

    Compatibility and construction

    The sour diesel cartridge is compatible with the vape pen. You will not have difficulty whatsoever trying to fix the cartridge in the pen.

    Furthermore, the pen’s construction is durable. The pen comes with quality plastic which will not break or even crack when mishandled.

    Easy to use

    The sour diesel vape pen is very easy to use. You only need to understand three simple steps.

    • Charge the pen
    • Connect the cartride
    • Enjoy

    8. Frequently Asked Questions

    1) How to refill

    Buy a cartridge that contains your favorite flavor and replace it with the empty cartridge on your vape pen.

    Pick a cartridge is loaded with 0.5ml or 1ml and attach it to the vape pen.

    2) Fake sour diesel vape Vs real sour diesel vape

    A real sour diesel vape is available with 0.5ml and 1ml cannabis distillate cartridge. The fake sour diesel brand is available with more than 1ml cannabis distillate cartridge.

    Also, check the physical construction of the sour diesel vape housing. A real sour diesel vape has durable plastic housing while the fake sour diesel vape has a thin and delicate housing.

    3) Where can I buy a sour diesel vape?

    Sour diesel vapes are not so challenging to find or purchase. Find a vaping shop near you or find an online store which offers reliable sour diesel vaping solution.

    4) Sour diesel vape not hitting

    Usually, the battery contact of a sour diesel vape may be coated or even clogged. As a user, inspect the chamber for any sign of coating.

    Alternatively, check the airflow vent. Airflow vents and inlets are common issues that affect the hitting mechanism.

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