ROIL Vape Pen. A Complete Review of the ROIL Vape Pen

    ROIL Vape Pen. A Complete Review of the ROIL Vape Pen

    What is the ROIL Vape pen

    The ROIL vape pen is a portable hand held vaping device that hails from the mighty STOK company. The name stok is a figure to reckon in the vaping scene with their specialization in making vaporizers, atomizers and coils. The company has gained so much in terms of their products delivery and these pens are gaining so much following.

    In their latest development, the company have taken their time to develop a pen that is good in performance and trying to get away from the usual vaporizers.

    With the introduction of the ROIL pen, they introduced the first magnetic connection pen to their collection. The system is compatible with both oil and wax cartridges. These cartridges are easy to interchange and they are well protected from leakages.

    Design and build of the ROIL Vape pen

    The Stok company has used the eGo style battery on their device and they actually did a good job with this pen. The pens have a clearomizer that gets attaches to the top of the pen, compared to many more that use the bottom coil clearomizers.

    This brand comes with unique pens that have bright colors ranging from luminous green, orange and black. The unique color is what you will notice when you see the device.


    The ROIL vape pen employs an enclosed battery system that is safely protected behind the aluminum outer casing. This gives the vape pen a sustainable outlay which drifts away from the commonality we see in every other vape pen.

    Besides the super magnetic connection, the ROIL vape pen has a magnetic USB charging that allows you to vape when you are still charging

    Features of the ROIL Vape pen 

    • The pen comes with dual ceramic coils for heating the substance 
    • The unique signature airflow system is a good performer 
    • The superior ceramic rods on the coils are quick to heat up
    • The chamber is made from a translucent polycarbonate material which allows for visibility of substances.
    • The magnetic slip in connection is makes it easy to connect the detachable parts of the pen
    • The ROIL has a 650mAh battery fitted with a microchip processor for storing twice the amount of power.

    Performance of the ROIL Vape pen

    The ROIL vape pen could be classified as a performer with its built in battery having a capacity of 650mAh and is well enclosed behind the outer casing. With the dual power storage processor, the pen is bound to last you longer than you would expect from normal vape pens. The battery is a performer that you can trust.

    With a fully charged pen, you may get between 6 ton7 hours of vape sessions. From the external design of the pen, the pen is good if you love colorful pens that are appealing to the eyes. We have mentioned that with the power storage feature, and the additional pass through feature, you can vape as your pen gets charged.


    The ROIL vape pen has also jumped on the ship for companies that use the single button control method. To start the pen, you have to press the button consecutively for five times and to control the voltage  press the button three times. When you turn on the device, the preheat feature runs for three seconds and it heats your oils and cannabis waxes efficiently  to give good first hit vapor.

    Incase you are using the pen and forget to take a draw for more than ten seconds, the cut off time protector will switch the pen off to preserve your battery. This helps the coils stay active for longer without getting burnt or even depleting your oils.

    The timing on the activation button is installed to protect your device from misfiring when you place it in your bag or pockets. It would be good if you remembered to put your pen inside the casing to avoid more damage to it when placed in the open.

    The safety of the cartridge should not be a concern when you are using the ROIL vape pen, it is well protected by the outer shell so incase of an accidental fall, it will not break or start rattling. If you arena seasoned vaper, the pen may need to be recharged once or twice a day because with the coils, it burns a lot. But you need to moderate the charging to protect your battery life.

    ROIL Vape pen tanks quality

    The ability of a vape pen to produce vapor is one adequate reason why people would choose to buy the pen. When selecting the ROIL vape pen, you are not getting anything less than delivery. The pen has improved on vapor production capabilities and they have used it to their best. The installation of polycarbonate chambers lets you observe your substances. 

    The vape pen is guaranteed to give you smoother vapor from the first draw. The coil resistance makes you feel a tighter pull that carries potential flavors. This pen is a good choice for new and seasoned vape users.

    When you purchase the ROIL vape pen kit, it comes with two types of tanks that work the same. They are good for usage with oils, e liquids and waxes delivering to you a versatile line of options. When connecting the vape pen to be a full pen, the drop-in magnetic connection will perfectly put everything where they belong.

    This is a unique feature for a vape pen because it goes further from the normal 510 threaded cartridges. The cartridges are fitted with separate connectors that alerts the device on what substance is being burnt in the coil.     

    The cartridges that are used on the ROIL vape pen are standard sized. They have a 2ml capacity for holding substances and this could be between twenty five to fifty percent higher than the standard size tanks. The cartridges work perfectly and can easily work with beginners who may not know their tolerance levels. The versatility of this pen makes it good for any group of users.

    FAQs about the ROIL Vape pen

    How do you select the best ROIL Vape pen?

    When you set out to look for high-quality vape pens, you need to focus on man things, not the price and appearance only.

    • Consider the shape of the pen. Pods and mods come in different shapes and sizes, and it is essential that you find one that fits your purpose, make sure its design is portable, and feel comfortable looking at it.
    • Vapor production, for vape users, vapor production is one attractive feature of the device. It is good that you select a device that will serve you the amount of vapor you desire.
    • Good battery life, having a low battery capacity vape pen will keep going off on you while you are busy getting through some good sessions. Make sure that you get a pen that has a long-lasting battery that will please you.

    Alternative vape: UPENDS 


    Your indispensable MTL open pod system.

    The Uppen vape pod system from UPENDS is a good vaporizer kit that is guaranteed to satisfy you when you take the first draw. This is thanks to the Etchip coil that has an enlarged heating area that improves the heating efficiency of your pod.

    It is fitted with a high resistance mesh that will guarantee you satisfaction and long lasting vapor. The pen has been tested among the well known e-liquids and it is equally compatible.   


    The ROIL vaporizer kit is a great performer owing to its great and unique designs that come with varied color schemes for the pens. The pens have variety of cutting-edge features that are attractive and are good in delivering vapor.

    These pens offer the user versatility because they can vape both oils and waxes. They are a perfect pen for beginners who like bright colored stuff and unique display designs.


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