O2 Vape Flip Ultra. A Review About the O2 Vape Flip Ultra

    O2 Vape Flip Ultra. A Review About the O2 Vape Flip Ultra

    What is the O2 vape flip ultra

    The O2 vape flip ultra is a portable vaporizer from the O2 vape company. This company prides itself on having some of the best vaporizers in the market and other vape products.

    As a seasoned vapor, it would not be wrong to conclude that you have seen this pen around you or you have used it at some point. These vape pens are well known for their fob-style batteries and vape pens with refillable oil carts.

    The flip ultra vape pen stands at about 3 inches tall and is 1.5b inches thick. It is lightweight, weighing 75 grams when with a full 1gm cartridge. The device has one of the best power outputs with a 650mAh battery with a micro USB and lightning charging port.

    The device matches its name because it automatically flips on when the cartridge is taken out. This activates a sizeable digital screen. You get a variable voltage feature that can be adjusted from 2.7n volt to 4.8 volts.

    Features of the O2 vape flip ultra

    • Digital display screen to show puff counter, voltage usage and battery life
    • Strong 650mAh battery that is durable and powerful
    • The pen is fitted with an automatic on and off the flip lock
    • The adjustable voltage at 2.7 to 4.8 volts
    • Mini USB and lightning charging port
    • 510 connection threading which is compatible with all other 510 devices
    • A ceramic heating cell that has a 510 cartridge

    Build and design quality of the O2 vape flip ultra

    When you look at the O2 vape pen, it looks very modern and sleek. This pen is bigger than the original key fob but compared to a vape mod, and it is lighter and smaller. The matte black rubber finish is lovely and attractive to the user. It has a tiny loop around the corner which you can hook your crucial ring onto. 

    When you take the pen out for use, the screen will automatically turn itself on and turn off again when you put the cartridge back in place. It is effortless to use because the display screen is very bright and easy to read.

    You will be amazed to see a vape mod that comes with a screen display. The screen provided will show you the battery life, voltage setting and the number of puffs you have taken.

    This is very important for checking on your THC or CBD usage that you are vaping on. You will also find that the flip feature has a lock mechanism that prevents the device from opening up and turning on when in your pocket. This is good for protecting your oil and battery life.

    In terms of compatibility, the pen has shown that it can work with most of the oil carts tested on it. These include several CBD and THC carts. O2 vape still insists on the importance of using slimmer cartridges for their vape pen.

    You get a 0.5 ml cartridge for the device, and it can easily hold other 0.5 and 1ml carts with no problems. You are lucky to use the O2 vape flip ultra because it comes with two charging ports. One charging port is the micro USB charging, and the other one is the lightning port.

    Using the O2 Flip Ultra vape pen

    This device is unique because it features three buttons and a locking switch. The apparent flip button is the one that releases the cartridge, and the locking switch is convenient. Apart from these buttons, you get the fire button and a voltage adjustment button which is everything.


    If you want to disconnect the 510 threading connection, press the protruding button found on the upper side of the device. When done, you can easily attach your cartridges. Here are a few tips for adjusting the cartridge.

    • Flip out the cartridge by holding down the flip button found in the upper left corner of the vape pen
    • When the cartridge is popped out, the pen will automatically turn on
    • The smaller round button for voltage control cycles by a 0.1 voltage increments improved flexibility
    • If you want to turn the device on or off, push back the cartridge as you press down the flip button
    • You can choose to manually lock the device by making use of the switch located at the back of the device
    • If you have puffed enough for the day and you want to reset the puff counter, rapidly press on the fire and voltage adjustment buttons twice.

    Performance of the O2 Flip Ultra

    The O2 vape pen gives you more than the expected voltage that can be used for all the oil carts available. If you set the device below 3.7 volts, everything will feel weak, and this is the primary voltage for many other stick batteries.

    If you are a vape user seeking to enjoy stronger puffs, then you are advised to vape your compounds at 4 or 4.2 volts. The mild vape strength comes at 3.7 and 3.9 volts and goes all the way down to around 2.7 volts that could be regarded as very low. The low temperatures are conducive when it comes to lightweights and newbies. 

    The flip pen has any standard vape pen battery that cannot match that because its power output is consistent. You are assured that the battery will put out the same voltage on a low battery as it will do on a full charge.

    One thing to remember is that this battery is almost double or triple the capacity of standard stick batteries. This implies that the pen can hold you for a while.

    When fully charged, the device can give you multiple sessions over the week. If you are vaporizing some highly potent distillates, you will not be running out of battery as fast. You also get to enjoy pass-through charging if you are a non-stop vaper.

    Pros and cons of the O2 vape pen


    • Small and unique design that is very discreet and portable
    • Sturdy construction of device making it look firm and strong
    • The flipping feature is excellent and efficient for such a vape pen
    • The locking mechanism protects your battery life 
    • Automatic turning on and off that simplifies the usage of the device
    • The digital display screen shows you how much power is left in your device and how many puffs you have taken so far
    • 650mAh battery that gives more power and more robust vaping sessions
    • Dual charging ports that make it easy to charge your device
    • Pass-through charging enables you to vape as you charge


    • Threading is small and does not accommodate more expansive cartridges
    • The device is so bulky and cannot be used as a keychain

    Alterative vape; UPENDS

    Uppen Plus

    The UPENDS Uppen Plus also adopts the same Etchip coil that is found in the Upper. This coil technology ensures that you get the extreme taste and experience of the Uppen plus.

    Delivering an original, fresh and smooth taste, you get ultimate satisfaction from the first puff. The Uppen Plus metal cap effectively protects the e-liquid from getting exposed to air when it is not used.

    You, therefore, get a fresh, original flavor even after several days of not vaping.


    An O2 vape pen is a good tool that you may want to have in your corner. The discreet design is so good at concealing your cartridge. It protects dust and lint from getting in.

    The automatic on and off feature is excellent and user-friendly, ensuring that it conserves your battery. You will also love how it locks in place by just pressing on a switch.

    The O2 Flip Ultra vape pen is highly recommended for people who love vaping oils. If you want a device that will always keep you powered and keep you vaping non-stop, then the O2 vape is your perfect shot.


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