SMOK Vape Pen 22 Kit Review and Instructions

    SMOK Vape Pen 22 Kit Review and Instructions

    SMOK at a glance

    If there’s one company that lives up to its name, it has to be SMOK. The company was formed in 2010 and is based in Shenzhen. This is one of the most industrialized and innovative towns in China. The company deals with the research, development, and production of e-cigarettes. As such, you can expect nothing but stellar results.

    It produces not only e-cigarettes but also s-juices and other crucial vaping products. And to ensure that the vaping community stays up to breast with tech advancement, they have a robust community. And as expected, they ship to all countries where vaping is legal.

    SMOK Vape Pen 22 Kit Review

    In this section, we will review their SMOK Vape Pen 22 kit. This is one of their latest products that features stellar technology for on-the-go vaping. Let’s have a look.

    Smoke Vape Pen Design

    The Vape Pen 22 comes in a minimalistic yet feature-rich design that allows for quick yet effective vaping. With a wide range of colors to choose from, it is an ideal option for him and her. You get it in black, silver, red, blue, 7-color, and gold colors. This not only spices up your vaping experience but also cements your trendiness.

    You’ll also love how portable the pen is. It is lightweight and portable allowing you to slip it in your jacket pocket or bag. Besides, you can easily conceal it with your hands so you can vape on the go. The cartridge is ultra-clear so you can know when the e-juice is ready for refill or replacement.

    Another thing you’ll love about the pen is how easy it is to remove and install components. This allows you to replace the atomizer, batteries, coils, and other components.

    And when it comes to the aesthetic aspect, well, the company has done a stellar job. For example, the brand name placing is meticulously done. It is placed at the bottom of the pen so you can show it off when vaping.

    Smoke Vape Pen Features

    The vape pen 22 comes with a 1650mAh battery ideal for extended vaping. In fact, this can support more than 1000 puffs. This means you can vape the whole day on a single charge which is not the case with most vape pens.

    And to ensure the battery is always charged, it comes with a USB port where you can connect it to a power source using a USB cable. This means that you can charge it with your laptop, power bank, or car. The best part: you only need an hour or so to charge it fully.

    It has a single button that is used to power it on and off. While you cannot adjust the temperature settings, this single button allows you to do anything with the pen. It is easy to press and placed at an easy-to-reach position.

    Another vital feature is the strip coil that features technology patented by SMOK. This is to ensure that you the vaper get an unmatched vaping experience. The coil comes with a larger heating area so that the e-juice can produce the flavor in desirable quantities.

    Also, its construction ensures that e-juice absorption is as expected ensuring that it is heated to desirable levels. In fact, this new technology ensures that heat does not accumulate around the coil. This heat accumulation is common with a conventional coil which leads to the burning of components.

    In short, the strip coil will afford you just the right flavor and cloud needed.

    And to ensure unmatched airflow, the Vape Pen 22 is equipped with two air slots. They allow ample air to pass through the atomizer ensuring optimal e-juice heating. This also allows you to draw just the right amount of vapor.

    Smoke Vape Pen Safety features

    SMOK manufacturer its products with safety in mind. It is for this reason that this pen is equipped with safety features that are second to none. In fact, it is rare to find them on most vaping devices. So, which are they? Let’s find out.

    It comes with an 8-second cut-off feature. This ensures that the vape pen is running only when you are vaping reducing power wastage.

    With the low resistant protection, the Vape Pen 22 cannot overheat. While this also ensures it produces dense clouds and heats the oil to the required temperature, it also mitigates chances of burning other components.

    And to avoid short circuits, it comes with a short circuit protection feature. As expected, it also comes with a low battery warning. As such, you’ll know when to recharge it and when to plug it out of the power source.

    In fact, it comes with an intelligent battery indicator. When you take a puff, it will blink 4 times and when the battery is low, it will blink 15 times.

    How to Use Smoke Vape Pen

    Using the SMOK Vape Pen 22 is a walk in the park.


    • Unscrew the mouthpiece and drip tip with one hand.
    • Second, pour the e-juice around the drip tip. Pouring inside the air valve will damage it, so make sure to pour around the drip tip.
    • After this, screw the mouthpiece to its rightful place. Let the vape pen stand for a few minutes. This allows the cotton to absorb the e-juice. Now, you can enjoy vaping.

    To turn it on, press the power button once. To switch it off, long-press the button. As you can see, it is easy to refill and use the SMOK Vape Pen 22. So, if you are a novice vaper, this pen might be the ideal option for you.


    • It comes in a minimalistic design with only one button
    • It is easy to refill
    • It comes with a long-lasting battery
    • Ideal for beginners
    • Quality make


    • You cannot adjust the temperature settings.
    • It is not ideal for avid vapers

    SMOK products Review: is SMOK good?

    Well, SMOK is arguably one of the best vaping companies in the world. As it stands, SMOK is absolutely good for any vaper. In this section, we look at some of their main products.

    RPM 4 Kit

    This is yet another stellar product from SMOK. It is extra-sophisticated compared to the Vape Pen 22. As such, it is an ideal option for avid vapers. However, it is portable, lightweight, and features a stylish design. It comes with a 1650 mAh battery allowing for sustained vaping and robust performance.

    You can get it in any of the 10 colors. Besides, you can control the temperature and wattage for that personalized experience. With it, you can rest assured of long endurance, fast refueling, and stable performance.


    • Added features
    • Stable performance
    • Affordable
    • Quality, elegant, and stylish


    • Not ideal for beginners

    ARCFOX Kit

    If you want a vaping pen that will offer unmatched longevity, get yourself the ARCFOX Kit. It comes with a 18650 long-lasting battery. It has a maximum output of 230W ensuring you get that extra punch when vaping. What’s more, it featuresa  TFT display, type C charging port, control buttons, and more.

    This kit is also waterproof, dust, and shockproof. This is quite the thing for outdoor enthusiasts. That said, it is lightweight, portable allowing you to carry it around. What’s more, it comes in elegant colors that you will love.


    • Advanced features
    • Easy to press buttons
    • A TFT display
    • Durable


    • Not ideal for beginners
    • The user interface is not friendly


    NOVO 4 Kit

    Looking for a small yet feature-rich vaping kit? Well, why not get the NOVO 4 Kit. This vaping device features a small, minimalistic, yet sophisticated design. It dwarfs the SMOK Vape Pen 22 but is smaller than the ARCFOX Kit.

    That said, it packs just the right features for a good and satisfying vaping experience. It comes in ten colors such as cyan pink, fluid 7-colors, and more. its output ranges from 5W to 25W ensuring that you get nothing but the best puffing experience.


    • Minimalistic design
    • Lightweight and portable
    • Easy to use
    • Stellar output


    • The lifespan of the battery is short


    What are the different types of SMOK vape kits?

    SMOK offers you a large assortment of vaping kits such as the NOVO 4 KIT, RPM 4, ARCFOX KIT, IPX 80 KIT,MORPH 2, RIGEL MINI KIT, ACRO KIT, and the MORPH POD-40.

    How long does the SMOK Vape Pen 22 last?

    The VAPE Pen 22 can last for several hours ensuring you enjoy an unmatched vaping experience.

    How do I choose the best vape?

    To choose the best vape, you need to factor in your needs. Do you want a vape kit that will last you a day? A few minutes? Or hours? Likewise, do you want a portable or desk vape kit? These are some of the aspects you need to consider before making a purchasing decision.

    How do I know when my Vape Pen 22 is charged?

    The pen will flash once the pen is fully charged.

    Why is my vape pen not working?

    Well, this could be due to depleted batteries. Another cause could be caused by filling the airflow tube with an e-juice.



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