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Smart Cart Vape Pen: A Review of the Features and How to Use the Smart Cart Vape Pen

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What is a smart cart vape pen

Smart cart is an oil vape pen designed and manufactured by the California-based vape shop that goes by the same name. They sell various vape and marijuana products from cartridges, edibles, grass, and many more.

Smart cart is known as a company that delivers quality products to the market, and this is one reason people have developed a liking for smart cart products.

The smart cart vape pens are authentic products because they are well tested before they are released to the market for use by the public.

Smart cart vape products had to change their packaging because many fake vape pens with the smart cart [packaging had hit the market, and they had to do a change to bring more quality products with a different outlook and design. 

The smart cart vape pens are highly potent because they are organic and do not contain any kind of solvents in them. You are assured of quality THC when you purchase a smart cart vape pen

Smart cart vape pen features

  • Equipped with a 510 threading for connecting the components of the pen such as the cartridge and many more
  • It has a 380mAh battery that assures you power for quite a good time and gives you quality heating.
  • You get an adjustable voltage device that lets you personalize the power output the machine is operating.
  • It has atomizer protection that senses change in heat conditions and protects your coils and wicks from damage.
  • It comes with short circuit protection that ensures that it protects your phone when it discovers a circuit short.
  • Low voltage protection feature that switches off your device when the voltage goes down and can ruin your battery life
  • It is installed with overcharge protection that lets your device indicate when charging is complete to avoid running down your battery.
  • It comes with a micro USB charging, and some of the pens come with an eGo USB charger that is getting common with vape pens in the market today.
  • You get a pass-through charging that allows you to vape even when your battery is being charged.
  • Single-button operation that maintains the simple outlook of the pen, making it easy to use
  • LED light indicator that alerts you on the power usage of your device

Smart cart pen design 

The intelligent cart vape pen is designed to look like the default cigarette-looking vape pens. It comes with a luminous green that sets it apart from other vape pens that would fall under the same category.

Compared to other vape pens, the intelligent cart has more weight, but the size is pretty much that of an average vape pen. This device can easily fit into your pockets, but it also comes with a smart cart-designed casket for storage.

Just like you would expect in an average e-cigarette, the smart cart also has a middle button that lights up the device when you turn it on and off.

The cartridge on the smart cart vape pen has a glass chamber. This chamber lets you see how much liquid is left in the cartridge.

So, that you do not run out of oil in the middle of a vaping session. This makes it easy for you because you do not have to take the device apart to see what is going on in there.

The smart cart vape pen is known to have the best organic THC and CBD oils so you will not have to worry about the quality. You can use any 510 threaded cartridges for your oils if you feel like you need something else apart from the intelligent cart vape.

The most delighting part about this device is that even the charger itself comes in either 510 threading or mini USB cable, so you are assured that your device gets a quality charge that is enough to last you for a longer time. 

The charge-through feature of the vape pen lets you enjoy some excellent vapes even as your phone charges. So you do not have to worry about interrupting your session. 

Smart cart vape cartridges

Being a brand that is well known for having quality organic cannabis oils, the intelligent cart vape cartridges have passed all tests and experiments required before they are released to the market.

The cartridges are fitted with the mouthpiece complete, and all you need to do is insert your cartridge in a pen and start vaping.

The smart cart cartridge has a green mouthpiece and a green base that gives it a look complementary to the device battery. Generally, this is one of the beautiful vape designs you will see around.

How to use the Smart Cart vape pen

The smart cart vape pen is one of the most straightforward vape pens to use. This comparison is for similar oil vape pens available.

To use the smart cart vape pen, the procedure is pretty similar to most vape pens.

  1. After taking your pen out of its casing, unscrew the cap from the pen to expose a 510 threading connection for the cartridge.
  2. Screw in your pre-filled tank into the battery threading, and be sure that it is carefully locked in place to avoid leakages and short-circuiting.
  3. Please press on the power button five times rapidly to turn it on
  4. Press on the power button thrice rapidly to select a suitable voltage setting you would like to use
  5. The preheating process, once done, you will take a draw from the device, and you get to enjoy your vaping


Smart cart vape performance

With a 380mAh battery and preheating feature, it may take some time before your vape pen catches up with the selected voltage setting. Once this process is complete, take a draw from your vape by inhaling it from the mouthpiece. The vapor quality you get depends on the type of cartridge you are using and the voltage settings. 

It is good to start on low voltages to get a slight vapor quantity, then work your way up as the machine adjusts its performance with the change in temperatures.

The voltage adjusting feature helps you maintain the optimum temperature required for you to get an excellent high. All these can help you control your vaping experience.

With a 380mAh battery, the smart cart vape seems to be underpowered because devices that use oils need more heat to vaporize high viscosity oils. This only means that you will have to recharge frequently or settle for lower viscosity oils.

Pros and cons of the smart cart vape pen 


  • Adjustable voltage feature lets you control your vaping temperatures
  • The vape pen is cheaper going by the quality of organic oils 
  • The see-through cartridge with mouthpiece mounted on it enables you to see how much oil you have left in the chamber
  • Suitable quality coils that burn the oils well and ensuring you do not get a burnt flavor
  • Pass through vaping feature lest you vape even when you are charging the pen
  • 510 threading that fits most of the available cartridges in the market to give you a super vaping experience


  • Most smart cart vape pens have been said to be fake, so it is not easy to get the original.
  • The battery capacity is small for this kind of vape pen

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The smart cart vape pen is equally smart if we go by the brand name. Having a vape pen with quality organic oil is what every vape user would want. These vape pens assure you of premium quality and California technology that is well known among vapers. Try these quality cartridges today, and you will never regret them.