Sonic Screwdriver Vape Pen. A Complete Review of the Sonic Screwdriver Vaporizer

    Sonic Screwdriver Vape Pen. A Complete Review of the Sonic Screwdriver Vaporizer

    What is a sonic screwdriver vape pen?

    The sonic screwdriver vape pen is a modified vape pen to resemble the dr who screwdriver from the Sonic the Hedgehog movie. This particular pen can be classified as a high-quality vape pen that works well with e-liquids.

    Featuring a powerful battery that is enough to power the sizeable device. The vape pen has a big oil tank that is good for vaporizing e-juices and maintaining the flavors, taste, and smells. With its improved mods, you are assured that you will get some high-quality performance.

    The vape pen is not as discreet as you would imagine, but the screwdriver outlook and design make it more of a lower cell that you can still walk around with comfortably.

    The device is rated with quality functionality and gives you entirely satisfactory vapor. The powerful battery is sufficient for providing all the power requirements of the device operations. You are assured of uninterrupted vaping when your device is fully charged.

    Even with its robot design, the vape pen is straightforward to use, and beginners have a developed a liking for it, especially since it has a fancy structural frame.

    When loading your liquids, you have to unscrew the device because it has a 510 threading for the cartridges. Ensure that you have a good drink in the cart so that when you turn on the device, the pre-heat feature will get to prepare your liquids for some good hits.

    Once this step is complete, you can take a draw to enjoy some good huge clouds.

    The sonic screwdriver vape pen is similarly sturdy in design, but the minor extensions have made it weightier. All in all, some people still prefer using it. The device comes at a pretty much low price tag, and you can not regret investing in one of the units. 

    Whether you are a beginner or an advanced vaper, you do not have to worry about this pen. It will still give you some quality sessions, and you get the best out of the liquids. 

    Features of the sonic screwdriver vape pen

    • The pen is a single button control device that is optimized for easy usage
    • Variable voltage feature that is adjustable to fit your vaping demands
    • The cell is a direct draw inhalation mechanism device
    • You get a quick pre-heat quality of fewer than three seconds
    • The device is quite fancy, and you cannot shy from carrying it around everywhere you go
    • Has a big tank that holds a larger quantity of e-liquids

    Refilling your sonic screwdriver vape tank

    With such a device, you might get worried about depleting your substance, and you find people vaping carefully to avoid running out of juice. But you do not have to worry about getting your device refilled for another run.

    Prepare your device

    Before doing any refills, ensure that your battery is separated from the tank to avoid soaking the battery with liquids that will ruin its functioning.

    Check your tank

    Vape tanks cannot be used for an extended period, but you have to ensure that you properly care for them at all times. You first have to remove the protective ring and the plastic cap. Take a keen look at your wicks to ensure no burn marks on the wick. If anything seems off, you will need a new tank.

    Start refilling

    To refill your tank, you will need to use the dripping method using a syringe or a dropper. To do this, you will need to slightly bend your cart to an angle so that there will be no spillage when you are refilling. Keep dropping a few drops until your tank gets full.

    You need approximately 30 drops of e-liquid to refill a whole tank. The use of syringes and droppers is the best method for making refills, but if you have another technique in hand that works perfectly, you are at liberty to use it as long as it does not cause spillage.

    It is important to note that your tank should be refilled at only three quarters, and if you do it full tank, you will lose a few drops when you are setting up. When you are confident that the procedure is successful, slide back the rubber stopper and plastic cap.

    Getting good vape hits

    The ultimate goal for mist vape enthusiasts is to get a good hit that has soft effects. Getting dry hits can be disappointing to any vaper, and you must take care of your device to avoid dry collisions. Dry crashes occur when you let your cartridge run out of liquid.

    To prevent that from happening, here are a few things to do.

    Check your coils

    You need to check if your tank has anything that looks off. Any leftover liquid in there then could be the cause of problems. Check your coils and ensure that they work perfectly. Replace any faulty locks within two weeks

    Do not vape on empty tanks.

    You need to check your tanks frequently, especially with a concealed device such as the sonic screwdriver. You always have to keep your liquids at half the tank or three quarters. This is necessary to prevent spillages and also refill your tanks twice daily.


    Prime your coils

    When refilling your tanks, place a few drops of liquid on your coils and wicks so they can absorb the solution to prepare your device for use. 

    FAQs about the sonic screwdriver vape pen

    Sonic screwdriver vape pen not working

    The sonic screwdriver vape pen is complicated in design, and you need to check for many things if it stops working. To confirm the functionality,

    Press on the power button five times consecutively until your pen powers on. When it activates, take a draw and confirm it is working. If it does not work, check on your cartridge connection, and a loose or poor connection can cause problems with your vape pen.

    How do you select the best vape pen?

    Selecting a vape pen sometimes could be challenging, but the simple fact about it is that it all comes down to personal preference and desires. To choose a suitable cell needs you to pay attention to a few things to get what is good for you. 

    1. The quality of the pen matters a lot, and you need to get yourself a vape pen that will hold you through your sessions for a while before you seek a replacement. You need to have a device that works for you and promises good results. 
    2. The price of the pen is significant. It would be best if you worked with something that falls within your budget without overstretching to afford it. Make sure the price you pay is what  you had intended for 
    3. Type of vape pen, there are choices between e-liquid, wax, essential oils, and dry herb vaporizers. You need to understand what kind of pen you are dealing with and the intended usage before you proceed to buy one.

    Where can I buy the sonic screwdriver vape pen?

    The sonic screwdriver vape is s modified pen, and it is not easy to come across them. The best place to get one is from online dealers who handle the customization of vape pens and another online store that keep these individual stocks.

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    The sonic screwdriver vape pen started as a comic mode to mimic Dr.Who from sonic the hedgehog movie, and from there, it grew to become one of the most liked vape pens within the vaping community. Even though it is not very common and available, it still stands as one of the unique devices introduced into the vape market.

    It would be pretty amazing if these devices get recognition and a mass production takes place so that many people can get to enjoy these products. In terms of performance, it does well as a vape pen, and it is just an upgrade to your standard vape pens.

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