Pax Vape: Pax Vape Review, Flavors, Features, Colors, Skins, Battery, Charger, and Shops Near Me

    Pax Vape: Pax Vape Review, Flavors, Features, Colors, Skins, Battery, Charger, and Shops Near Me

    What is Pax Vape?

    Pax vape is a United States-based CBD company that produces some of the most popular CBD devices and accessories. It provides the user a set of flavor-rich pods significantly improving the vaping experience. Through decades of engineering, the company has been able to produce futuristic devices that take vaping to the next level.

    Relevant bodies also certify Pax, receiving NPS scores quite often. Besides, they produce CBD products with the user’s safety in mind. Unlike most CBD companies, Pax is involved in sustainability activities such as equality and championing social justice.

    The company has partnered with Jane – an eCommerce marketplace – so you can find Era pods with ease. Here are some of their popular products.


    The company has two main collections – Pax and Era collection.

    Pax collection

    The Pax collection – the best-selling brand – has two models, the PAX 2 and PAX 3. Both come with futuristic technology for improved vaping

    PAX 2

    The PAX 2 comes in two color options – charcoal and platinum. They are pleasing to the eye thanks to their compact and minimalistic design. In fact, this design saw it win two awards. The classic design coupled with a one-button interface significantly bolsters its aesthetic. Besides, you look cool while using this pod.

    It also comes with an LED indicator so you can know when it’s on or off. With a robust oven, it heats the CBD flavor giving a rich and balanced flavor. It takes less than a minute to heat the flavor. What’s more? you’ll enjoy the two-year warranty.

    Similar to the design, the tech specs are industry-standard. With a 2600mAh battery, you can enjoy up to 8 sessions per full-charge. And charging time is only two hours, whether on your laptop or power bank. Talking of on the go charging, its lightweight design allows you to carry it around with ease.

    PAX 3

    The PAX 3 is the real deal. It comes with all accessories you need for an ideal vaping experience. You get mouthpieces, USB charger, maintenance kit, oven lid, three screens, and more. in short, with this pod, you’ll enjoy uninterrupted luxurious vaping. You also get six color options among them shadow rain, sand, amber, and others.

    The integrated 3500mAh battery charges within 90 minutes or so, allowing you to vape whenever you feel like. When fully charged, you can enjoy up to 10 vaping sessions. With a temperature range of between 182 and 215 degrees, you can rest assured it will heat the flavor within 20 seconds.

    Want to enjoy personalized vaping? Well, PAX 3 got you sorted thanks to the Android and Web apps. With either, you can choose between Standard, Stealth, Efficiency, Flavor, and Boost dynamic modes. You can use it with concentrates or loose leaf.  Connection between the device and the app is via Bluetooth with a range of 10 feet.

    ERA Collection

    This collection, like PAX, has won awards in the e-cigarette sphere. It allows you to enjoy cannabis vaping in a stylish yet safe manner. Besides, the materials used to make the products are tested and certified.

    This collection has two options – ERA Life and ERA Pro.

    ERA Life

    This model is suited for beginners thanks to its minimalistic and elegant design. It is also easy to use since it has a no-button design. And its design does not disappoint. With bright and fun colors, you get hold of a sleek and elegant pod for every day vaping. You can choose between midnight rain, onyx, blaze, grass, and indigo colors.

    You can only use cannabis oil with the ERA Life vape. The long-lasting battery that has a charging duration of 45 minutes supports 150 puffs, on a full charge. It is compatible will all PAX Era pods allowing you to switch between flavors.

    With four temperature settings to choose from, you get just the right hit for a refreshing experience. The LED lets you know when it’s ready for use. Unfortunately, it does not come with an app.

    ERA Pro

    This is PAX’s bread and butter CBD vaping pen. It comes with hand-picked cannabis so you can enjoy a flavor-rich and safe vaping experience. Besides, its design is portable and ergonomic meaning you can carry it around with ease and use it with minimal hand strain. Unlike ERA Life, you get more than 250 puffs per charge.

    Speaking of charging, it only takes 45 minutes or so. And, you can charge with a laptop, power bank, or other USB devices. As you’d expect, it is compatible with all PAX Era pods allowing you to use different flavors.

    The best part, you get an Android and web app to set your preference. For example, you can choose between more than four temperature settings. The Bluetooth range is quite pleasant with a range of 15 feet. Choose between five colors for an added personality touch.


    To ensure convenient use of PAX products, the company provides the user with handy accessories. For example, you can buy the smell-proof case for carrying your vape pen around. The bag is water resistant and has a zipper closure keep your device safe even when commuting.

    You can also get the flat mouthpiece allowing for improved vaping. If you like using concentrate, you can purchase the oven lid replacement that comes with 5 O-rings.

    They enable you to enjoy vaping all day long. Other accessories include piece grinders, maintenance kits, and screens. Do you not only get accessories from PAX, but also apparel. You can choose between a bucket hat and a tote. Both come with the PAX logo.

    PAX vape battery and charger

    As mentioned, PAX products come with different battery capacities. For example, the PAX 2 has a 2600mAh battery that lasts for 8 sessions while the PAX 3 has a 3500mAh battery, which lasts for 10 vaping sessions. On the other hand, ERA Life has a battery compatible with 15 sessions while the ERA Pro has 25 sessions on a full charge.

    All products come with a USB charging port. To spice up the charging experience, you can get the PAX charging tray made of natural wood. It securely holds the PAX 2 and 3 when charging. You can also buy the portable USB mini-charger that allows for docking when charging your devices.

    PAX vape colors and skins

    While PAX lacks skins, you can get numerous colors to choose from. For example, you get the sapphire, black, red, grey, or jade color if you buy the ERA Pro. ERA Life has options such as midnight rain, grass, indigo, blaze, and onyx options.

    Similarly, PAX 3 and PAX 2 have different color options. The PAX 3 come in either shadow rain, sage, amber, burgundy, sand, and onyx colors. PAX 2 – the pen with fewer colors – presents you with charcoal and platinum options.

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    PAX review

    PAX vape is arguably a go-to site for CBD vape pens and pods. It sells quality and user-friendly devices ideal for novice to seasoned vapers. Besides, it has an easy to navigate website with well-documented product descriptions. This enables you to analyze the product before buying.

    Not only does the company sell you vape devices but also accessories. If possible, you can buy a device and all necessary accessories on the site. And if you want replacements, you can always find them there too.

    What really sets PAX apart from its competition is the PAX app. This app allows you to control the device from your Android phone or browser. Besides, with Bluetooth connectivity capability, you can do so from a distance of up to 15 feet.

    Relevant bodies have certified the company meaning you use safe and quality products. This feature has enabled it to win awards and get scores. You also get numerous payment methods to choose from such as PayPal and Credit card.

    Overall, PAX vape is a trustworthy company you can trust with your vaping journey. The products and accessories are cost-effective ideal for all vapers. So, the next time you want to experience fulfilling CBD vaping, think PAX.


    How do I refill PAX vape?

    Well, you’ll need to use the PAX pods to continue enjoying your vaping experience.

    How can I differentiate a fake PAX vape with a real one?

    Genuine PAX vape devices are made of quality and sturdy material. And only a select few stores sell them besides their main websites. If you find them on other unlisted websites, then that’s a fake product.

    Where can I buy a PAX vape?

    You can buy the device on PAX main website or from selected stores across the nation.

    PAX vape not hitting

    This could be due to a drained or faulty battery. Besides worn out O rings can also inhibit the heating process. You can either replace the rings or charge the battery.

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