Nectarbee Vape Pen. The Design, Features, How to Use, and Performance of NectarBee Vaporizer

    Nectarbee Vape Pen. The Design, Features, How to Use, and Performance of NectarBee Vaporizer

    What is a Nectarbee vape pen?

    Nectarbee is a portable oil vaporizer that was created by a California based vape company. The shop is known as nectarbee and they sell a variety of vape products such as cartridges, edibles and marijuana products.

    The company is known to deliver the best quality products that have a good recognition in the market. Most people have grown to like nectrabee products and it is amazing.

    The nectar Bee vaporizers are unique and authentic devices that have undergone testing and experiments before getting released into the market for public consumption. The vaporizer is very potent owing to their purity and lack of added solvents or filters. The THC is of good quality

    Nectarbee pen design 

    The Nectar been vape pen is made to resemble a high end vaporizer. It comes with varied colors that you can choose from within the collection. The new pen is a bit heavier compared to the rest but it is a perfect fit for a vape pen. You can easily carry around this vape pen in your pockets and it also has a lock cap

    The nectarbee has everything you would ever want in a vape pen. It is fitted with a central button that controls everything. Ranging from temperature controls to device activation and deactivation.

    The glass cartridges are sufficient for allowing you to see how much substance is left in your vape pen. This ensures you do not run out of oils when you are vaping. This is easier than having to take out any part of the device.

    The nectarbee vaporizer kit is verified to be the best in THC and CBD  oils. You are definitely going to get the best quality when using these pens. The pen is compatible with most of the 510 threaded cartridges, and users can enjoy dual advantage from using Micro USB chargers or 510 threaded cartridges.

    This is a good signal to show that you always have charging ability that will last you even longer. The pass through feature on the vape pen allows you to enjoy some good vaping sessions as you charge the pen giving you unlimited vaping.

    Nectarbee vape pen features

    • The nectarbee vape pens come fitted with 510 threaded connectors that simplifies the holding together of accessories. 
    • The pen comes with a 380mAh powered battery that will give you enough power to run you for a few hours before you recharge 
    • The variable voltages give you the freedom to optimize and customize your temperature requirements. Giving you the best experience. 
    • With improved technology, you get an atomizer protection that will detect heat changes and adjust accordingly to protect the internals from damage. 
    • It comes with short circuit protection that ensures that it protects your phone when it discovers a circuit short.
    • A low voltage protection feature is good because it will switch off your device when the voltage reduces. If the short circuits keep happening, they may ruin your battery.
    • The Nectarbee engineering included an overcharge protection that will notify you when the device is fully charged and shut it down to avoid overcharging. 
    • The micro USB charging on this device is assisted with an eGo style charging which can be used for 510 threaded charging.
    • When charging the pen, you can charge through it using the pass through charging feature.
    • Single-button operation that maintains the simple outlook of the pen, making it easy to us
    • The latest single button design keeps the simple features of the pen and also maintains the easy use of the device.
    • LED light indicator that alerts you on the power usage of your device 

    How to use the Nectarbee vape pen

    The Nectarbee vape pen is the readily simplified vape device to use. This comparison only applies when comparing oil vape pens available in the market.

    To use the Nectarbee vaporizer, the steps and procedures to follow are pretty basic and you are not new to them.

    1. When taking your device from the casing, take out the covering cap out of the vaporizer to expose a 510 threading connection that holds the cartridge.
    2. Insert your already filled tank into the battery with the 510 threaded connections. You need to confirm that they are well locked in position to take care of leakages and spills 
    3. To turn the device on press on the power button five times consecutively 
    4. To adjust the temperatures, press thrice on the power button to get the temperature setting you prefer
    5. The device will activate the preheating feature that lasts for a few seconds and it will allow you to enjoy some good vapor from the first hit. 

    Nectarbee vape performance

    The380mAh battery successfully performs when it comes to preheating so you need to give it time after you turn on your device. Once the device is active and running, select your desired voltage and take a draw through the mouthpiece.

    The quality of vapor you will get will depend on the type of cartridge you are using and the pen settings.

    For a good vape experience, it is important to start vaping on know range voltages as you slowly increase the power output. The performance increases as you increase the voltage and it is necessary for maintaining optimum operating temperatures. These are settings that come in handy if you want to enjoy good vapes

    With a 380mAh battery, the Nectarbee vape is likely running on low power because oil vaporizers need to produce more heat to fully vaporize high viscosity oils. This basically implies that you will frequently have to recharge your device or choose to vape on low viscosity oils.

    Nectarbee vapes is a brand which is highly associated with selling super quality pure cannabis oils, the cartridges have gone through successful tests and experiments and are fully certified for sale. The cartridges are fully mounted with the mouthpiece to make it complete.

    All you are required to do is to carefully put in your cartridge in a pen and start vaping. The Nectarbee cartridge has a silver colored mouthpiece and a golden base that gives it a look complementary to the device battery. Generally, this is one of the beautiful vape designs you will see around.

    Pros and cons of the Nectarbee


    • The variable voltages are sufficient mechanisms for boosting temperature controls
    • The pen is very affordable and you get quality
    • Oils extracted from organic plants
    • The glass walled cartridges allow you to see the amount of oils left in your cartridges and lets you get new ones if necessary.
    • The ceramic coils on the chamber are good in burning the oils so you do not get bad flavors
    • With the pass through method, you are sure that even when your pen runs out of power, you can easily vape as you charge
    • The 510 threading is compatible with majority of cartridges in the vape shops and you are assured that you will enjoy a magnitude of options when it comes to vaping. 


    • The battery capacity is small for this kind of vape pen

    Alternative vape: UPENDS

    UPENDS Upone

    This UPENDS disposable pod device comes with a built-in 850mAh battery with a 4.5ml capacity that promises you a long lasting performance. Fitted with a unique design of thick cotton base coil, you get a superior and more stabilized performance from each puff without worrying about pops and leakages.

    Using one Upone vape is equivalent to using three 1.5ml devices. You save more when using Upone because you get three for the price of one


    The Nectarbee vape pen is a performing device and from its name, you can already imagine the sweet flavors and fumes you get from using this pen. Owning a vape pen with quality THC oil is what every vape user would want.

    These vape pens assure you of premium quality and California technology that is well known among vapers. Try these quality cartridges today, and you will never regret them.


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