Randy’s vape pen price, review, available flavors, battery & charging, colors & skins, and best place to purchase

    Randy’s vape pen price, review, available flavors, battery & charging, colors & skins, and best place to purchase

    1. What is a randys vape? Randys vape instructions

    Randy’s vaporizer is a brand recognized in dry herb vape products. It has brought in a magnificent upgrade in dry herb vaping solutions. Randy’s products have been beneficial to health and enjoyment of marijuana users.

    This product makes your dry herb vaping gentle on the throat. These Randy’s vape pens are trusted and among the top in the marijuana vaping world.

    The heating chambers of the Randy’s vaporizers hold dry herbs longer thus accelerating your vaping puffs up to maximum. All the three different types of Randy’s vape pen have a sleek design and are portable. They have a simple finish but are engineered from high quality material to prevent spontaneous combustion and also to protect your lips from burning.

    Here are different randy products you can pick

    1. Randy’s Chill Vaporizer

    This vape works best with concentrates and dry herb. It is among the best chill vaporizers. You can actually freeze 2 in 1 tubes of vape pen. It also has two mouthpiece opening to ensure you enjoy vaping.

    Randy’s chill vaporizer has three temperature settings to adjust depending on your preference. However, you should be careful with the heat temperatures. Randy’s chill vaporizer can heat up to 428°F in 3 seconds. So, if you are using concentrates you can set it to heat at 450°F, 600°F, or 900°F. On the other hand, if you are using the dry herb, you can set the temperatures to 212°F, 450°F, or 600°F.

    Randy’s vape also has additional internal storage chambers to ensure housing of extra dry herb components. This compartment includes a magnetic hollow system to burn the dry herb. There is no room for any leaks.


    The mouthpieces freezes and cools down the vapor up to an appropriate temperature. Hence, you will enjoy smooth vaping without coughing. After purchasing a Randy’s vape, you will get another mouthpiece that filters water. The other mouthpiece that contains water helps to cool down the vape whenever you lack time. Fortunately, you can still vape smoothly without coughing. Note that the two mouthpieces can be interchanged whenever you want.


    Randy’s vape comes with a dry herb and concentrates coil. You can swap the atomizers depending on your vaping content. The magnetic chamber holds your coil atomizers and makes switching between the two concentrates efficient. You can effortlessly move from dry herb vaping to concentrates without any challenges whatsoever.


    Clean the vaporizer after you are done vaping. However, it is advisable to clean the coil while it’s still warm immediately after vaping. Cleaning the coil ensures it remains durable.

    1. Randy’s Troo Vape Pen

    The Randy’s Troo Vape PenIt has a 2200mAh long lasting battery to guarantee long vaping hours without any worries. Note that you can also use your Randy’s Troo vape pen even while charging.

    Connect the USB cable charging to the port on the vaporizer then plug it into a power source to charge. The powerful battery can hold for hours as you enjoy vaping. You do not need to worry about suden loss of power. This vape is also easy to use, reliable and affordable.


    The mouth guard on the Randy’s Troo protects the mouthpiece from overheating during high temperature settings. Additionally, the nmouth guard also protects you from burning while vaping.

    There are three buttons on the device to help you control combustion and temperature heating levels. The buttons also allow you to set convenient temperature levels to protect the dry herbs from igniting.

    1. Randy’s Trek Vape

    This product is smaller and portable than the above mentioned two products. It features a 1500mAh battery capacity to deliver longer lasting vaping sessions. It is a much simpler and easy to use accessory.

    Temperature levels:

    The Randy’s vape has a 3.2 and 4.2 voltage that can efficiently heat concentrates and dry herb up to 428°F in approximately 3 seconds.

    The product box comes with a trek vape, rubber mouth piece, USB cable, two rubber grommets, cleaning tools, and two replacement screens


    The 2 coils heat the dry herb or concentrates.

    The cleaning tool helps remove residue as you switch the coils depending on the material.

    The ceramic chamber is designed to distribute heat evenly during vaping.

    There is a glass mouthpiece to make your vaping sessions comfortable. In addition, it comes with an extra rubber mouthpiece.

    Instructions to use:

    Press the power button 5 times to turn the device on.

