WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Pop Natural’s Cartridge Vape Pen. An Ultimate Guide About the Pop Natural's Vaporizer

12th May 2022 | 127 | upends v

What are pop natural’s cartridge vape pens?

The Pop naturals cartridge vape is a portable vaporizer with the ability to heat up cannabis products, ranging from CBD oils to THC elements. It is classified as one of the best vape pens for delivering cannabis vapor in a cheap and affordable tools.

They have maintained a good image and are always in the frontline when it comes to developing good products that can intrigue users. They are good in producing oils that are compatible with the pens. You will be assured of satisfaction by using these pens. 

The pop naturals vape pen is rated to have the best cartridges for oil. Thry have high quality cannabis oils extracted using Co2  giving the purest form of oils. The parent plants for these products are purely organic and they are taken through a number of tests and experiments to produce and correct.

Many users trust these products and the tests are always handled by third party labs to make sure no didcrepancies happen.

Features of the pop naturals vape pen

  • The vape pen is 510 threaded connection to enhance the joining of the cartridges and chargers easily
  • It has a sustainable power delivery system with a 650mAh battery that holds charge for longer hours
  • The device has been designed to be a variable voltage vaporizer and this gives you a much freedom in controlling the power output of your device.
  • With a functioning short circuit protection, your batteries are protected from getting acute shortages that would damage your battery
  • The vaporizer has a good voltage protection unit which will adjust voltages to the required amounts without losing the heating power
  • The unit has an overcharge protection feature that has the ability to disconnect your coils to prevent burning that would ruin your battery, hindering performance
  • The eGo battery system is efficient for charging using threaded connections 
  • The pen shaft has LED light indication that displayed  voltages color code and the power capacity in your device
  • The most important feature is the price charted for this pen, it is readily affordable so you will only spend a good amount for it.

Pop naturals design and build quality

The pop natural’s vaporizer was designed to resemble its counterparts the SMOK and V2 cigs vapes. It looks like a normal vaporizer with the tanks above the battery and have a 510 threading connection. You need to remember on being keen when looking out for pop naturals to avoid confusing it with other pens.

Comparing the pop naturals to other pens, you will realize that it is very light and small in size. You would easily realize it looks more like a Kandypens device only the color would cause the difference. You get a protective cover which helps you store your pen safely without damages or contamination with dust and lint.

The most notable feature in pop naturals that is available in other pens is the single control button located at the center of the pen. This button is used to control temperatures, to turn the device on and off and also to set temperatures. The additional glass cartridge is suitable to allow you see the amount of liquid that is left in your cart. With the window, you are sure there will never be a time you run low or getting caught off guard

Anytime you use the pop naturals vaporizers, you are assured that you will get quality Cannabis oils extracted using CO2 from organic plants. With the good THC and CBD vape oils, you will not question the authenticity of the product. The pen has a 510 threading that will allow you to use other 510 threaded cartridges from well known brands.

Pop natural’s performance 

The pop naturals has a 650mAh battery with a working preheat feature that created good vapor for you before you start vaping. The first vapor that hits your lips are one of a kind and you can easily distinguish each flavor with the smooth hits you get. With an adjustable voltage feature, you have the power to set your voltages to ranges that will give you the satisfaction you desire.

This is one of the vape pens with a fast preheating feature which heats up in less than three seconds. The atomizers have ceramic coils which is the brain child in delivering such good performance.

This is one of the reasons you need to get yourself a pop naturals battery and you will see the difference between the unit and the most common vape pens. The cartridges can also be refilled and you can get a variety of flavors.

The main driver for delivery of good quality vapor is the THC oils that are very potent. They burn too smooth and give you a good hit when you vape on it.

How to use a Pop Natural's vape pen

After taking your pen from the package, confirm if the 510 threading can connect to the vape pen and cart. Once you are sure that everything checks, take our top protecting seals which are located at the base of your pen and fit the battery onto it.

Be sure that you have fully charged your batteries before using them and go ahead to power it on. With the push button, you do not need to push it down when vaping, this helps you protect your vape pens from getting hot to a point they burn your lips.

After the setting is finalized, start by taking small puffs and take it in to feel every taste. Test the strength especially if you are new to it so that you can reset temperatures that deliver the best for you.

It is important to start vaping on low temperatures then gradually increase the voltages for the ceramic coated cartridge, you might need to start higher temperatures to maintain the optimum voltage. Get the suitable 510 threading that will work for you.

When you are done vaping, check to ensure hat you have switched off your pen to avoid burning the coils.

How to charge the Pop Natural's vape pen

It is always important to always charge your vape pen and this should be done properly. You need to have a few points to consider when you want to keep your battery life perfect and always functioning. There is a charging cable with the charger that you connect to the wall sockets ensure that you connect the USB cable is connected to the plug in.

Important charging points to remember

Avoid charging the phone for longer hours

Vaporizers do not have technology to guard them and protect them from electrical charges such as overcharging.

Always attend to your pen as you charge

Ensure that your pen is attended to when recharging to avoid getting it overcharging and losing charge. Especially in cases where there is a short circuit. 

Avoid frequent charging

You need to protect your battery by not charging it from time to time. It is advisable to let your pen battery drain out completely before you decide to recharge. 

Always use the right charger

Not every vape pen is similar to the other, so you will realize that not every charger will charge your pen well.

Keep it away from water

The pop natural’s vape pen is not fitted with waterproof features. So you need to understand that it will not withstand any kind of submersions. 

Alternative Vape: UPENDS

UPENDS Uppen plus

The Uppen plus is an upgrade from the Uppen, and it still uses the same Etchip coil. You still get to enjoy the superb taste satisfaction you get in the Uppen. This particular vape pen is versatile, and it can keep your e-liquid fresh by preventing exposure to air that may lower the quality 



After working its best to be a big producer of vape oils and wax, pop naturals has developed a good vaporizer to use together with their products, the efforts have paid off so far. The cutting edge technology and laser-sharp focus on delivering quality has helped pop naturals create one of the most outstanding products within the vaping industry.