    When you want to heat it up, press the button down and release it after inhaling the concentrates. Taking a hit prevents the coil from overheating thus protecting the vaporizer.

    2. Randys vape near me

    Find randys vape shops near me

    Using this free Vape locator tool to help you to find Randy's Vape pen Vape shops near me(my location).

    3. Randys vape flavors

    Unfortunately, this dry herb vaporizer does not have flavors that come with it. It utilizes dry herb or concentrates depending on the particular chamber you are using

    Marijuana has no flavor. it is just a dry herb. But concentrates, on the other hand, have several flavors you can choose from. Concentrates can be mixed with e-juice to form a unique blend of flavors.

    Here are the most popular concentrate flavors you can try in the Randy’s vape pen. But you will also fnd many other flavors in the market.

    • Tobacco
    • Banana
    • Apple
    • Blueberry
    • bubble cream
    • pink burst
    • lemon
    • French coffee
    • whipped cream
    • white chocolate
    • grape
    • tiger’s blood
    • lemonade
    • jungle juice
    • Honey

    4. Randys vape battery & charger

    The Randy’s vape pen battery ranges from 1500mAh to 2200mAh. This guarantees longer vaping sessions without the battery suddenly draining out. These batteries have a 3.2v to 4.2v to power the vape pen.

    As a user, take care of the battery by avoiding over charging it to improve its durability and performance. Furthermore, do not leave it under extreme temperatures.

    How to charge the Randy’s vape pen batteries

    1. Plug in the USB cable into the device’s USB port
    2. Fix the other end in a USB header
    3. Plug in the system on a power source
    4. Switch on to start charging

    5. Randys vape colors & skins

    The Randy’s vape pen comes in different colors and designs to fit your preference.

    The vape pens have a sleek and simple design. It is also portable and you can carry anywhere.

    So, choose any Randy’s vape pen available in retail and wholesale supply shops.

      Randy’s chill   Randy’s Trek     Randy’s Troo

    6. Randys vape coupon & promo code

    All Randy’s vape pen products are eligible for a promotions and discounts.

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    7. Randys vape Review


    All Randy’s vape pen have long lasting high capacity battery to keep it charged for long vaping sessions. It also has a pass through feature that allows you to vape as you charge the device.


    Allows you to switch chambers depending on the particular material you want to vape. The ceramic chambers are deliver high-quality heating that ensures concentrates heat evenly and at appropriate temperatures.


    The adjustable temperature setting burns the concentrates at desired heat levels to get quality vapor you need. The adjustment buttons make it easier to regulate the temperature.

    Durable design:

    Randy’s vape products come with high quality coils, mouthpiece, chambers and other parts.

    The design fit evenly and there is no need to assembling and dissemble the accessory frequently. 


    It is easy to clean the chambers especially while it is still warm. Moreover, it is easy to use even without technical knowledge of the pen’s functionality.

    Deep chambers:

    It has about 1 inch deep chambers to fill the vape concentrates.

    High voltage:

    3.2v-4.2v allowing maximum heating of the preferred material.


    It is simple and small making it portable and sleek to carry anywhere you want. In addition to the extravagant colors adds a cherry on top to the design.

    8. FAQ

    1) How to refill

    Use the step-by-step process below to refill your device with either dry herb or concentrates.

    1. Pick the preferred material you want to burn
    2. Choose a chamber. Whether its dry herb or concentrates
    3. At a tilted angle, fill the chamber up to an inch high with the concentrates
    4. If it is dry herb, push in the marijuana inside the chambers
    5. Switch the device on
    6. Position the mouthpiece on your lips and start hitting as you inhale
    7. Enjoy!

    2) Fake randys vape Vs real randys vape

    Compare your device’s brand logo with the one on the website to differentiate a real and a fake Randy’s vape.

    3) Where can I buy a randys vape?

    You can get these devices from vape shops near you or online retailers selling Randy’s vape pens.

    4) Randys vape not hitting?

    Here are a few reasons and indicators that affect the performance of a vape pen.

    • Short circuit - when your device indicates ten yellow flashes
    • Output overload - 12 flashes
    • Cartridge faultiness - 5yellow flashes
    • Device overheated - 8 purple flashes
    • Button overtime - 3 colored flashes

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